Nicholas Veniamin Interview Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle ~ Lin Wood clip, Daily Celebrating of Life, HOPE & Empowerment 

 May 18, 2021

By  ScottyB

Nick jumped right in saying that he had thought alot about the short interview that Deb had with Gen. Flynn at the Health and Freedom Event, where he said there isn’t a plan…it’s up to we the people to do the work and raise the consciousness. But yet he thinks that a general is not going to say that yes, there is a plan…that he was playing the optics to confuse the Deep State.

Deb answered that is one possibility. She added that she and Scott, like Gen. Flynn, work to empower and encourage people to get off the sideline and get involved with creating this reality, to engage in liberating humanity from this enslavement matrix—it’s going to take all of us! She also thinks there was a plan, and that had President Trump known the mess that was going to happen on Jan. 6, he would never have gathered the people there. We were calling for the insurrection act, but instead it was turned around against the Trump supporters, utilizing black magic, by the Deep State. She feels they had to regroup and come up with a new game plan leading up to Jan. 20th. We are at “choice point”…choices have to be made in this 5th dimensional chess game (used Pence as an example). So back to Flynn, it was a “safe” comment, and he truly does want to inspire us to get in the game, however that might look for each of us.

Nick said he thinks there is a plan—but if we know about it, the Deep State also knows. He can’t imagine Trump not having a plan as it would be out of character for him as the  successful businessman that he is. And as far as a five-star general revealing a plan, that would be treason, right? Also when he was leaving office, he paid no attention to the Biden administration, but remained focused on “prosperous days ahead.” He said it felt like he was referring to the military being in charge, to which Deb totally agreed.

Scott added that we are being shown more and more inconsistencies and incoherence with Biden…it’s embarrassing! But what’s really playing out? “The plan is being reformulated day by day,” Deb said, but the real takeaway of what Flynn offered is to celebrate life and freedom by engaging energetically and physically by becoming part of the plan. Satanic energies WANT us to remain disengaged.

Scott made the point that some people have an absolute meltdown when they hear Flynn say nobody is coming to rescue us—we’ve got to get in the game. A bit of history repeating itself as back in 1776 when the people had to rise up…and there have been a lot of comms dropped referring to that time period.

Nick brought up Lin Wood and Deb laughed because she had just written his name down. “That is true 5D synchronization!” Nick laughed.

Before the interview with Lin Wood, Deb asked if it was time to call the media the “enemy of the people”—and he agreed that the time has come. Deb explained how during her interview with him, they had some deep eye contact and connected on an energetic level and he really opened up. One of his assistants came up to her afterwards and said she thought it was the best interview she’d seen him give. And the next day, after his speech that went totally viral, where he put it all out there, the same assistant said she felt Deb inspired him. Deb then talked about how each of us is being called by God right now to stand in our power, and be engaging with our life purpose–and if we’re not, what’s holding us back? She also said that Lin explained how he had been preparing for this battle for two plus decades that prepared him for this one.

They then showed the clip of the Lin Wood interview.

Nick commented that people will look back at the history of this time and think wow, the media lied to the people for so long, and they believed them? And Deb added that the media is utilizing the people that are brainwashed to create reality.

She also mentioned that during the Tulsa event, she offered up to all the media that was there, to come together and organize as a media coalition…which was a lifelong dream of hers. And that “this will be important as we learn how to anchor media in this new paradigm.” (More info on the Media Coalition on the website).

Back to the interview, where Lin referred to the “ice cold bucket of water” dropped on humanity…she feels this is very imminent…that things are really going to start to manifest from what has been playing out behind the scenes at a faster pace.

Deb went back again to what her guidance gave her right before the show, and that was to celebrate. We have to remember to celebrate something every single day. We aren’t using the word “celebrate” very much these days because we are in such a challenging time in our reality. Scott spoke about how for well over a year now, people have not been able to celebrate birthdays, weddings, etc. and that division has resulted in an inability to enjoy a celebration, which lowers our vibration. So we have to find ways to come back on-line by bringing joy back into our lives…and it can be simple little things.

She also talked about how so many people are not able to engage with their life’s purpose because they are feeling lost and stuck in the “washing machine swirl”…which is part of the dark force agenda. Scott added, like the Truman Show….rinse and repeat every day.

Deb put out this challenge to the listeners…if you haven’t engaged with discovering what your life purpose is, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to within one month, do whatever it takes to identify, at least one phase one, of your life purpose and engaging your Soul into further alignment with your heart’s desire.

Right now, we are shining the light on all this nefarious activity…the demonic intention and rituals…crimes against humanity…and the ways that the dark has prevailed. So how are you going to help to raise the vibration of humanity and the planet?

Deb talked about how Scott has real knack for writing legal documents and one of ways he is doing his part is with mask mandates. Scott explained that at the state level, it basically is up to the businesses as to whether they want to enforce customers and employees wearing masks. And if a business has a mask rule, customers or employees have the choice to wear a mask, or not and go elsewhere, or the third option would be that you agree to wear a mask, if they will take full responsibility for the negative impact it makes on your health. So Scott has created a tool, as a pushback on these businesses that are still requiring masks to enter. He explained that this then falls under private contract and can’t be lawfully enforced. (See “Transcend the Mask” on the website)

So this is just one way to become empowered. The global elite are flexing their muscles trying to push the jab on everyone and attempting to make it a requirement for people to keep their jobs. Scott also put a document together as a tool for this situation called “Transcend the Vax” (also on the website). Deb feels that one of the main purposes of the jab is to lower our vibration. Having these “pushback tools” is a simple thing that is empowering.

Nick shared that when he’s questioned about not wearing a mask, he states that he’s never worn a mask, never social distanced, hugs and kisses his family and hasn’t been sick in 3 years—doesn’t that tell you something? He will say out loud it’s a Covid fraud and people look at him like he’s a blasphemer! They can’t possibly believe the government would lie to them, and that all people in government are good and trustworthy…they simply cannot accept it.

Deb talked about how once people start to wake up and see how they’ve been deceived their entire life, that the other piece is then having to look at how they’ve bought into certain lies and how it’s impact on their life.

“This is where, those that are the media warriors holding freedom and Light and Love, are going to be called upon to be able to hold a field so powerful that we are the antithesis of all the darkness and all of that deception that is going to be revealed. That’s why we need to unify!”

Nick closed by saying that we are coming together…we are celebrating that there is a plan…and the truth will soon be revealed.


Special show today. Nicholas Veniamin interviews Deborah Pietsch & Scott Bartle.

Recap from the last interview with General Flynn discussing there being ‘no plan’ and how that could have been a strategic move whilst motivating people to get in the game. This set the stage for moving to the interview with Lin Wood, also from the Tulsa Health & Freedom Conference Apr 16 & 17th 2021.

We really dove in to what’s missing right now in our beingness and in most of our daily activities…


H.O.P.E = Heart Opening Pure Energy

Empowering yourself through these dark and challenging times of the Great Awakening Transition

Scott introduced a new document for holding companies liable for mandatory mask wearing. You can take a look at that here:

Transcend The ‘Vaccine’

Transcend The Mask

We hope you enjoyed the show!


Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.


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