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We The People Have Been Duped Into...

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It's Time... to Shine Light on All Shadow Aspects

It's Time… to Awaken

It's Time… to Activate

It's Time… to Powerfully Unify

It's Time… to Ignite our Great Awakening

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The Great Awakening HaD Been Hijacked~Until Now!

We The People, the Beings of Light that incarnated here to Resurrect the Glory of God, through us, as us, to usher in the Age of Aquarius, as well as the people referred to as Patriots, Awakened Ones, Red Pillers and so forth, are in unchartered territory. We are in the midst of a new level of contingency plan that has been formulating for our Great Awakening to 'get back on track' and be brought into fruition.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and really, really understand what’s going on, what’s at stake and how strategic everything must be at this point.

And, if you don't already have an active relationship with impeccable Integrity, Free Will, Loving ThySelf and Source (whatever that means to you), then now is the time. 

You are at Choice Point                            We are at Choice Point

You must be willing to go down the rabbit holes and understand what’s going on beyond the facades, disinformation, hidden agendas, and the very deliberate & effective “Designed Assault Against Humanity” that has been perpetrated upon humanity from within our governing systems, before you can Thrive, Transcend and Ascend. Why? Because the Great Awakening has been / HAD been hijacked…

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Stay Tuned Up & Tuned In

You have been guided here for reasons you may or may not be aware of yet…

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Where are you in This Crazy Journey?

Just Awakening...

You’re just beginning to Wake Up to the ‘knowingness’ that something is very wrong with our current reality. You’ve spent time surfing the internet seeing lot’s of people talking about the Deception Reality. You’ve had your own experiences of feeling like there’s “got to be more to this life, my life”, than your current reality. You don't really know about the Rabbit Holes or couldn't tell someone about 8 different Rabbit Hole subjects.  You’ve tried talking to people close to you, but they’re not really into what you’re discovering... you're feeling estranged from old friends and family.  You’re what we lovingly refer to as a “Newbie Newbie” assured you're in good hands and with like hearted and mind people..

Taken The Red Pill…

You know what it means when someone references “going down the rabbit hole”. You’ve spent hours combing through the internet searching for definitive truth. You’ve discovered many “dots” that when connected, paint a very different picture than the “mainstream narrative” reports and wants you to believe. You’re aware of the nefarious dark agenda and want nothing to do with it. You may not have an established spiritual practice but are potentially open if it resonates with you. Oh yeah, and you’ve probably lost a few really good friends and family members that think you’ve gone off the deep end... sound familiar?
Welcome “RED-PILLer”!

Been Awake for 20+ Years but...

Not only do you know what the Harmonic Convergence was, you were awake and celebrating it! You’ve witnessed through your own experiences the ability to manifest with grace and ease come and go… you’ve experienced the downward spiral of the dark shift that has blind-sided you and brought you to your knees in tears more times than you care to remember. You’re a pro at 'brushing off the dust' and getting back up… but it’s been like pushing a huge freaking boulder up hill everyday and you’re exhausted beyond words… I’m giving you a hug now ‘cuz with tears coming as I write this... me too… I’ve been there… since 1987… and have many spiritual warrior 'scars' to prove it… but alas, you’re here and I’m CERTAIN you will find something, if not many things here to support your ascension that has been held in a dark agenda "Suspended Animation” program (curse, spell, whatever you want to call it)! Not only have I cleared it, but I’ve transcended it and I can show you how to, too! I AM LOVE and So Are You!

It's Spiritual B.S...

Are you sick of the WooWoo Spirituality thumpers? Do many 'New Age' concepts leave you scratching your head? Or worse, you get pissed off that some people are so gullible to think the 'woo woo bullshit' is going to get them ahead in life? Have you lumped religious teachings, control programs and potential sinister agendas in with spirituality and think it’s all a crock of New Age crap? Do the channeled messages of 'unicorns and fairy dust'  that are so widely churned out on the internet make you want to barf? My opinion is that some is absolutely valid… and some isn't. Worse, to lump it all together may not be serving you in your Highest Good. BTW... I’ll be honestly addressing the magnitude of infiltrated channeled messages that have continuously been churned out as truth… it’s mostly imposter B.S.!  We're In This Together and God IS the way, but if you stick around you'll see how unique my approach is.

Already A Wayshower...

