Affiliate Partnership ~ Monitoring Progress ~ Step 6

Monitoring Your Referral Progress

By now you have sent out your first emails, posted on your Facebook page or sent out some Tweets. So what results have you got so far? Let’s check.

Checking Your Progress

Below is a brief introduction of the Overview page. It gives a high level summary of the:

  1. Referrals (dark grey boxes)
  2. Transactions (teal box) 
  3. Paid Earnings (green box) and 
  4. Future Earnings (red box):
Email 06 - Monitoring Progress

Total Referrals: The total number of converted referrals – meaning people who have purchased a ticket after being referred to the website by you. See  Referrals menu for more detail.

Paid Referrals: The number of referrals you have been paid for. See  Referrals menu for more detail.

Unpaid Referrals: The number of referrals you have NOT be paid for. These can be converted into credits to purchase more tickets with – more details will be shared in subsequent emails. These are based on the number of Completed purchases.

Total Transactions: The number of payment transactions that have been completed. A payment transaction is a payment into your PayPal account.

Your Earnings by Now: The amount you have been paid based on the Total Transactions.

Your Current Balance: The unpaid amount available for payment to your PayPal account come end of month. This is based on ‘Completed’ purchases. Note that a ticket purchase will remain as ‘Processing’ for some time before its status changes to ‘Completed.

Drilling Down

Simply go to Statistics in the top menu and select Traffic Log. Here you will see Total Visits, Conversions and Success Rate as large coloured boxes. They show you summary results of your promotions during any time period.

Email 06 - Traffic Log

Narrow down the time period using the From and To date fields and apply changes to see data in a table form below. Here you’ll see the referring URL, which is the page address your referred visitor entered the Transcend The Matrix website. Note that if someone bookmarks a any other page on the website and returns to that page at a later stage, the incoming Referring URL will show that page.

Conversions represent someone who has used your unique Referral link to visit the website and who has purchased at least one product. This is one more person that Transcend The Matrix has reached as a result of your efforts to promote our work. Thank you!

A converted referral results in a promotion bonus of % of the sale.

Advanced Users: Go to Statistics in the top menu and select Campaign Reports for data you can use to perhaps continue to improve your results by ‘split testing’ some campaigns.

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