We Are In The Great Awakening TRANSITION

Nothing Is Ever Going To Be The Same

We Are In A Spiritual War Of Light vs Dark

We The People, the Beings of Light that incarnated here to Resurrect the Glory of God, through us, as us, to usher in the Age of Aquarius, as well as the people referred to as Patriots, Awakened Ones, Red Pillers and so forth, are in uncharted territory. We are in the midst of a new level of contingency plan that has been formulating for our Great Awakening to 'get back on track' and be brought into fruition.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and really, really understand what’s going on, what’s at stake and how strategic everything must be at this point.

And, if you don't already have an active relationship with impeccable Integrity, Free Will, Loving ThySelf and Source (whatever that means to you), then now is the time. 

It's Time To Create A New Reality ~ Starting With YOU

Are You Ready To Go Beyond Anywhere You've Been Prior?

You Are At Choice Point

You must be willing to go down the rabbit holes and understand what’s going on beyond the facades, disinformation, hidden agendas, and the very deliberate & effective “Designed Assault Against Humanity” that has been perpetrated upon humanity from within our governing systems, before you can Thrive, Transcend and Ascend. Why? Because the Great Awakening has been / HAD been hijacked… until now... 

​What's at stake..?
True Freedom, Free Will, Liberty, Justice, Love, God and...
it's a long list!

Master Plan A vs Plan B-v2

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “newbie or "Normie”.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been awake for 3-5 years.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been awakening for 20+ years

It doesn’t matter if you’re Already a Global Leader...

Everyone has to cross through this transition activating and engaging the same journey back to God, love, integrity, freedom & peaceful existence.


What You Choose Now Will Determine Which Timeline You're Going To Be Aligned With:

God, Light & Love


Fear, Hate & Dark Forces

 ​This Is a Collective Wake Up Call
of the Spiritual, Silent,
Invisible War of Light vs. Dark

This Event Is The Fork In the Road

April 10, 2020 ~​ Our collective reality has just been shattered... and it needed to be for many reasons. How you engage from this point forward will determine how you experience this Great Awakening Transition. That may be very difficult to hear right now, but I assure you... I promise you... once you know and understand what has been going on behind closed doors, as well as the absolute deceptive, insidious things that have been done and still planned to be carried out for enslaving humanity... with eyes wide open and ears to hear with, I know you will come to the same conclusion... we had to have this and probably several more MAJOR WAKE UP CALLS... so the world will know and deal with it finally.

"How you engage from this point forward will determine how you experience this Great Awakening Transition."

I've been talking about this dark force infiltration energy, as well as teaching people how to recognize it and CLEAR it since 2010. It's been a long road getting to this point where this is becoming mainstream, at least in the Great Awakening Community. Confirmations are showing up everywhere.

​​​One of the things you'll learn about me (should you continue to engage) is that I've been preparing and being ​prepared by God and my Guides to support you and the millions that choose to cross over the bridge of the Great Awakening Transition for 30+ years.... all in preparation for THIS TIME. I am Masterful at Clearing Entities and teaching people like you, how to do this and much more... through alchemical transformation, it's time to fly! please take a deep breath, close your eyes for a minute, take a few more deep breaths and then engage... you're in good hands, loving heart and with a Masterfully Powerful Being of Light that creates profound shifts in people's lives, cutting-edge transformation, including creating new realities.  I can guide you through this and teach you what you need to know, as well as ACTIVATE your DNA, God Codes (& much more) to up-level with your Higher Self, all aligned in your Highest Good... IF and that's a big IF, you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do the deep dive necessary at this point. Scott is here too... powerful, committed and deeply engaged!

And remember...  "We're In This Together"! BTW this has been my tagline in all my newsletters and iTV shows since 2012.

Q Post 3931 - Evil has been allowed to flourish

This image is a "Q" post from April 10, 2020.

​Are You ​Ready to Become a Leader - Even a Global Leader?
​Are You Ready to Engage In An Exit Strategy of The Matrix?


What’s been playing out behind closed doors are secret societies that engage with dark, evil ​acts through powerful black magic, human & animal sacrifice and rituals. Most of the top leaders in politics, through powerful black magic, human & animal sacrifice and rituals, including through the entertainment industries (film, TV AND music), sports, Super Bowl HalfTime Show and so so much more. 

What I started learning back in 2004, via telepathic communication with God, my Guides and JFK, is that humanity has been duped into a Deception, Enslavement & now Trauma Matrix. I refer to this as the Designed Assault Against Humanity's Awakening. Infiltration from conjured energies is ​wreaking havoc in our lives in ways most people have no clue about. These dark force energies of infiltrated work through people, especially​ targeting the "awakened and bright ones". These entities and physical people have infiltrated every aspect of our existence. And if you're not sure about that yet, then please look at what's being revealed in our physical reality​... it is NOT by accident.