You’re already aware, awake and have a spiritual practice. You've traveled down many Rabbit Holes. You’re out in the world doing many things; such as spiritual teacher, author, speaker, life coach or producing events for example. You’re in the flow of expressing your gifts and being a “way-shower”. You have a healthy following of people that rely on the information, insights and teachings you put out. BUT... you’re NOT telepathically communicating with your Guides with clarity and confirmations. And / or you're not thriving in all aspects of your life; which may include financially and / or in an amazing partnership that supports your heart and soul expansion in all ways! I’ve worked with some very powerful people and one of my roles is to further Activate those of you that are ready to move into Global Leadership, as well as Twin Flame / Divine Partnership... I AM... and you can too!

Planetary FUQedUpness ~ We Are IN the Transition of The Shift.
But First, The Necessity of The Shadow Shit Storm

The macrocosm Deception Reality / Matrix is finally being revealed...the dark, ugly, disgusting, disheartening things that have been going on (mostly) behind closed doors.  The Shadow Shit Storm is about to be seen and FELT by much of the planet.  

You're now at CHOICE POINT... moment to moment...because YOU are a part of this macrocosm which means YOUR SHADOWS will begin to be triggered and to surface too! (I can hear you saying, "what?")

You're at CHOICE will you BE and DO through this TRANSITION? Will you engage from a place of LOVE & the fortitude to be a spiritual warrior... or will you engage with anger & judgement, unwilling to go down the Rabbit Holes to see the truth, to see beyond the facade of the Deception Reality? 

What is the "shadow shit storm"? ... read more 

Deborah Pietsch  //  Transcend The Matrix

Red Pill Remedy Tools

As you awaken to the world of deception, double standards, rigging of all currencies, abrogation of your Free Will, the dark agenda Enslavement Matrix, the LACK vibration that is being felt by the mass population, you may be experiencing:

  •  A feeling of WTF, frustration, anger 
  • Fear of how to move forward 
  • Loss of hope and / or depression or paralysis
  • Things spinning out of control.
    This is what the Red Pill Remedy series of experiential tools has been created to address, assist you in shifting and to quickly re-calibrate to a new experience. Learn more about the RED PILL REMEDY
Entities Cleared from People, Homes & Geographical locations
Confirmations with Evidence from Telepathic Communication
Clients & Students Experiencing Noticeable Energy Shifts from Activations
Sessions with Clients & Groups Receiving Detailed Communication & Activations

Experiential Tools

Experiential Tools as training wheels to radically transform Your life.  All of the EXPERIENTIAL TOOLS are designed to be “training wheels”.  What does this mean?  Remember learning how to ride a bike?  How brilliant it is to have training wheels!  You begin to trust the training wheels after the person teaching you how to ride stops holding on to the bike, then, as you get the feel for balancing the bike on your own, the training wheels become unnecessary... that's what our guided "meditation", guided Activation, experiential teaching tools are... training wheels to support you in learning outside of your current box of awareness.  Read More

Are You Infiltrated?

This video is from the Waking Up With Deb website from 2015... We've been talking about infiltration for many years now.  
My heart’s desire is that YOU are willing to engage, willing to roll up your sleeves and SAY "enough is enough... show me and guide me with what you KNOW and what you KNOW works.  I'm willing to be and surrender to the  place of 'I don't know what I don't know' ... I'm open to looking at EVERYTHING that could possibly keep me from creating the reality of my heart's desires."

Transcend The Matrix Youtube video
Entities-Clearing Your Field

Become Untouchable

For the first 20 years of my Awakening Journey, I ONLY focused on Love, Light, being Grateful and the spiritual teachings I learned from others.  Many aspects of my life showed amazing results from this approach. THEN I experienced years of nothing working, not able to make a penny to “literally save my life”... and I had to go outside the box of everything I had been taught up to that point.  Through telepathic communication with my Higher Self and Guides, I learned things that were surreal and sounded crazy, tin-foil hat stuff, about unseen dark agenda energies called  INFILTRATION ENERGIES... and THEN I learned how to Clear it…EVERYTHING began to change!

Clearing Your Field 101

In this experiential tools series, Master Clearing Your Field, I/we teach you how to better understand how energy, entities, projections and much more, is probably affecting every area of your life.  Through this series of experiential tools and corresponding webinars, you will have access to the teachings and the process that I have engaged with since 2010 to become Masterful at clearing energy, entities, projections, technology, bank accounts, real estate dealings and more, for yourself.

