All Military Branches Send Same Exemption Denial Letter to Servicemen Per ​Bounty Hunter, Pastor and Founder of Christian Patriots United Patrick Collis To Deborah of You’re At Choice Point Show 

 January 15, 2022

By  Deborah

Bounty Hunter, Pastor and Founder of Christian Patriots United (CPU), Patrick Collis grants Deborah of "You're At Choice Point Show" his very first ever interview!!!  Pastor Patrick is wearing many hats like most of us! His organization Christian Patriots United is taking a stand for military personnel (which will expand soon to others) when they can't legally defend themselves. Right now the primary focus is on RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS for not taking the jab. 

Did you know that if you're a service member or in the military that you cannot fight for yourself, including suing the military...you've signed on the dotted line to give yourself over to the branch of military - not ever thinking they'd be forced to go against their own well-being or choices. 

Government is dumbing down our education so much so they can control humanity. Pastor Patrick's CPU also provides legal services which includes looking at all of the "cookie cutter denial letters" that have come from all of the military branches...  

"Perception of our reality is our reality"

"Uniting people at this time is so important at this time."

"True FORGIVENESS is surrendering the right to want to hurt you for hurting me"

Check it out and let us know how you resonate

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