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What is Affiliate Marketing & How Can You Easily Earn $$ ?

In case you’re not sure what an Affiliate Marketer IS or what Affiliate Marketing IS, then here’s a quick explanation.  You can also visit the links below for more in depth guidance.

Affiliate Marketer - Anyone that wants to promote products that have an Affiliate Partnership Program available. If you are passionate about something then why not promote it?  Whether you have a large sphere of outreach or just want to share with close friends, family or associates, you can be an affiliate marketer. All it requires of you is reaching out to whoever you choose with the provided marketing material aka collateral. You can share what a great experience you had and how it could be beneficial to their well-being as well or utilize the less personal marketing text provided to you.

As an affiliate marketer you determine how, when and who you market to.

Affiliate Marketing - also known as Joint Venture Partnership 

Marketing that is done on a commission basis. As soon as you sign up for any Affiliate Program you should expect to experience:

  1. Needing to be approved by the organization
  2. As soon as you are approved you will receive your specific AFFILIATE LINK / URL that has YOUR account codes embedded within
  3. Access to the Affiliate Portal

By utilizing a unique URL that is specific to each affiliate marketer, you embed this link into digital material, such as emails, images and live links from search engines, such as YouTube etc. The link tracks the end-users that come to a specific site, landing or sales page for instance and when a purchase is made, the Affiliate Marketer makes money.

The organization whose products are being sold, provides the affiliate marketer with design elements known as banner ads to utilize for marketing. Other elements that can be provided is content for proper description of the product(s), as well as guidelines  These marketing collateral will have the specific URL codes associated with the Affiliate Marketer, embedded into the link. 

Here's What's specific to our
Transcend The Matrix Affiliate
Partnership Program

Within the affiliate portal you will find:

  • Various design elements that showcase different content, tools etc.,
  • Written text that can be used as promotional “copy”
  • Eventually we’ll be adding ideas for marketing promotions
  • As the program grows, we will also offer bonuses, bigger incentives and bringing on board an Affiliate Manager

You will receive a series of super simple emails to get you started quickly!

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Sample banner ad for your use


Register below for free. Easy to set up and get started. WE have a series of emails to guide you through your Affiliate Dashboard.


Whether you have a large network or not, we have a simple system to help you monetize to friends and family, your web site or social media outreach with our Experiential Tools & Programs. 


Earn promotional referral fees from other purchases, not just the products you promote.

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Transcend The Matrix Affiliate Program

We offer this as a free partnership.  We reserve the right to make some adjustments along the way to continue with our commitment of continuously creating win-win-win experiences for everyone.

Affiliate Program Payment Process

We pay commissions at the end of every month so every 30 days. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to set you up for every bi-monthly.

We look forward to you coming on board with our collective mission and vision to further support the Great Awakening Transition with the Experiential tools, programs and other aspect of what Transcend The Matrix is expanding and evolving into. 

How To Do It

  • Promote us On Social Media
  • Write About Us On Your Blogs And Articles
  • Create educational videos with your link
  • Place our Logo and Banners On Your Website
  • Send Your Affiliate Link To Your Email Subscribers
  • Don't Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon & Deal Sites
  • Don't False Advertise Us In Any Manner...
  • Don't Change Our Logos Or Banners
  • Don't Use Your Affiliate Link For Your Own Purchases
  • Don't Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes
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