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Getting to Know Deb

Deborah Pietsch

You should know who I am (and who Scott is too) if you're going to engage with our teachings, Activations and other offerings. There's too much BS, misinterpretations, distorted, and deliberate disinformation out there. On top of all this are the hidden agendas. For these reasons and much more, I am transparent. Scott is transparent. If you choose to engage with me, my teachings, my tools etc., you deserve to know exactly who I AM, what and where I’ve come from, how I telepathically communicate, how I became an Activator and how I've become Masterful at Clearing Energies and more. I want you to know how I conduct my life, regardless of whether it’s in front of people or the camera or behind closed doors; including how Scott and I have created an amazing relationship and partnership in everything!  

Many years ago while in the entertainment industry I was producing TV commercials, music videos, films and then radio. I got to work with very well-known, established spiritual teachers, authors and motivational speakers. The unfortunate and unexpected experience I had with them is that most had a disturbing facade or persona of their public face that was very, very different from who they were in their personal life or behind closed doors. Imagine being blindsided while working with teachers talking all about love and compassion but when behind closed doors or the camera wasn't rolling, were mean, disempowering and lacked much expression of love at all!  It's crazy how many spiritual teachers don't do their own deep work.  

You deserve better than that... that’s why I’ll continue to share (like I have in past sites & shows) openly who I am, as well as, who Scott and I are together. So you can trust that you’re dealing with the same person, no matter what the circumstance or situation.

For that reason, I've created a 3 part video series entitled, "Who Is Deb", which details elements of my life, mostly from a chronological perspective, that includes great ah-ha's, major turning points and mostly how more of who and what I Am as a Divine and up-leveled being has revealed through me. It's been a very organic evolution of my Soul, my Higher Self revealing itself. And now I'm available to assist you to have your own Soul & Higher Self reveal through you...it's truly like a birthing process!

Years Of Very Detailed Telepathic Communication

The telepathic communication I engage in is like having a multi-dimensional two way (or more, depending on how many beings are present, such as a 'council meeting).  If I don't understand what's being communicated, I'll ask for clarification and always get confirmation through the protocols I've set up. I communicate with my Higher Self, Guides & Beings of Light supporting Humanity’s Betterment and Evolution.

Amazing RESULTS with Clients, Students and Groups

I’ve worked one-on-one with close to 1000 clients, hosted group retreats in Mt Shasta, and lead private online courses ranging from telepathic training series to projects dedicated to kick-starting your daily life experiences to learning how to create reality. Amazing transformations occur in every situation.   Are you next?

Masterful at Clearing Entities & Energies ~ Teaching Others

After 3+ years of pure hell, I finally received the details of what 'infiltration' is, how it was making my life wrought with challenges and then how to CLEAR it.  I’ve become an Untouchable to outside energies - making me Masterful at Clearing My Energy, as well as other people’s energy, homes and more... A clear field is '1st base' in Transcending the Matrix, as well as creating your reality. 

Award Winning Producer

After 15+ years in the trenches of Hollywood and production, I became an award-winning producer with a short film called 'Mr President'. From 1999-2003 I was the first producer on the cutting edge health and spirituality radio show “The Aware Show”.  I booked many guests such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Gregg Braden & Abraham as regulars on the show.

Awakened In 1987 With Detailed Telepathic Transmission

I had my first 'awakening' and very detailed telepathic transmission from my Higher Self and Guides in 1987 - laying out the details of my life to that point and what was 'to come' - things I could never have known back then about my life or the global events now playing out. I share more in depth about this experience in the 3 Who Is Deb videos

I've 'Been There - Done That - Got The T-Shirt'

I teach you based on my experiences of transcending the matrix; not from theory or wishful thinking. I was having very challenging experiences with lack of money, lack of stability and so much more, starting back in 2003.  I already had a very solid spiritual foundation and teachings to draw upon, yet nothing was working.  My Guides told me years later that I needed to go through those experiences much earlier than most because I would be circling back to support people to 'cross the bridge' / go 'through the eye of the needle" .  It sucked ... but now I have a huge and deep awareness, many experiences to draw from and a powerful toolkit to share and support you through all of this crap.

Speak My Truth - Don’t Mince Words

I call things as I see them. I'm not going to be 'politically correct' - which often obfuscates the truth - when I can be direct. The world's not just 'messed up ... it's fucked up'! At this point, being spiritual warriors is more important than being politically correct; including commanding these energies disperse from our field. My Guides confirmed years ago that we are beyond the "experience" of what awakening was meant to be and into an (unplanned) dark agenda controlled suspended animation ... it's no longer serving our Highest Good.  We are no longer in the "it's all meant to be" phase.

Activates Your Core Essence Codes

 I have been Activated to be an Activator.  I bring through high vibration frequencies, in which my mouth moves very fast and sounds weird at first.  I bring through Light Language, Light Codes and much more than can be explained here.  I work with an individual OR group holographic field.  Many of your original DNA Lights codes have become distorted, I have been Activated new New Earth Core Codes that are based in I AM Love ... frequencies.  The ignition of these codes is what sets me apart from many spiritual teachers, as well as the FIELD of LIGHT that Scott and I hold for people's transitions.  Your feelings of "flatline" in your life will be the first of many immediate transformations you will experience as you'll now begin moving closer to your Soul Matrix Destiny.

Getting To Know Scott

Scott Bartle

My journey down the rabbit hole could be said to have started on many occasions. Most recently was in 2009 when I began questioning the 'Australian Government' about the basis of their authority... leading to the creation of my documentary What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government".

