Affiliate Partnership ~ Marketing Plan ~ Step 2

Setting Up Your Marketing Plan

We’re here to create a win-win for you and Transcend The Matrix by providing you with as much support as we can, regardless of whether you have marketing experience or not. Also, as our Affiliate Partnership grows we will grow with you. We will expand our efforts with marketing campaigns, possibly an Affiliate Partnership Manager etc. We're just launching all of this in April 2020 since we've been working behind the scenes for the most part for the last 5 years.

This post is to help you prepare with the basics of establishing a strong foundation before starting any promotional outreach. This includes setting up your Promotional List, as well as tracking who you’ve emailed so you can follow-up their interest.

We suggest at the very least, that you create a spreadsheet to identify some of the following details, which can also be column headings in your spreadsheet. BTW if you’re not used to using spreadsheets, consider using Google ‘Sheets’ (it’s free).

Below are suggested column headings that might be helpful:

First Name
Last Name*
Telephone #
FB page
Communication log
* If you decide to use an email platform such as Mailchimp, it might require separate fields for the first name vs the last name.

First Steps

The easiest way to get started is always start close to home with friends, family, work mates and your immediate social contacts. Just make a quick list now, of anyone you can think of, right off the top of your head.

Next, have a look through your email address book and see if there is anyone you may have missed.

Once you’ve created the first pass of your list, the next step is to begin your Outreach Strategy:

  • Are you going to email people?
  • Are you going to post as a Tweet? or on Facebook on your account?
  • Are you going to go onto people’s social media accounts and post a message with the link and image(s)?
  • Are you going to call people individually – to follow up?

Let us know if you have suggestions or questions. Your success is our success and all of the people that will benefit from our Experiential Tools.

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