Affiliate Partnership ~ Getting Started ~ Step 1

Getting Started With The Affiliate Program

Welcome to a great new adventure that offers loads of possibilities for you, for us at Transcend The Matrix, the people that will eventually be able to benefit from our Experiential Tools and programs and quite honestly humanity. Our absolute intention and focus is to support, Activate and Up-level those that choose, to a higher vibration and alignment through the Glory of God to the Betterment of Humanity Timeline!  

This is the first of a series of short posts with step by step instructions on how to use AND be successful with our Affiliate Referral program. Your success is important to us, so we’re here to support, provide ideas and collateral materials that will assist you… no matter what your level of expertise is, in marketing, technology, PR outreach or sales. The best marketing is done by being passionate about something and telling a friend or two or twenty thousand!

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Action Steps ~ Getting To Know Your Dashboard

The details here will give you a QUICK START so you can:

  1. Log into your Affiliate Dashboard
  2. Set up your payment settings first
  3. Get your Referral URL (link)
  4. Copy YOUR Referral URL into an email to share with your friends.

Additionally you will receive at least 5 more numbered emails that will provide links to pages like this. These pages will give you more details about how to:

  • Setting Up Your Marketing Plan
  • Sending Your First Email or Sharing a Post
  • Utilizing Images & Banner Ads
  • Creating Campaigns & Generating Links
  • Monitoring Your $$ Progress & More

1. Action Steps~Log In To Your Dashboard

  1. Log into your Affiliate Dashboard
  2. Go here:
  3. You'll need the password and username that you already used to ACTIVATE your Affiliate Partnership with TTM

2. Getting You Paid ~ $$ Cha Ching!!

There are two options for payments to be disbursed to you.

  • Pay Pal 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Or  you can convert them into credits - perhaps as gifts to people?

To set up your payment options:

  1. Log into your Affiliate Dashboard here:
  2.  Go to Profile >> Payment Settings
  3. Read the details to determine your chosen method of receiving

We use PayPal to pay promotion bonuses OR convert them into credits to buy more products. Payments are made at the end of each month. If you don’t have a PayPal email address, it is very simple to set up. Click on the PayPal link below or  copy and paste it into a new internet browser window:

Follow the prompts and within a few minutes you will be ready with your new PayPal account. Put the email address you used to set up your PayPal account, into email address field on the Affiliate page and you are done

For payment settings, go to Profile in the top menu and select Payment Settings. On this page you simply type in your PayPal email address and press save.

3. Referral URL / Link

The Referral Link is used to track all your referrals, and associate website visits and the magnitude of sales you’re going to generate! (wink wink) to your Affiliate account. Any and all purchases will be accurately recorded to your account.

To find your Referral link, go to Marketing in the affiliate menu and select Affiliate Links. You will see some initial instructions, your affiliate name as per your registration and below that, is your unique Referral URL/link.

Now that you have your Referral links, you are ready to start your promotions.

Get your Referral URL (link) here: See Marketing >> Affiliate Links

4. Promotion

Simply copy and paste your unique Referral link into an email, into your Facebook page or your Twitter feed as you normally would. When people click on your unique Referral link, they will be brought directly to the homepage of the Transcend The Matrix website.

Remember, the system uses cookies with your referral link to track your referrals… so please encourage people to CLICK the link to start the tracking.

For Advanced Users, stay tuned as we’ll show you how to build custom Referral links in a later email. Not an Advanced techy (yet)? You’re welcome to dive in and learn something new! We are here to empower you in any way that suits you!


You should be up and running. The next email will contain instructions on how to track your progress plus some more advanced steps for the more adventurous.

We look forward to being in partnership with you. Your success is our success. On behalf of Deb, Scott, our amazing team at Transcend The Matrix and all of the people that will be positively affected, profoundly transformed or just given HOPE by your engagement, as well as what we’re up to… Thank YOU!

Remember if you have any questions, suggestions and ideas, we’re here to support or be open to listening.

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