Affiliate Partnership ~ Images & Banners ~ Step 4

Using Images To Increase Your Referrals

You can utilize images or banners in your email or social media posts to help promote referrals... As you know "a pictures speaks a thousand words"!

To make your promotional email or Social Media post as attractive as possible, we’ve created a selection of professionally designed graphical design elements. Go to Marketing in the top menu and select Banners.

The simplest usage is to copy the banner that best suits your promotional activities into an email or Social Media.

Using the right button on your computer mouse, select ‘copy’ from the contextual menu, then go to your email to and use the same right mouse button to select ‘paste’. Alternatively, you can save the banner to your computer and load attach it to an email or Social Media post.

Email 04 - Images & Banners

Advanced Users: Banners can be added into Newsletters or embedded within a website you own. Beneath each banner is the embed code. The Referral link by default is for the homepage of the website.

Super Advanced Users: Replace the default Referral link with a Campaign and/or specific page based Referral link created with the Link Generator – this is covered in the next email.

Next Steps: Now that your creative juices flowing, it’s time to get down to business. Your next email will include instructions on setting up Campaigns and using custom links.

Let us know if you have suggestions or questions. Your success is our success and all of the people that will benefit from upcoming equine therapy.

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