Backstory On Scott Bartle & His Transformational Journey ~ Part 4 

 December 17, 2017

By  ScottyB

Continued from part 3... Towards the end of 2012, there was much talk about December 21st 2012 - the end of the Mayan Calendar. The Global Currency Reset was 'happening' as was talk of mass arrests. There was a growing number of executives either resigning or jumping off buildings and confidence was high that something positive was happening in the world to release the stranglehold on humanity.

Just before Christmas, the OPPT came on the scene. I watched with interest from the perspective that some form of enforcement appeared to be achievable against a system that had enslaved humanity. Yet the documentation presented was complicated. Shortly afterwards my documentary was aired on a local TV station in Western Australia, and a link made available for its livestream broadcast to Heather, one of the original trustees of OPPT. She loved it and we spoke straight after it aired.

During the call, Chris H - who made the introduction to Heather, experienced something really weird with Skype, where we had hung up, but could still speak as if we were still connected. It was a three-way call that showed two participants, yet the third was still connected. Very odd.

Soon after, Chris, my father and I proposed a way to simplify the usage of the OPPT material. It involved utilising a process similar to what I'd used in the What The FUQ documentary. If the filings the OPPT had made were factual, and the corporate entities had been foreclosed upon, then all individuals working for those corporate entities (masquerading as government) were liable for their own actions without the umbrella of protection the foreclosed corporation previously provided. This meant that all terms of interaction between the parties were up for re-negotiation. The document we proposed was called the Courtesy Notice.

This Courtesy Notice offered new terms to conduct business by. It offered ways to accept the terms, and ways to reject the terms, like driving into a carpark. If you didn't agree with the rate being charged, you could back out and find another carpark.

Even though there were reportedly millions of people who downloaded and used the Courtesy Notice, ultimately we found that it still needed some form of enforcement on unpaid invoices willingly racked up by the corporate government 'employees' as they largely continued 'business as usual'. Yes, there were many success stories where people saved their houses or other baseless claims against individuals disappeared, but over the course of time, the momentum that had been built, died out.

Chris had done a trip to the US in mid 2013 meeting various people we had been speaking with on radio shows. I was on a road trip across Australia speaking in different states to various groups about what I'd learnt about corporate government and how our individual rights had been abrogated. During that trip I was introduced to Deborah Pietsch whilst Chris was in the US.

Our meeting on Skype was very special, and I'll save the details for now. Deb and I spoke on numerous occasions over the coming weeks. I participated in conference calls Deb was conducting regarding anchoring energies of the Global Currency Reset. That topic alone is enough to for numerous articles.

I was privileged to receive one of Deb's Clearing Your Field tools, which I began using on a daily basis. I was beginning to learn about energetic infiltration and I became cautious of what I said over telephone and Skype. My reluctance to communicate with many people caused problems... more on that soon.

On one of my calls with Deb, she cleared my field and tuned in to my higher self (with my permission). During this call she brought through activation energy. This I felt physically even though she was in California and I was in Australia. Afterwards I felt like I'd done 100 sit-ups, even though I was lying flat on my back the whole time.

This experience was hard to describe. I knew there was something special about Deb's abilities and so towards the end of 2013, Chris and I arranged a trip to Mt Shasta to meet up with Deb. I was only going to be there for 1 month, to participate in a live-in retreat and to meet up with other people we'd spoken with on various radio shows.

Those other meetups never took place and we spent the whole time with Deb and a few others at her retreat center. In the next post I'll share my experiences that convinced me to extend my stay and get...


Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.


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