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Welcome to Transcend the Matrix  
with Deborah Pietsch!

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We Are At Choice Point 
YOU Are AT Choice Point

Humanity is at a crossroads! We are in a Humanitarian Crises within the Great Awakening Transition. Many people are now clearly seeing the defined War On Humanity... the evidence and the evil is being revealed. This means it's moved from Conspiracy Theory to... "there is a conspiracy and it's the control, manipulation and intended take down of humanity". Okay, so now that, that is clear... you, and most likely everyone, needs to re-assess everything about your daily life, your long term and short trajectory, along with what and how you're going to thrive, and not just survive moving through this Transition.

A LOT is at stake for you personally AND for Humanity as a whole. Everything from Freedom of all kinds, including Financial Freedom, to Sovereignty, Free Will, God's Will, Truth, Love, Heart’s Desires Flourishing and truly engaging in the Natural Flow of God’s Will… just about everything that most people filled with God’s Light desire.

Your journey and spiritual re-awakening through this Great Awakening Transition and the Great Divide is like going through the "eye of the needle".  EVERYONE is going through TESTS & INITIATIONS to choose the "high road", to choose Integrity, Love and Divine Alignment with your Highest Good as humanity awakens to the Truths of the level of Deception, Nefarious, demonic agendas, and quite frankly the Spiritual War on Humanity that has come into the physical. You are at Choice Point to Transcend This dismantle from the control mechanism and construct of the Matrix, finally being referred to as the "OLD PARADIGM", so you can flourish and thrive as the Glory of God Being of Light you incarnated to become.

That's where Deb comes in. We have been preparing and "being" prepared for quite some time to be leaders, way-showers, Guides and Bridges in many ways for people that want to THRIVE through this Transition vs. merely surviving. We are like a GPS to assist you in crossing the bridge and navigating the uncharted waters of this Great Awakening Transition. In order to move through this infiltrated darkness and agenda of genocide, you're going to need to Activate your Soul Super Powers, be accutely Present to everything going, as well as have the willingness, fortitude and courage to walk the necessary path now, as potential global chaos errups. 

Deb assists people to go deeply into their spiritual awaken, Activate your Heart Light & Soul to create profound transformation in your life. Part of Deb's "wheelhouse" for over a decade, has been teaching people about the demonic energies conjured into this world and how to CLEAR them from your life. These energies and entities are most likely interfering with YOUR DAILY LIFE in ways that will shock you! Between the spiritual teachings, retreats, webinars experiential tools, humanitarian projects, GCR / GESARA involvlement, conscious media we produce AND Deb's powerful Activations... there's a LOT here to wrap your head (& heart) around what's possible for you! So we did a short video to try and lay some of it out!!! 

Activation With Deborah Pietsch Introduction

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Who Are We, How We Can Assist You Through This Transition & Why You Want to Engage With Us!

Most of us are "wearing a lot of hats" these days!  That is very very true for us! We thought it would be easier to get some clarity and insight about who we are, what unique elements of UNIQUE & PROPHETIC SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS, ACTIVATIONS, ENERGY & ENTITY CLEARING, CONSCIOUS MEDIA & HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS to UNIFY, ORGANIZE, STRATEGIZE & EXECUTE A NEW GAME PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE, AS WELL AS HUMANITY, As We Level The Playing Field for the Betterment of Humanity Timeline.
Question: You are a Glory of God Being of Light & Love... are you hearing God's voice when you ask and are you in full Divine Alignment with your Soul's Purpose?

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God's Coating of Light Activation - DVD case

In order to Transcend The Matrix you must first be able to or willing to identify, at the very least, that there's something not "right" within the "established reality". You must be willing to explore the possibility that there is controlling construct and / or people that can and are affecting your ability to move forward. It's a challenging scenario to understand and accept AND not become a victim to this OR be in a "victim mentality" about this, but rather begin to become empowered by the insights, knowledge and teachings.

"There is a tremendous amount of EVIL and dark forces being revealed"

You will also need to be open to the possibility that there is a tremendous amount of EVIL and dark forces that are being revealed. And there's a high probability, that the more light you are "BEING" that  these dark force / nefarious energies (entities) are having an affect on your day to day life in ways that may shock you, even if you "think" you're protected. And yet at the same time, this information can give you relief to know that you are not "crazy" or incompetent in moving forward with your life purpose, just "under-educated" and potentially undermined in ways you haven't been trained to deal with... YET!