Once you begin to understand how much your life is affected by energies and interfered with by infiltration, It may blow your mind.The power of this Experiential Tool & Activation Series can't be briefly described.

WUWD History and Backstory

Waking up With Deb

Waking Up with Deb was the name of the website with all of the videos Scott and I created back in September to December 2015 when we got the guidance in July 2015 “to get the show on the road”… BUT then different change of events occurred, including getting the guidance in about April 2016 to “get your asses back to Mt. Shasta” and everything was put on hold while we purchased the spiritual retreat center.

Deb's An Activator

I am an Activator. The energy that comes through the Activations is very high vibration LIGHT. This energy works very powerful to ignite (think yeast to bread or spark plug to engine!) aspects of your existence that are STUCK, not firing off with creation codes and energies. AND this energy transmutes aspects like program and wounds that aren't serving you in your Highest Good. It's alchemy and it's amazing! I'm humbled and grateful to be able to be a conduit for this asset to you and to humanity. 

This, of course, is a super simple explanation...

Who Is Deb Pietsch?

You'll probably want to know who I am (and who Scott is too) if you're going to engage with our teachings, Activations and other offerings. There's too much BS, misinterpretations, distorted, and deliberate disinformation out there. On top of all this are the hidden agendas.  For these reasons and more, we are preparing more elements such as videos about who we are.  We have always been transparent, except for strategic reasons of energies we're working with.  So If you choose to engage with us, you deserve to know exactly who we are, what and where we've come from, how I telepathically communicate, how I became an Activator and how we became Masterful at Clearing Energies, entities, implants, dark arts and much more.  We look forward to getting to know YOU TOO!

Who Is Deborah Pietsch-Series-1

Stay Tuned Up & Tuned In

You have been guided here for reasons you may or may not be aware of yet…

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    Conscious perspective of current global events
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    Upcoming iTV & radio shows
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    Experiential Tools, Online & Offline Events
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    Hub to engage with others

Learn How to Identify and Clear

Identifying the Elements of the Matrix Affecting Your Life Is Step #1

The Matrix is a constructed reality that’s been created to enslave us (by who? - it’s a Designed Assault Against Humanity. In order to Transcend that Matrix, it’s essential to be able to identify, understand aspects of this matrix in your daily life, then transmute, heal and transcend them. Below is a short list we’ll be shining a light on through courses, webinars, experiential tools, other people's resources, tv & radio shows (and more).

  • ​Unseen Infiltration​​​​
  • Inversions
  • Implants
  • Emotional Charge
  • Physical Infiltration
  • Booby Traps
  • Timeline Slips
  • Projections
  • Spells & Curses
  • Hooks
  • Duality Programs
  • Dark Alchemy
  • Spiritual B.S.
  • Ceremony & Rituals
  • Financial Disruption
  • Stigmatisms
  • Entities
  • Pets as Gateways 
  • Labels
  • And much more...

TTM Gold Nugget: "There Are No Coincidences" - Matrix Inversion Program (CLICK HERE)

Deb is an amazing activator, mediator, communicator with insight, integrity and just plain grit, who I admire beyond belief. She took a diverse group of people from all over the world and with patience and love brought us together as a unified group. She encouraged us to have buddies to check our insights with which led to even closer relationships. She added classes when she felt the group would benefit and took time to make sure all of us were getting what we needed.

Cherie J

The activation is mind blowing

Hi Deborah. THANKS A MILLION for the completely AWESOME ACTIVATION that you gave me today! It was AMAZING! I thank YOU and God, the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides, my Higher Self and everyone else I didn't mention- from the bottom of my heart! I love and appreciate everything you told me in the Reading part, and also the activation is "mind blowing"!!!! I know it will affect my life GREATLY!

Sue F

My whole Body just started shaking all over

I guess i have just been really scared because each activation has really sent me through a loop... this last activation on 12/21 I felt really good the whole rest of the day and even into the next then on the evening of the 22nd I was lying in bed and my whole body just started shaking all over and then...

