Between: Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle (“We”, “Us”, “Our”)
_______________________________ (“You”, “your”, “Yourself”)
Hereafter the “Parties”.


This Participation Agreement is intended to provide you with a roadmap of expectations, boundaries and guidelines in order to engage in a working relationship or even a collaborative relationship with Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle.

We have established this document to lay the foundation of what you can expect from us, as well as what we expect from you. Because the nature of our life and work is all geared towards the Betterment of Humanity, we are involved in and leading various projects; some of which can be considered stealth, almost military style strategies, to intellectual property type of projects for media and much more. Your engagement in our life, our work and our visions, is something that is not taken lightly by us, nor should it be taken lightly by you.

That is why we have created this document; so that we leave much less to chance, question or assumption and much more to specifics. This document is not meant to scare you and at the same time, we are very serious about everything in this document and the work we are pursuing for the Betterment of Humanity.

Working with Deb & Scott is likely to be unlike any other working environment you’ve experienced. Whilst you may have encountered and have experience in many of the tasks being asked of you, there will likely be situations that are illogical and don’t make any sense.

When things go wrong for unexplainable reasons, most reach for logical explanation. We are aware of and have been dealing with non physical energies and entities that cause interference and infiltration to us, primarily due to our involvement with projects aligned with the betterment of humanity.

As such, we are used to encountering the effects of nefarious energies and are masterful in identifying and clearing them. People who work closely with us are often targeted as the next “layer of the onion” in order to detrimentally affect us and our work.

Our Expectations

You must be willing to learn about non physical or spiritual warfare, how to identify it, recognize it and clear it from your life. We have digital downloadable tools to assist people in becoming masterful in dealing with nefarious energies we will make available.

We expect people working around us to engage with these tools, becoming more eyes and ears for us whilst in our proximity and when engaging on our behalf. (Example: 2015 Online Community)

We expect you to notify us of anomalies, things that seem strange and or any oddities, no matter how insignificant they may seem. It is not uncommon for nefarious energies to cause events that distract from even simple tasks, often causing a knock on effect or snowball effect amplifying the impact.

You will need to be aware of infiltration and how much of an impact it can have.

You will need to learn and participate in clearing your field of potential infiltration. Understand you will be targeted at a level synonymous to the amount of equity we are establishing for humanity’s new earth. You must be meticulous and vigilant.

Be cautious around anything you think could or would harm Deb & Scott, our dogs, projects or the team. Be sensitive to dangers. If anything feels or looks out of sorts, an anomaly or illogical, bring it to our attention, meaning anything. You will need to learn to listen to your guidance which might nudge you subtly of things to pay attention to. This skill may seem insignificant, but its importance is crucial. (Example: Pet sitting)

Bring more to our attention than less. Don’t be concerned about doing so.

External interference is not the cause of everything. It takes discernment to recognize the difference. Working around us will be an education. It is an investment of time and knowledge by us which we expect to be reciprocated in your willingness to engage.

We are working on the rebirth of humanity. It is not to be taken lightly. You will need to respect how serious things are.You will need to be present around us, the team and our projects. If you have other things on your mind, let us know. Our expectation is that you are present. If you are not, let us know. The impact of not being present can be huge.No wrong doing will be reprimanded, unless intentional. Not doing something you should be doing will be. We will be watching how you engage with your surroundings.In the event of a falling out with us or any of the team members, breaking confidentiality is not acceptable. Often the end of a relationship can trigger underlying personal issues which can manifest as projections or false statements towards us or other team members. Nonetheless, confidentiality still survives. Derogatory comments or dialogue made publicly or privately regarding us, any team members or the projects will have legal ramifications.


We are creating an uplifting experience for all who engage with us. The working environment will likely look very different.

We anticipate having celebrity or high profile people around us. Whereas certain communication may be essential as part of your interaction with them, a line of professionalism is expected at all times.

Communication that is considered inappropriate includes discussing your personal details, ambitions, goals or other personal agendas. You are expected to engage your discernment on boundaries, to discern what is a personal matter versus a team or project matter to be discussed. Inappropriate communication or personal agendas or disclosing things that are confidential will not be tolerated. (Example: April 2021 Retreat)

On occasion we will have security staff around us. You are not to interact with them in a way that would detract or distract them from their primary role.


Working around us requires a high level of accountability. Most people would typically express accountability with reference to mistakes made. We prefer transparency and accountability to deception.

Beyond accountability for mistakes, we expect you to be accountable for experiences you have around us.

Being around us will likely result in past issues or emotional traumas coming to the surface. This may manifest as an unwarranted projection from you, however irrational, that we are the cause. If you are not aware of this or not willing to deal with it, it’s a deal breaker.


Definition of Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.The state of being whole and undivided.

We live by a very high standard of integrity and we expect you to, as well. Integrity can be engaged in several different ways depending on the context of the situation.

Speaking your truth no matter how uncomfortable it is. For example, if you are not comfortable doing something, we expect you to notify us. Firstly, we do not want to put you in a position of discomfort, and secondly, if your truth is suppressed, you are ultimately acting out of integrity with your self and with us.

Following through with your word and something you’ve said you would do or even “be” … like more open to feedback, being assertive or less controlling

Expressing and reporting anomalies, illogical situations, bizarre experiences, thoughts or people that come in to your life. This is imperative. We know how to assess different situations and it’s up to you to be in integrity to share these situations so we can assist in clearing, transmuting, eliminating or even removing someone from participation.