​The dark agendas are not only to enslave you and most of humanity physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but to ALSO disconnect you from your Light Source of God and fragment your soul. Both aspects of this dark hidden agenda has already successfully been accomplished and that’s where we are now. Please don't turn away from this... too many people have and it's part of the reason we're in this situation...
This is the "invisible" enemy that President Trump is referring to in his pressers​, along with the dark hidden agenda of many  current world leaders, politicians, sports and entertainment people. JFK knew...

Now Is The Time To Warrior-Up...

Bali Beach 2014 - Deb & Scott
WarriorUp Webinar series coming soon
I Love Myself Chalkboard

​Now is the time to engage with the fullest intention of anchoring God, Love, Light, Freedom and Peace on the planet STARTING with your experience of yourSelf.

Would it be fair to say that you have not been prepared to deal with this kind of global Event emotionally, physically, financially or perhaps mentally? And perhaps not spiritually either?

That even if you have a relationship with Jesus, with God or Source, that your trust , faith and co-creation is being tested during This Event?

​How is this dark force energy playing out
in the physical world?

Rigged Financial FIAT Central Bank System

Taxes, Non-Profits & Missing $$ As Money Laundering

~400,000 Missing Children Annually in U.S. Alone

The Global Pandemic Event playing out now is part of the physical manifestation of an unseen, dark and insidious energy force carrying out a hidden agenda.

You really really will want to understand how this insidious practice, agenda and conjured entities have infiltrated every, every aspect of our existence on the planet; including most aspects of your daily life. It's NOT an easy subject to talk about, but the healing and evolution of the planet and humanity​ absolutely depends on your willingness to dive into this and do your part!

This is a vital part of the understanding... as well as learning how you must become responsible for clearing your energy field and your life of the dark or shadow energy... ​AS WELL AS ASSISTING in clearing it from the planet. This is not an overnight learning or vision, so it's going to take a serious commitment on your part.

Macrocosm Matrix rain

​​What is happening in the macrocosm of the world, is a direct reflection and correlation of what has been going on with billions of people's souls on the planet; they've become fragmented, no longer "whole" within themSelves - at least not as God intended for our "wholeness" and "holyness".

What is playing out in your life ?

Were You Thriving Financially Before The Event?

Are Your Relationships Unconditionally Loving & Drama-Free?

Are You Pursuing Your Life's Purpose?

If you've answered "no" to all or any of these questions, then would it be safe to say that you are not successfully engaging in all aspects of Co-Creation, Manifesting and Transformation?

Are you open to the possibility that you have infiltration affecting different aspects of your life? Have you often wondered why life is so difficult? Are your relationships with loved ones filled with challenges, drama, and even hate?

Do you have failed relationships even when you loved each other deeply? Yes, there could very easily be normal personal issues, but ​WHAT IF the relationship's demise was contributed to from unseen infiltration?

Do you have projects that haven't manifested and dreams that are unfulfilled even after spending many hours > years pursuing? Too many dis-heartening experiences shuts your heart down and you create "coping mechanisms" to keep going.

There are reasons why that have nothing to do with how hard you've focused on or spent time trying to heal, fix or make successful.

Have faith, we will get through this!

​I AM That I AM

​We Are In This Together!

​God Is Powerful

Microcosm Matrix Rain

​​​Through decades of deception, infiltration, rigged financial systems, lack vibration instigated in ​EVERY aspect of life; lack of love, lack of finances, lack of time, lack, lack lack. This existence within the Enslavement Matrix is like being in an abusive, dysfunctional relationship. Many people now are feeling aspects of the government as "Enemies of the People". Who can you trust? All of this ​deception, trauma, abuse and lack has taken a toll on you individually.

​You most likely have emotional wounds, physical challenges, financial issues, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, triggers and even ego issues that are ripe for healing and transmuting. All of that is possible to be done through this work! And very relatively quickly compared to other methodologies and how long issues have been hanging on!


​What's Possible ~ New Reality You

Transmute And Heal Any Fear Of The Unknown Reality

Activate Your True God Essence As YourSelf

Uplevel To Transcend The Matrix

Can you imagine what would be possible for your life, life essence and joy factor, if you were able to achieve and / or attain just half of this list?

  • To dismantle from toxic relationships or ones that just are NOT in your Highest Good
  • Have the ability receive your own clear communication from / with God, your Higher Self and Guides - so you know what choice is in your Highest Good for any given situation
  • For the Force Field of Light to penetrate your life so powerfully that you become Untouchable from the dark field energies existing on the planet right now
  • Sequester AND Transmute the old feelings of disbelief, disharmony, low self-esteem and lack of Love for ThySelf and God in order to dismantle from them for real
  • Dismantle and Transcend the Matrix in order to truly feel and be the freedom that God intended for us as a birthright.
  • Heal relationships or being willing to let them go - lovingly

Once you start down the path and it will be difficult to turn back. You will go through Initiations, transformations and other experiences.

