Breaking! Deb & Scott Live on RedPill78 Friday, May 1st ~ Coming Back Into Public After Several Years of Intense Behind the Scenes Work! 

 April 28, 2020

By  Deborah

​We had high hopes and were very excited about this re-take / debut show with RP78. What we experienced was a barrage of questions and “inquiry” that were all over the map from people whose beliefs were triggered and then were in total judgement and projections of hate that came through the live chat (which we were not watching). This set in motion a great deal of distortion. There was no organic flow or normal building of conversation, information or even insight. At some point, once we start our own shows, we will do a “Re-do” of these 2 subjects that we feel can be covered with much more insight and understanding. Despite the challenging & painful comments on RP’s site, there were 4.5k thumbs up… so it’s an interesting mix of who was vocal in the comments. If you know anything about my / our work… it has been and always will be based in unconditional love, non-judgement and all all all intending to support people with the avenues of awakening to their Highest Divine Truth, as well as further anchoring the Great Awakening. Which I’ve been clearly engaging with since before 2012…

​See video below of my 2012 “Wake Up… Shift Is Happening TV! show open. This open continued through similar variations in 2013 & 2014.

I’ve been doing cutting-edge multi-dimensional sessions with profound results since 2011 

And my 1, 2, 3’s about how much of a mess this is, which is at the end of all my videos from 2015 and newsletters (although I got the guidance to use in 2008) are:

  1. ​We Are In This Together (recognize this?)
  2. We WILL See This Through
  3. The Most Important Relationship is a Loving Relationship With ThySelf - and then spread your love from there

I share this here because for those of you that are new to who I am, Scott is etc. We are NOT newbies to this Awakening… See below our description of what the show intended… We welcome your comments here about the show… any insights, ah-ha’s or anything else you care to share!As, always, We ARE In This Together… and now I’m adding #4 to my taglines:

4. Everyone is at Choice Point… are you going to choose Love, God, Light and the Higher vibration of Thriving, or are you going to choose, Fear, Control, Darkness and Lack?

I AM Love and So Are YOU!

​Pre-Show: Intended Show Agenda

We Are Honored to Be Making Our 1st Media Appearance Together after 5 Years on the Prestigious and Well-Known RedPill78 Channel & Show! If you're not familiar with his show yet, he averages about 50-80k views /day & show

You Are Invited to Call-In During the 2nd hour! Yes It's a Bit Late For Some of You, But Hopefully Well Worth the Late Night Effort! Or catch up with the recording during a time that suits you better! We love and appreciate your Engagement and your Feedback (below in the post or IN the Community)!

We'll be Launching the Great Awakening Global Community during the show, as well as making a few others surprise opportunities available for your engagement and expansion of our collective spiritual journey!

Show Details:

Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle LIVE on RedPill78 (YouTube Channel)
When: Friday, May 1st 2020
U.S. Time: 7pm PST / 9pm CST /  10pm EST
International Time Zone references:
UK Time: May 2nd at 3am London
Sydney Time: May 2nd at 12pm

Topics We'll Cover:

  • Spiritual Warfare
  • NESARA / GCR Status - We are now engaged at a very high level which is a big part of the reason for not being in the public since 2018 Launch of the TTM site originally April 22, 2018...
  • Solutions for Moving Through the Great Awakening Transition
  • Solutions for Experiencing Infiltration 
  • ​Potential Live Tuning In and special Assistance to the "children's souls held against their will" This was a request from God about 1 month ago. We may move that to the 1st Call of the Community. We will be in real time to see "what's in Highest Good" for the audience and the subject.
  • Connecting the Dots of several important aspects of what is happening right now - especially with China and the GCR / NESARA 
  • RedPill78 has had a visceral (profound?) experience with first time engagement of Red Pill Remedy Re-Calibrating to Calm
  • Alchemical Journey and what that means for your life and the planet

​Remember our 1, 2, 3's :
1. We Are In This Together
2. We WILL See This Through ~ #GodWins
3. The Most Important Relationship Is a Loving Relationship with ThySelf - and then spread it out from there!

So So Much Love and Appreciation to YOU!
Deb (& Scott)


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


  • Let there be light, so it was said,
    to set all the love a bright.
    Let there be light ,while we assume,
    the divine spirit of might.
    Let there be light, it’s good to take in,
    the total intuitive sight.
    Let there be light ,the armor we’ll wear,
    when we accept the fight.
    So invite the light, before the fall,
    because where we go one we go all.
    by P.L. Shuff, written while listening you, Deb & Scott, on Red Pills show. (something happened!)

  • Sometimes you have to wade through deep waters to reach the warriors that are needed. You guys did great. Things may not have gone as you planned, but maybe it was what needed to happen. I enjoyed the message. Actually, it was a sigh of relief.

    • Very True! And many many awesome things occurred as well… which were revealed over the following few days! Thank you for your kind and loving feedback!

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