Recognizing that you will be “tested” by God and the Universe in many ways; including are you willing to follow a strong moral compass if someone temps you with something that is either illegal or nefarious

Do not come to work with us or collaborate with us if you have a hidden agenda of something you want to “get over the line”. This is covered below in Transparency and Confidentiality. We are very serious about hidden and personal agendas. They will be revealed quickly when you are in our Unified Field of Light

We expect you to pay attention to everything, perhaps even in a way you have never done before. Having impeccable integrity is imperative to be around us, to engage in the businesses, projects and yes. even the spiritual work.

We know from the past years and past experiences of working closely with people, that these tests and Initiations come along with the high probability of infiltration.

Additionally, and this point is vitally important to understand. We will have celebrity type of people and many other “influencers” and politicians in our field, projects and life. Under no circumstances are you to engage in conversation with them about yourself, your projects, your agendas, your intentions other than what is directly requested of you to perform your work function and capacity. We have ZERO tolerance for this. If it sounds controlling then yes it is. We have witnessed too many times in the past ten years when people come in with their own agenda and THAT creates infiltration openings along with a breakdown of relationships. If you hear or see someone not abiding by this zero tolerance guideline… once again, YOU are responsible to have the integrity to yourself, to us and to the Betterment of Humanity Field of Light.


Will be creating things in a stealth way. Working towards the betterment of humanity.

You are to assume that everything discussed by us is confidential unless it is specifically stated otherwise.

Should you see or overhear things in conversations you are not party to, whether it be from us or those we are engaged with, anything discussed is confidential.

Various individuals will be participating in differing capacities. You are not to assume that all team members have the same information. Do not discuss your projects with other individuals even if they are working with us. Don’t assume everyone knows what we are doing. There are grave (infiltration) consequences for breaking confidentiality, which can weaken the Unified Field of Light.

We expect you to notify us of communications by anyone around us that may be being shared without permission. The intention is to protect the information, the individuals and us. Rather than being seen as snitching, it’s holding the line of integrity to maintain a clear and clean Unified Field of Light, as well as building trust and holding people accountable.

Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvention

All details including but not limited to conversations, meetings, discussions, project material, ideas originating from us or project team members are considered intellectual property belonging to either us or the originator (should they wish to pursue it independently - early notice required). This will be further defined.

The intent is to recognize original content respectfully.

WHEREAS, the Parties enter into this AGREEMENT to define certain parameters of the future legal obligations and are bound by a duty of Confidence with respect to their sources and contacts, and;

The Parties desire to enter a working relationship to the mutual and common benefit of the Parties.

The Parties mutually and voluntarily agree as follows:


The Parties shall not, in any manner, solicit and/or accept any business from sources that have been made available by and through the Parties hereto, nor in any manner shall access, solicit and/or conduct any business with such said sources, without and specific written permission of the Party who made such said sources available.

The Parties shall maintain complete confidentiality regarding each other’s business and shall only disclose knowledge pertaining to those specifically named parties as permitted by the concerned Party, unless agreed and granted written permission by the Party whom made the source available.

The Parties shall not in any way whatsoever circumvent each other and/or attempt such circumvention of each other and/or any of the Parties involved in any of business or relationships the parties wish to enter.

The Parties shall not disclose any contact revealed by either Party to any third parties and shall not enter into direct and/or indirect business with such contacts revealed by the other Party who made the contact(s) available unless agreed via written permission is provided.

In the event of circumvention by any of the undersigned Parties, whether direct and/or indirect, the circumvented Party shall be entitled to a legal monetary compensation equal to the maximum service it should realize from such business, plus any and all expenses, including legal fees incurred in lieu of recovery of such compensation.

Harm caused by circumvention or unauthorized disclosure may not be readily calculable in a monetary amount, particularly if it impacts relationships or proprietary information and or reputation. As such, determination of impact is largely subjective. All efforts to prevent circumvention and or unauthorized disclosure should be made in advance.

This agreement is valid for the entire time the Parties are engaged, for any and all relationships between the Parties therein. It shall become effective immediately from the date of signing hereof by all parties. We have the right to terminate this agreement at any time without cause or notice. Confidentiality, Non Disclosure and Circumvention clauses shall survive termination and or expiration of this agreement for an additional five (5) years.

It is further agreed that any controversy, claims, and or dispute arising out and/or relating to any part of the whole of this agreement or breach thereof and which is not settled between the signatories themselves, shall be settled and be binding by and through arbitration or mediation.

This Agreement shall be legally binding upon the Parties, their respective heirs, administrators, executors, their successors and assigns for: 
a) The non-circumvention damages, and; 
b) Any loss sustained by the non-defaulting party by reason of such breach, and; 
c) All expenses incurred in enforcing any legal remedy rights based upon or arising out of this Agreement.

Signature of this agreement shall be deemed to be an executed agreement enforceable and admissible for all purposes as may be necessary under the terms of this agreement. Signatures on this agreement received by the way of Facsimile, Mail and/or Email shall be deemed and executed contract.

Both signatories acknowledge that they have read, and each Party fully understands the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and by their signature unconditionally agrees to the terms as of the date noted herein.

This agreement may be signed in one or more counterparts and the Parties agree that facsimile/email/electronic copies of this Agreement to be considered as a legal original and signatures thereon shall be legal and binding agreement.

This is a private agreement and shall be governed privately. All efforts must be exhausted internally before any public escalation.