"Your GPS to navigate your way out of the Matrix"

Deb asks General Mike Flynn several questions including "What can you honestly tell people that are sitting around in 'trust the plan' mode and not getting involved? At the Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference Apr 16 & 17 2021

Welcome to Transcend the Matrix with Deborah Pietsch... your GPS to navigate your way out of this hell hole reality / paradigm or dimension! For over 3 decades, Deborah Pietsch has been being prepared and has been preparing to support humanity for THIS TIME on the planet. Through prophetic insight and word, Deborah has been trained to identify many, many aspects of this Enslavement Matrix, as well as how to powerfully  clear, Transcend this Matrix and teach others, like you how to do the same. She is a bit of an anomaly which varies from being an award-winning producer out of Hollywood who was trying to get Conscious Media off the ground back in the late 80's and through the 90's after a profound awakening in 1987, to shifting to being a cutting-edge spiritual teaching in 2011 after another profound awakening and teachings from God starting in 2009.

We Are In a Spiritual War... You Are At Choice Point

Note from Deb: You can learn much more about who we are via our bios and the shows we started doing New Year's Eve 2020; after not being in the public for 5 years. We have worked behind the scenes for many years laying the foundation for Humanitarian Projects that will be brought forward soon. We love Humanity, We The People and God and are committed to anchoring and establishing a Unified Field of Light upon Mother Earth that creates a BRIDGE for people to navigate through this "fucked up mess" of evil that's taken hold in every establishment in this reality. Please take the time to explore this website and our shows to truly understand what's possible for YOU in the way of Experiential Tools, Activations, Spiritual War Bootcamps, virtual retreats and even in person retreats at our Mount Shasta Retreat Center. Our shows are FULL of insights, information and teachings. You can access all of them via the BLOG drop down.

Deb has interviewed / had "on the couch", people like Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, General Mike Flynn and others. We are quickly being Divinely Guided and Orchestrated to establish authentic friendships and comraradery with people like Scott McKay, Mike Adams, Reinette Sennum and many others, as we assist and support people to TRANSCEND this Designed Assault Against Humanity's Awakening. Check out this "couch time" interview with Lin Wood from April 16th Tulsa Health Freedom Event and then read more about what's possible for you and how you can immediately start shifting your current status quo!

Deb broaches the disheartening subject with Lin Wood about "Isn't it time we start calling the media the Enemy of the People and that there have been Crimes Against Humanity committed?"

How Do YOU Go From Dark to Light? ...

You Are At Choice Point

Now Is The Time To Warrior-Up!! 

Your awakening journey is an ongoing journey that is meant to be a series of deep ah-ha's along with tests and Initiations that support your up-leveling and your life purpose to be "revealed through to you" after some Dark Night of the Soul experiences. That is not the case in this Matrix and with the amount of Evil thas has been established in this timeline, this reality, this paradigm, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. That has all been thwarted and we're now in to a multi-dimensional Contingency Plan. You may need to "undo some teachings, beliefs and ways you've been going about your journey" in order to truly and powerful Transcend.

Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 & 102 Bundle

For starters, the foundation of our teachings and experiential tools establish the understanding or at the very least, the possibility that your day to day life is being affected by dark force infiltration, coping mechanisms you've established just to survive the "aggravated assault" experiences of this demonic matrix and "shadow challenges" you have haven't been able to clear, such as FEAR, SELF-JUDGEMENT, LACK OF HOPE, DISILLUSION, LACK OF SELF LOVE and more. 

THEN... in order to move forward and up-level, you must become Masterful at identifying Infiltration / dark nefarious energies and the inversions and programs of the Enslavement Matrix  and powerfully clearing them to become "UNTOUCHABLE" and a modern day demon slayer.  You must also transmute and clear all of your filters, SHADOWs, including your fears (known and unknown), self-judgement, lack programs from the Enslavement Matrix AND coping mechanisms from the Designed Assault Against Humanity's Awakening.   NONE of these are easy to do without years of invested training and teachers who seriously know how to support people through this kind of journey without adding in their own judgements and filters. You may think you've done the work, but I can "almost" assure you that you haven't! You will know by a quick assessment of current life as your evidence. If you're thriving, expanding and living in the abundance of love, Grace & Ease and all resources, manifesting all of your heart's desires, then you're not "there" yet!

Once you begin to experience Activations, Alchemical Transformations and up-leveling, you'll have a visceral experiences of "before and after" AND have the experiences of cellular shifts. This is why I spent several years in almost complete isolation going through God Induced Activations,, being taught about nefarious entities, often conjured from other people practicing black magic across the planet, and clearing "my stuff"; going through my Tests & Initiations to prepare me for now.  There's a high probability that you are in the category of "you don't know what you don't know".  GREAT! Welcome, you're in the right place. Now... are you READY TO ROCK?

Retreats in Mt Shasta California 

Since 2016 we have had a 5acre spiritual retreat center at the foothill of Mount Shasta, CA. We have cleared the nefarious energy and Activated a powerful Unified Field of Light for clients & students to experience deep transformation without a lot of "efforting"!

We have various retreats, including Vision Quest Retreats, Alchemical Transformation, Divine Soul & God's Light Activation Retreats and more...

Can't Get to Mt Shasta?

