Global Currency Reset Preparation Course

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The KYC Summary Section is one of the first sections within the KYC Package. It enables the Buyer or Asset Compensator to view at a glance the details of your submission.

It contains a summary of your assets and various declarations about them, inclusive the history and provenance.

This Summary Section lesson is included last as it reference terms from within earlier lessons, which should by this point now make sense.

Download - Know Your Client Document Template

The KYC document is provided below in Microsoft Word and Mac Pages (v4.2) format such that it can be edited. The document was created on a Mac, and typically the formatting does not translate nicely to Microsoft Word. A PDF file is also attached to show how the formatting was intended.

KYC in Microsoft Word format

KYC in PDF format

KYC in Mac Pages (v4.2) format

Course Structure

Premium Course
2 Chapters

Asset Sumbission Documentation

Navigating your way around the documentation related to the Global Currency Reset / Redemption / Exchange. Breaking down the standard components of a Know Your Client  (KYC) document package.

Know Your Client (KYC) Package 8 Lessons

Client Information Sheet (CIS)

Learn how to prepare a CIS for your own submission with your personal or entity details, identification and payment details.

Asset Details

Describe your assets including the quantity and denomination. Nominate where and how your assets are stored.


Learn about why Buyers or Asset Compensators request a Letter of Exclusivity and the relationship to a Global Cease & Desist Notice.

History & Provenance

Learn why you need to describe the history and origin of your asset an introduction to the types of documentation needed to demonstrate provenance.

Legal Section

Learn about why a Buyer or Asset Compensator requires authorization to verify assets, indemnification, non-solicitation documentation and perhaps a ready willing & able declaration.

Proof of Life (POL)

Learn what is required to prepare a 'compliant' Proof of Life (POL) to demonstrate the asset exists and you have it in your control. 


Learn what the standard appendices are within a KYC document package, which ones you can delete, and which to include if not in the standard template.

Summary of Submission

The summary section is presented last because it references concepts from earlier lessons... even though it's one of the first sections within the KYC.

BONUS: Fee Agreements, Confidentiality & Power of Attorney 1 Lesson