Chris Burgard Director of Capitol Punishment docu with Nick Searcy Says Entire Narrative of January 6th Switched in 4 hours Get The Details Interview With Deb Pietsch of You’re At Choice Point Show 

 January 15, 2022

By  Deborah

After being blacklisted from Hollywood in 2007 from telling the truth about the crises at the border back then, Chris Burgard is making a comeback. He's the director of the "unexpected documentary" with actor Nick Searcy called "Capitol Punishment" which was released online on Thanksgiving 2021.

Chris shares details from his experience of being in Washington DC on January 6th 2021 which are nothing like what some have been trying to paint as the narrative, as well as hold POWs in jail, including pressing charges.

The true events of January 6th have yet to be made fully public. But Chris and Nick have made a huge dent and crack in the darkness with their documentary "Capital Punishment". We had a Great conversation

A very unexpected emotional share from me, Deb, came up as I got the Guidance to tell Chris about my disturbing communications with Ashley Babbit from the "other side" an hour after Scott and I watched Capitol Punishment the night it was released.  A lot transpired after our conversation in regards to that share, which will be revealed at some point. 

I'm grateful that people like Chris and Nick are willing to "go the distance" to bring the truth out in media format like a documentary. If you haven't seen it yet, please support them by purchasing or renting it and definitely watch it. It's appalling what has been done in the name of Justice in the United States of America. It's all part of the War on Humanity... which Crimes Against Humanity is a part of.

Check it out and let us know how you resonate.

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