Backstory On Scott Bartle & His Transformational Journey ~ Part 3 

 December 17, 2017

By  ScottyB

Continued from part 2... Up until now everything was about government. Some might call it bureaucracy. I'm calling it far worse than that. Bureaucracy is typically incompetence, paperwork for the sake of paperwork... it's largely accidental by nature. I contend it's deliberate and as Deb would say, part of the Designed Assault Against Humanity.

If you watched the documentary What The FUQ - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the 'Australian Government' in the previous post, you'd have seen that there was no recourse available to me. I couldn't take the matter to court if the court was formed on the same basis I was questioning.

This is the same situation we are seeing now in the USA. Those being investigated are not being prosecuted. We see evidence of there being up to 28,000 sealed indictments as of May 2018, but the offices of government remain. I would contend that like Australia, there are TWO governments, and until the system is restored to its original form, prosecution of criminals in a pretend court is pointless.

Throughout my drawn out experience, from the 9 month process of fighting for import approval, to the 18 month period where my Corvette was seized by Customs as I asked simple questions, I was mentally exhausted.

I was holding down a job working 45 hours a week, and caring for my grandfather as best I could whilst not at the office. I didn't have free time. Every moment was spent researching or preparing more documentation to 'continue the fight'. Relationships didn't last very long as I wasn't 'normal'. The inevitable dinner table conversations about politics very quickly highlighted I didn't align with the mainstream narrative.

During this time in Perth, Western Australia, a family friend helped me unwind from the mental gymnastics of research and documentation, with healing energies. In these sessions I was able to relax to the point where my head would nod forwards whilst I sat. I experienced unseen energies without any contact... and that was fascinating to me! (Thank you V.)

My father had been forwarding 'alternative' newsletters to me since I'd gone overseas to work on luxury yachts in 1999. I was fascinated to read channeled messages of off world origin, or at least at the time I thought that was the case.

As a result of producing the What The FUQ documentary, I was being interviewed on various internet radio shows around the world. I had plunged head first into a rabbit hole, well and truly qualifying as being 'Red Pilled' - and now I've got the T-Shirt!

The various channels I was interviewing on, also covered topics such as symbology, satanic ritual, black magic etc. I encountered people in Australia who had witnessed these sinister energetic aspects first hand. The more events I spoke at or attended, the more I realised the issue was bigger than just a corrupt government.

One of the articles my father had sent me included what some might refer to as a prayer, or a meditative call for assistance, or protection. With my Corvette held hostage, I began regularly engaging with it and called for protection of my car - for a protective bubble to be put around it and for it to be kept safe.

During the midst of my stand off with 'Customs', I woke one night to an eerie experience. I distinctly remember a metallic sounding voice that seemed to come from above my head and to the right if it were audible. It almost felt like a beam of energy coming from that direction. The voice sounded very evil. It said "F@#$ You" three times before I was able to block it by putting my hand up in a 'stop' gesture and saying the call for assistance mentioned above. Immediately upon engaging I felt an energetic sensation of tingles or 'pins and needles' all over that lasted about a minute. I felt very safe at that point.

What it was I can't say. Some I spoke with described it as a directed energy weapon. Most would dismiss it as a bad dream. In any case, I started to take more seriously the energetic aspects of the world we live in.


Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.


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