Affiliate Partnership ~ Creating Campaigns ~ Step 5

Creating Campaigns and Generating Links

Perhaps by now you’ve already let your friends, family and associates know about the tools and programs that are available to them. And if you want to create marketing campaigns, then this is how you can go about doing that!

This post is for anyone who wants to categorize their referrals and track their progress independently. This is done by creating a Campaign.

You may set up individual campaigns for your Twitter, Facebook or email so you can track and compare the results for each stream or promotional group you are targeting.

Each Campaign will have its own unique Referral link, and they can be tracked separately to see which is performing the best.

To set up different campaigns, go to Marketing in the top menu and select Campaigns. Create your first campaign name and Save.

Email 05 - Campaigns

Next, go back to the Affiliate Links page under Marketing, select the Campaign from the drop down list beneath the Link Generator and click Generate Link.

Advanced Users: paste in any URL from the Horses For Harmony website into the Specific URL field. This will direct people to a page other than the homepage. This is optional.

The Link Generator will display a unique link for that campaign temporarily. Make sure to copy that link outside of the Affiliate Dashboard. You can always re-generate it, but best practice is to record it separately.

Copy and paste this Referral link into your emails or Social Media.

In subsequent posts, we’ll explore more statistics and advanced features in the Affiliate Dashboard.

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