3 day - 3 night VIRTUAL Retreats

Create Your Sacred Space for 3 Days of Guided Retreat engagement

IF YOU'RE GOING TO transcend the matrix

NOTE from Deb: I've been talking about this dark force infiltration energy, as well as teaching people how to recognize it and CLEAR it since 2010. It's been a long road getting to this point where this is becoming mainstream, at least in the Great Awakening Community. Confirmations are showing up everywhere.

One of the things you'll learn about me (should you continue to engage) is that I've been preparing and being prepared by God and my Guides to support you and the millions that choose to cross over the bridge of the Great Awakening Transition, for 30+ years.... all in preparation for THIS TIME. I am Masterful at Clearing Entities and teaching people like you, how to do this and MUCH MORE!

What’s been playing out behind closed doors are secret societies that engage with dark, evil acts through powerful black magic, human & animal sacrifice and rituals. Most of the top leaders in politics, through powerful black magic, human & animal sacrifice and rituals, including through the entertainment industries (film, TV AND music), sports, Super Bowl HalfTime Show and so so much more. 

Infiltration from conjured energies is wreaking havoc in our lives in ways most people have no clue about. These dark force energies of infiltrated work through people, especially targeting the "awakened and bright ones". These entities work inter-dimensionally on their own as well as utilize physical people that don't realize they're being interfered with. Then there are the people that are in celebrity status and have large sphere of influence that are knowingly engaging in these energies and knowingly allow them to work through them.

The crazy, dis-heartening and incredibly challenging situation we're in right now is that these dark, malicious entities have infiltrated EVERY aspect of our existence. I know how fucked up this sounds and how scary it is to take seriously take this on board, but I can finally say it and enough evidence has been revealed in our reality for millions of people to actually be open to it.  

So now what...

Q Post 3931 - Evil has been allowed to flourish

This image is a "Q" post from April 10, 2020.

Spiritual War Bootcamp 101 & 102 Bundle

Spiritual War Bootcamp Webinar 101 & 102
Clearing Your Field 101 & 102

God's Coating of Light Activation - DVD case

God's Coating of Light Activation Experiential Tool

"I don't normally feel energy and I did with this Activation" - R.O

Mount Shasta Solstice Retreat

Mount Shasta Retreat
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Do You Want To Activate?   Do You Want to Transcend?   Do You Want to Up-Level?

Do You Want to have a Profound Transformation and Fast Track Your Experiences of Your Life Purpose Being Revealed To You?

Do You Want to Be Able to HEAR / Communicate clearly with God, Your Guides and Your Higher Self?

These may be silly questions to some but they are serious questions vs. rhetorical questions. If the answer is yes to any or all, then, PLEASE take a leap and engage with one of the following EXPERIENTIAL TOOLS. I promise you... if you are willing to engage pro-actively and openly, then you WILL have experiences and shifts!

  1. Red Pill Remedy - "Re-Calibrating to Calm Center Point"   and / or 
  2. Clearing Your Field 101

Also, watch / engage with our Live shows. We are having a lot of conversations and dialogue about the conscious aspect of what is happening, unfolding and being revealed. 

And sign up for a Free Intro Webinar - Engage with Deb for an hour of Q & A ... bring your questions... She'll be "tuning in" too!

"You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” – Morpheus

What is the matrix?

A construct of both physical barriers as well as energetic “fencing”. The entities or people that “rule” this construct are referred to as various names such as cabal, globalists, deep state, controllers and / or handlers.

The Enslavement Matrix is an unseen network of control influencing how we think, feel and engage in the world.

The controllers, a.k.a. 'handlers of the Matrix', do not live by the same moral standards most people or civilized society intends for people to engage. The handlers of this construct have an agenda of enslaving all of God’s creator beings by enslaving their souls. That’s why we refer to this as the Enslavement Matrix.

The Matrix Movie was released in 1999 and very relevant to the actual Enslavement Matrix humanity has been held in.

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” – Morpheus, Matrix Character

"Let me tell you why you’re here. You know something. What you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it. You felt it your entire life. There’s something’s wrong with the world. You don’t know what, but it’s there. Like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?” – Morpheus, Matrix Character

Red Pill Remedy Calm Experiential Tool

Red Pill Remedy Experiential Tool

Transcend The Matrix Introductory Webinar

FREE Introductory Webinar - Sign Up Now

Clearing Your Field 101 Calm Centerpoint

Clearing Your Field 101 Experiential Tool

What are spiritual forces of evil?

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the power of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." - Ephesians 6:12

What do they look like? How do we know when they are being used? Are they used against us?

Regardless of your religious beliefs, spiritual forces of evil exist. The choice to learn about them is yours. For those who believe they are creating or perpetuating these forces of evil by studying them, by learning about them... it is YOUR CHOICE what to dedicate your creation energies to. "Knowing your enemy" by studying how they work doesn't make them stronger... unless that is your fear.

What's at stake..?
Freedom, Truth, Free Will, Liberty, Justice, Love, God and... much more

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