Kristan R

That was powerful. I have this deep warmth and feel every part of me vibrating like I've never experienced. I don't understand it but I expect I don't need to. I look forward to tomorrow. Thank you. Love and light

Millie P

Solutions That Will Give YOU Immediate RESULTS

Experiential Tools, & 

  • We've created a TTM Toolkit with digital downloadable Experiential Training Tools, Guided Meditations, teachings and Activations, so you can create a solid foundation to heal after going down rabbit holes, awaken, transform, thrive, transcend and ascend. Also, there are game-changer well-being products such as CBD Hemp Oil and Essential Oils; much more coming soon  

Mt. Shasta Retreats 

  • Our Mt. Shasta Ascension  Retreat Center A.R.C. is quite an amazing and special place. We've Activated Light Codes, New Earth Codes a powerfully Unified Field of Light, Abundance portal & more. It's located on 5 beautiful acres at the base of Mt. Shasta Mountain, aka as Lemuria. Check the calendar for events & retreats we'll be offering.  Add your name to the list for updates.

Private Sessions

  • Wherever you are geographically and on your journey, Deb offers private sessions via phone or skype that includes providing detailed information via telepathic communication with your Higher Self & Guides; providing an array of unique & powerful assistance, as well as profound life-altering Activations. See Private Sessions for details.

Courses & Webinars

  • Live events, webinars, online courses, pre-recorded webinars and more; covering an array of subjects and ways for you to increase your daily experience of thriving, deepen your insight, communicate multi-dimensionally 

TTM Engagement HUB

  • We've added a cool "commenting" feature to this HUB site. "We're In This Together". Deb has been saying this as a tagline for many years.  Unifying with other Beings of Light is powerful.  Engage here to unify and meet other like minded & hearted people. 

Live iTV & Radio Shows

  • Transformational & Experiential Media to awaken, transform & Activate you the "engager"; as well as assist in Reality Creation for the Betterment of Humanity. Traversing from game changer conversations to "Q drops" to cutting-edge insight, multi-dimensional chat

Letting Go - Kicking & Screaming!

I have had several private sessions with Deb that were beyond description. I experienced very powerful physical and emotional reactions while in private session with Deb. She has been very accurate in pinpointing roadblocks in my spiritual development and has guided me thru these, sometimes with me kicking and screaming! It has been hard, at times, to let go of the old me in order to clear the path to who I really am. With the help of Deb, I am such a different person now and it's only going to get better! I am looking forward to what's next. It's gonna be great!

Jan W , Arizona
Private Session Deborah Pietsch

Game Changer TOOLKIT to TTM ~ Plus other COOL Stuff!

Sessions are done wherever you are geographically. Through telepathic conversation and clairvoyant “seeing” details are revealed to Deb from your[...]
Essential Engagement. Words alone cannot stress the importance of understanding AND engaging with fortitude and power of this subject and[...]
There are many, many aspects of “life as we know it” that are changing, shifting and altering moment to moment…and[...]
Deb guides you through the process of transmuting energies from any disturbing situation and Activating you to Recalibrate to a[...]
Essential Engagement. Words alone cannot stress the importance of understanding AND engaging with fortitude and power of this subject and[...]
This tool is not a replacement for the Clearing Your Field 101 and 102, it's an additional, kick ass version[...]
This experiential tool is filled with so many “golden nuggets” of wisdom, as well as several powerful Activations, that you’ll[...]
After a powerful private session engage with the details and action steps necessary to proactively transform and uplevel your status[...]
Creative, wearable statements of truth are a fun way to share your perspective! Including meeting like-minded and like-hearted people! Make[...]
Transcend The Matrix Coaching with Deb Pietsch & Scott Bartle TTM

Coaching Packages

It is very common that once someone has 1 session, they want more. Why? Because so much detail comes through in the private session, along with the Activations and the powerfully transformative results of working with your Holographic Field.
I'm constantly asked by private clients, "what's next, what's next" and I've said for a long time that I would put together coaching packages; but until now hadn't gotten to that item on "the list"!

Support To Navigate The TTM Site, Vlog, Social Media

Beyond understanding this Deception Matrix and how it's affecting your daily life in unimaginable ways, you need IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS. Solutions that will assist you with your financial abundance, well-being, spiritual practice, relationships and more. That is exactly what you will find here… and a lot of it! Which is why we’ve added these Action Steps…to assist in understanding the history of our work, brands, channels etc.; it’s an evolution in progress!

Engage with the details of this website

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For now, this is my suggestion to your Action Steps Starting Point… but there's a whole lot more that will be added… you'll get updates as soon as we add something if you're a part of the Updates List.

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