Or it could have been experiencing extreme darkness when working for one of the Rothschild family... or on learning a herbal tea that gave my mother relief from the cancer that ultimate claimed her life - was deemed a controlled substance and banned. Or it may have been the stories my father read to me as a child learning about UFO's, top secret spy sagas or black projects.

In any case, I can attest to having taken the 'Red Pill' - and perhaps had a few too many of them.

Apart from being awarded the novelty 'Carl Sagan Science Fiction Award' at school for sharing reports from a monthly newsletter my father subscribed to, I grew up drinking fluoridated water, going to a private school... until we ran out of money to pay for it, and living a 'normal' life.

I got into university and studied Construction Management, ending up working alongside engineers and project managers. I met an engineer who had worked on one of the projects described in those childhood newsletters - and who couldn't speak about it, validating for me there were many undisclosed projects worldwide.

Throughout university I worked part time with the local ferry company, inspiring me to switch careers. In 1999 I flew to France and worked my way up to Captain aboard multi-million dollar luxury mega yachts over the next 10 years. I traveled to over 40 countries seeing a very different side to life.

On my return to the mining industry in Australia in 2009, and sparked by family history with cancer, I wrote an ebook titled “Breast Cancer Is Not For Everyone” - a book sharing research from doctors around the world persecuted for their success in treating terminally ill cancer patients. This research further catalyzed a hidden hand suppressing truth.

Also in 2009, I imported my 1959 Chevrolet Corvette to Australia. This process was fraught with challenges and lead me to produce the documentary What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government". See posts below for the full story. 

I dedicated countless hours to researching how government had been usurped by corporations at the bequest of bankers and beyond. I produced short videos, appeared on television and radio shows worldwide prompting audiences to question "the system". I also toured around Australia presenting the evolution of this research… which took a sharp turn in trajectory upon realizing my energy was contributing and feeding the Deception Matrix I was ironically working to unravel.

After arriving in the States in December 2013 to meet with Deborah Ariel Pietsch, I experienced many more levels of awakening and visceral transformational experiences. While engaging with Deb - effectively 24/7 from my arrival, I underwent an alchemical transformational awakening on steroids.

I deepened my connection with my heart and my I AM Presence… and began to take a stand for humanity’s awakening through the revolution of the heart. My understanding of energetics expanded ultimately reaching a new awareness of the “Deception Reality.” I saw now what would not work in the current imposed reality and why the paperwork solutions had failed in the past. These realizations and transformations changed my life - my focus was now upon creating a New Earth Reality with Deb.

Deb and I, now Sacred Partners, embarked upon the awakening of humanity with information and tools for experiential transformational shifts, revealing the truth of the “Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening”.

"In order to transition from What The FUQ Headspace to I AM Heartspace, you have to Transcend The Matrix."

More Backstory on Deb & Scott

​Video & Transcript below. Deborah Pietsch seeks and “demands” EVIDENCE and CONFIRMATIONS in the 3D for every telepathic transmission, channeled message and teaching… that’s where the difference starts… she won't put anything "out" unless she has this evidence - otherwise she feels it's all part of the "woo

Video: How & Why is Deborah Pietsch Different Than Other Spiritual Teachers

​I was 19 years old when I received clear communication to move from Pennsylvania where I was living with my parents, to go to a “warm climate” and somewhere that I could thrive. A year later I arrived with 2 suitcases to Long Beach, CA… thinking I was

Deb Pietsch ~ My Evolution of Becoming Multi-Dimensional ~ Video 1 of 3

2+ decades later a LOT of life challenges occurred which gave me experiences from just about every end of the spectrum... including things that shocked me as I learned more, went down many rabbit holes and was able to connect the dots of the level of the dark

Deb Pietsch~Initiations About Infiltration, Going Down Dark Rabbit Holes~Video 2 of 3

As if becoming a prolific telepathic communicator wasn’t enough to throw me into the “fringe” mix of life, then came the weird sounds and my mouth moving so fast I couldn’t help but ALLOW it through! As the energy Activations began to reveal through me and started affecting people

Deb Pietsch As If Being Telepathic Wasn’t Fringe Enough Throw in Being an Activator! Video 3 of 3

Rewind back to 2012 following the launch of my documentary What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government", which tracked the saga of importing my 1959 Chev Corvette into Australia... I was doing various internet radio shows and interviews with online radio stations in Australia,

Backstory On Scott Bartle & His Transformational Journey ~ Part 1

Continued from part 1... Earlier I described double standards by government and examples of the 'illogical' during the importation of my 1959 Corvette to Australia. That experience prompted me to question things much deeper. This part of my story focuses on my dealings with 'Customs' once my Corvette

Backstory On Scott Bartle & His Transformational Journey ~ Part 2

Continued from part 2... Up until now everything was about government. Some might call it bureaucracy. I'm calling it far worse than that. Bureaucracy is typically incompetence, paperwork for the sake of paperwork... it's largely accidental by nature. I contend it's deliberate and as Deb would say, part

Backstory On Scott Bartle & His Transformational Journey ~ Part 3

Continued from part 3... Towards the end of 2012, there was much talk about December 21st 2012 - the end of the Mayan Calendar. The Global Currency Reset was 'happening' as was talk of mass arrests. There was a growing number of executives either resigning or jumping off

Backstory On Scott Bartle & His Transformational Journey ~ Part 4

Up until about 2008, I never intended to be in front of the camera. I really felt that my place for supporting the ushering in the Golden Age, the Great Awakening, was to be behind the scenes… as a producer, creating conscious media and then marketing, PR and

Great Awakening, Wake Up Shift Is Happening, Waking Up With Deb, We Are In This Together Backstory
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