Affiliate Partnership ~ First Email ~ Step 3

Sending Your First Promotional Email

Are you excited about the possibilities that are available with our Experiential Tools? We are and we hope you are too!

By now you should have:

  • Completed your Payment Settings
  • Found your unique Referral link
  • Set up your Promotional List / Spreadsheet
  • Determined your Outreach Strategy

And… hopefully you’ve already begun sharing your Referral link with friends. If not… here are some suggestions:

Action Steps:

  1. Login to your Affiliate dashboard:
    Note: The landing page you are automatically taken after login is the
    Overview page
  2. Copy and paste the Sample Email directly into a Draft Email or to a working space, like Textedit or Notepad.
  3. You MUST add in your unique Affiliate Link to the space provided in this sample email.
    Find your Affiliate Link under the Marketing tab in your Affiliate Dashboard – or click  here if you are already logged in. You might want to change the wording  of the Sample Email to better suit your situation or “sound” like you’re the one that’s written it.
  4. Now just copy and paste the revised text into your email program and send to your friends.
    Double check YOUR Referral link is correct in your email.
Email 03 - Affilliate Links

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