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You should know who I am (and who Scott is too) if you're going to engage with our teachings, Activations and other offerings. There's too much BS, misinterpretations, distorted, and deliberate disinformation out there. On top of all this are the hidden agendas. For these reasons and much more, I am transparent. Scott is transparent. If you choose to engage with me, my teachings, my tools etc., you deserve to know exactly who I AM, what and where I’ve come from, how I telepathically communicate, how I became an Activator and how I've become Masterful at Clearing Energies and more. I want you to know how I conduct my life, regardless of whether it’s in front of people or the camera or behind closed doors; including how Scott and I have created an amazing relationship and partnership in everything!  

Many years ago while in the entertainment industry I was producing TV commercials, music videos, films and then radio. I got to work with very well-known, established spiritual teachers, authors and motivational speakers. The unfortunate and unexpected experience I had with them is that most had a disturbing facade or persona of their public face that was very, very different from who they were in their personal life or behind closed doors. Imagine being blindsided while working with teachers talking all about love and compassion but when behind closed doors or the camera wasn't rolling, were mean, disempowering and lacked much expression of love at all!  It's crazy how many spiritual teachers don't do their own deep work.  

You deserve better than that... that’s why I’ll continue to share (like I have in past sites & shows) openly who I am, as well as, who Scott and I are together. So you can trust that you’re dealing with the same person, no matter what the circumstance or situation.

For that reason, I've created a 3 part video series entitled, "Who Is Deb", which details elements of my life, mostly from a chronological perspective, that includes great ah-ha's, major turning points and mostly how more of who and what I Am as a Divine and up-leveled being has revealed through me. It's been a very organic evolution of my Soul, my Higher Self revealing itself. And now I'm available to assist you to have your own Soul & Higher Self reveal through's truly like a birthing process!

Years Of Very Detailed Telepathic Communication

Amazing RESULTS with Clients, Students and Groups

Masterful at Clearing Entities & Energies ~ Teaching Others

Award Winning Producer

Awakened In 1987 with detailed telepathic transmission

I've 'Been There - Done That - Got The T-Shirt'

Speak My Truth - Don’t Mince Words

Activates Your Core Essence Codes

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