Silhouette Arms to the Sun

What’s possible is very difficult to explain in writing especially ​because so much of my work, gifts, assets are EXPERIENTIAL. I can tell you that I am humbled ​by the confirmations, evidence and feedback I receive from people experiencing profound shifts, transformation of their feelings towards themselves, the ah-ha’s that make a huge impact in their life, healed relationships and so much more.

There are so so many amazing possibilities for you, you just need to choose to engage and start the process. It won’t be over night, but if you stick to it and I are willing to powerfully ignite your relationship with God, Freedom, Free Will and your Higher Self, the results will be profound!

It's Time for a New Compass, New Tools,
Teaching, Insights & Activations...

What IF... I told you that I have been being prepared ​and preparing for this​ time on the planet some sort of shocking Wake Up Call to the world my entire life? ​

What IF... I told you that I have mastered the kind of skills multi-dimensionally that not many on the planet have? That by working with the Experiential Tools, Programs & Guidance you can shift your life... Such as:

  • ​Telepathic communication that is clear, unfiltered & detailed with your Higher Self & Guides of Light, as well as God, and Specific Beings of Light, such as JFK, that I've created a protocol of accessibility with Masterfully clearing & dissolving dark force energies
  • Energetically Transmute wounds & trauma at the origin; you no longer feel the emotional pain
  • Activating profound Alchemical Transformation; you go through a profound shift from the inside out like a caterpillar going into its cocoon experiencing 100% DNA transformtion to become a flying butterfly
  • ​Seeing your blind spots that keep you separated from your Highest Good; then you heal these through Activations & Tools
  • Activating Unified Fields of Energy for Co-Creating New Realities, Shifting Timelines for individuals, as well as large groups of people, communities and more..
Compass - Expand Your Box TTM

What IF... I told you that in additional to the cutting-edge multi-dimensional assets I have mastered, that as an award-winning entertainment producer, my skills & assets in ​media were part of my soul's destiny so that I could-when the time was right - get the insights, information, wisdom & energetic assistance to the masses as a new genre of entertainment known as "Experiential & Transformational Media"?

​​It's Time... for a new COMPASS to Navigate the Uncharted Territory of life aligned with your Higher Self, Source and Manifesting ALL - that's ALL - of your heart's desires. Dreams that are aligned in YOUR Highest Good and Humanity's Highest Good.  This is all possible with Deb’s Gifts, Assets, Tools, Activations, Clarity of Telepathic Communication, Guidance Along with Support from Scott.

WHere do you start?
What's required of you?

Your Willingness To Dive Deep Into YourSelf

What's Required Of You Is Your Commitment To YourSelf

Your Willingness To Be Open To New Possibilities

  • Your attention to details as you go through the process of Activations and working with the tools.
  • Keeping a journal
  • The willingness to dismantle from unhealthy relationships that aren't serving you and your Highest Good

Paying attention to every time you feel "out of sorts", fearful, dis-heartened... journal about what "triggered" you... and reach for one of the tools... that is the PERFECT time to TRANSMUTE something... when you are not feeling aligned.

The reason I write and say yourSelf, "with a capital S" is because this is the aspect of you that is not yet incarnated in your physical vessel... you that is a an octave and much more, higher vibration than your current present representation of yourSelf.

​I have not been working in the public much to at all since 2015 because of the work behind the scenes I’ve been doing to set up global humanitarian projects. Scott and I could not focus our intention and attention on both endeavors and be successful. So we opted to stay focused on laying the ground work for the funding for humanitarian projects necessary to powerfully anchor and Activate a New Reality.
With that said, the tools that are currently available are all "starter" level.

I would suggest that you start with:

  1. The Free Gift - The Seal of Integrity, Activation & Teaching Tool #1: Loving, Honoring & Know YourSelf
  2. Master Clearing Your Field 101
  3. Red Pill Remedy - Re-calibrate to a Calm Center Point

All of these are available to engage with from this page. I will be introducing new tools by the end of May 2020, as well as several programs including:
Being Your Own Guru Course
Re-start the New Earth Reality Online Community and Portal

Seal of Integrity - Free Gift


This module will be a part of the Being Your Own Guru Program. Engage Daily - 26 minutes in length .

Listen to the audio introduction below:

Powerful Insights

The Insights & Activation is so potent that engaging daily for 15-30 days will Ignite your Alchemical physical, mental, emotional & spiritual journey!

Energy Exchange

As an energy exchange for receiving this free gift, would you consider providing a  testimonial after 7 days? If so, THANK YOU!

Great Awakening

Loving YourSelf & Integrity with Self is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to experience more Grace & Ease through this Great Awakening Transition.

