Audio: Entities, Infiltration, Interference & Becoming Masterful at Clearing Your Field 

 April 10, 2016

By  Deborah

​​This audio is from 2015, published finally in 2016 after we had walked away from public presentation for a while, which included purchasing our spiritual retreat center in Mount Shasta, CA and moving back from Australia to the States… it was a very life busy time!

It is from our original 9 Foundational Categories. This is still very pertinent now in 2020, especially for some of the categories that pertain to current events as of April 2020.

We took a longer than expected break because of our focus on establishing the resources for humanitarian projects… now that’s all in place… and you’ll be hearing about that soon if not by the time you read this.

Enjoy as you Engage with an open mind, open heart and calling in “What’s in Your Highest Good”!!!

Much Love, Deb (& Scott)

Waking Up With Deb ~ 9 Foundational Categories

  1. Intro to Activations & Alchemical Transformation 
  2. Intro to Contingency Plan for the Great Awakening
  3. Entities, Infiltration, Interference & Becoming Masterful at Clearing Your Field
  4. Intro ~ Shining Light on FUQedUPness ~ Current Earth State of Affairs
  5. GodWave Divine Intervention Introduced Sept 2015 ~ ProActive Engagement
  6. How Deb is Different ~ Evidence of Channeled Info in This Dimension is Only the Beginning
  7. Intro to Activating your I AM That I AM Codes & Beingness
  8. JFK Transmission ~ Your Reality Shifted After My Assassination ~ Getting Back On Track
  9. Solutions for Microcosm & Macrocosm Solutions and Tools for Your & Humanity's Great Awakening!

Video Transcript - Click Here

​Clearing your FIELD, being AWARE of entities, infiltration and the illogical ways that energies and conjured energies have been manipulating and affecting our daily lives.

This is a subject that I started talking about and learning about actually back in 2010, and it freaked me out. And I am very Blessed to have the Telepathic Communication that I have in order to be able to get the insights and information from the Beings of Light and the Guides that I have been working with, and getting the communications of them suggesting that I shut down conversations that I’m having with people because they’re  being tracked or it’s being tracked, or when there’s energies in my FIELD that are interfering with technology, interfering with my relationships, even interfering with the people/friends and having them project odd things that really are not in the context of our relationship, or what I would think.

So I have now over the years become Masterful at learning how to CLEAR MY FIELD and how to teach people how to Clear their Field.  And it’s really important that you actually learn it yourself.

One, because you are Living as a Multi-Dimensional Being, in a Multi-Dimensional Universe and experience, and this is unfortunately effecting our daily lives and it is, you don’t have the time or the wherewithal to have somebody else continue to clear your field.  

It is up to you, just as we are being Guided to become our own healers and to really be turning to ourselves to be Masterful and to be bringing forth and engaging in ways that we are to be Transcending the 3D Matrix and even the 3D Human Experience.

This is one of the subjects, I believe, is one of the most imperative ones to be engaging with.  And so you will find throughout the work that I do, that it is until we are experiencing, (I’m going to backtrack here for a second), until we are experiencing an Elevation and an Ascension of our daily EXPERIENCE that doesn’t include interference and infiltration, you will hear me talking about this because it is, I believe, one of the most unexpected and one of the most challenging aspects of our evolution and Ascension that has affected our experience and our daily experiences.

Throughout my site, throughout the show, and throughout the work that Scott and I do, you will continuously hear us talk about the importance of Clearing Your Field and Engaging with this, the information and even the experiential tools that we offer.  And learning how to do it yourself, again, is so vitally important rather than going for other people, to actually be doing it yourself.

As you activate your I AM Presence, you’re going to naturally experience two things, from my experience, an Elevation of your Being-ness and an Increasing of that Light; it’s like moths being attracted to the Light.  You are going to come on the radar even more than you were before.

So at least in the experience we’re having at this time with a LOT of conjured dark energies and lower vibration energies, you are potentially going to experience the challenges of that. Now there’s a lot more that goes into that and this also has something to do with your shadows and things like that.

But the important thing is that you are aware that there are outside and external reasons that you could be experiencing challenges, obstructions, technology issues, relationship issues, lack of money, etc., etc., etc.

So we are going to be ENGAGING with all of that in the shows and the important thing is that you are open to ALL possibilities of whatever is in your Highest Good, and that is the KEY.


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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