Deb Pietsch with Jeff Zink Running for Congress+ Deep Dive into His Sons Ongoing Jan 6 Saga Including Solitary Confinement 

 January 15, 2022

By  Deborah

Don't pass this one up... Jeff shares A LOT of important details pertaining to January 6th and other elements of what is going on regarding our Republic.

Deb had a great conversation with Jeff Zink who is running for Congress in Phoenix, AZ 2022. Jeff has a unique background in Sports Medicine and teaching at the university level pre-med, pre-nursing and more. He's intending to "introduce the spine" to the republicans and Deb countered with a zinger of "does that include introducing their 'balls' to them?" That was a good laugh, but sadly true for many. 

Jeff also has a unique story about an injury that left him disabled from debilitating headaches for 5+ years. On December 2th 2020 he surrendered to God and agreed to do the work of God's Will... which is still unfolding... His debilitating headaches disappeared immediately.

He also has unique footage and a detailed story of an aggressive BLM provocateur on January 6th in DC who got arrested and then released vs. his son who had his door flash banged for being in the vicinity of the Capitol on January 6th and served in solitary confinement as a POW... get the details....

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