Seal of Integrity - Free Gift

​Whilst this is a FREE Gift, please only share this page, and not the actual Tool. You should also receive an email with a link to download it.

Thank You AND Congratulations!

​You have successfully registered for your FREE GIFT Seal of Integrity Activation & Teaching Tool #1: Loving, Honoring & Knowing ThySelf.

Warning / Please Note / Disclaimer!!
This Experiential Tool is meant to be engaged with while you are lying down or at least sitting in stillness.

PLEASE do not engage with this while you’re driving a vehicle because... there’s potent Activation energy coming through for the entire 26 minutes, not JUST during the ​actual Activation at the end.

Heads Up... when I start to bring the Activation energy through, it sounds weird... my mouth moves very fast and the energy is very high vibration… it is very common to experience tingly sensations even for “new comers” to this kind of cutting-edge spiritual work / energy. If you don’t feel anything right away, that’s fine too... there is no “right way” to have your experience... it’s personal to you!

​Specific Steps & Solutions

Red Pill Remedy Tools

As you awaken to the world of deception, double standards, rigging of all currencies, abrogation of your Free Will, the dark agenda Enslavement Matrix, the LACK vibration that is being felt by the mass population, you may be experiencing:

  •  A feeling of WTF, frustration, anger 
  • Fear of how to move forward 
  • Loss of hope and / or depression or paralysis
  • Things spinning out of control.
    This is what the Red Pill Remedy series of experiential tools has been created to address, assist you in shifting and to quickly re-calibrate to a new experience. Learn more about the RED PILL REMEDY Series and ReCalibrate to Calm Center.
Clearing Your Field 101. Chakras Transcend Matrix Deb Pietsch Scott Bartle

​Clearing Your Field 101 and 102 begin to put YOU back into the power seat, rather than outside energies, people and situations. The power of this Experiential Tool & Activation Series can't be briefly described.

Clearing Your Field 101

In this experiential tools series, Master Clearing Your Field, I teach you how to better understand energy, entities, projections financial, creativity and more, are ​most likely affecting every area of your life.  Through this series of experiential tools you will be guided to bring forth energetic aspects, issues, blocks and interference related to chakras 1, 2 & 3. Through clearing and transmuting you can begin to move through blocks and stagnation.

​This tool is an Activation tool as well as teaching and clearing. If you don't already engage with asking & intending "What's in my Highest Good", then this tool is perfect to start that shift, transformation & up-leveling.

Once you begin to understand how much your life is affected by energies and interfered with by infiltration, It may blow your mind.

Solutions That Will Give YOU Immediate RESULTS

Entities Cleared from People, Homes & Geographical locations

Confirmations with Evidence from Telepathic Communication

Clients & Students Experiencing Noticeable Energy Shifts from Activations

Sessions with Clients & Groups Receiving Detailed Communication & Activations

Experiential Tools, & 

  • We've created a TTM Toolkit with digital downloadable Experiential Training Tools, Guided Meditations, teachings and Activations, so you can create a solid foundation to heal after going down rabbit holes, awaken, transform, thrive, transcend and ascend. Also, there are game-changer well-being products such as CBD Hemp Oil and Essential Oils; much more coming soon  

Mt. Shasta Retreats 

  • Our Mt. Shasta Ascension  Retreat Center A.R.C. is quite an amazing and special place. We've Activated Light Codes, New Earth Codes a powerfully Unified Field of Light, Abundance portal & more. It's located on 5 beautiful acres at the base of Mt. Shasta Mountain, aka as Lemuria. Check the calendar for events & retreats we'll be offering.  Add your name to the list for updates.

Private Sessions

  • Wherever you are geographically and on your journey, Deb offers private sessions via phone or skype that includes providing detailed information via telepathic communication with your Higher Self & Guides; providing an array of unique & powerful assistance, as well as profound life-altering Activations. See Private Sessions for details.

Courses & Webinars

  • Live events, webinars, online courses, pre-recorded webinars and more; covering an array of subjects and ways for you to increase your daily experience of thriving, deepen your insight, communicate multi-dimensionally

TTM Engagement HUB

  • We've added a cool "commenting" feature to this HUB site. "We're In This Together". Deb has been saying this as a tagline for many years.  Unifying with other Beings of Light is powerful.  Engage here to unify and meet other like minded & hearted people.

Live iTV & Radio Shows

  • Transformational & Experiential Media to awaken, transform & Activate you the "engager"; as well as assist in Reality Creation for the Betterment of Humanity. Traversing from game changer conversations to "Q drops" to cutting-edge insight, multi-dimensional chat
Seal of Integrity

Solutions & Tools

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Grounding Your Energy 101




Clearing Your Field 101. Chakras Transcend Matrix Deb Pietsch Scott Bartle




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