Deb’s Daily Insights & Inspirations~Hurricane Ian~We Are In Uncharted Waters As We Usher In a New Paradigm~ From Destruction Comes Resurrection of Light Communities-16 Min Video 

 September 30, 2022

By  Deborah

We Are In the Transition of the Great Awakening ~
Nothing is "Normal" 
We're In Uncharted Water
As We Usher In a New Paradigm 

This 16 minute is the first of a series of short Insights and Wisdom I’m going to start putting out since we have NOT settled in a home in Florida yet and I’m not starting my new show “Wake Up… You’re At Choice Point” until we get settled in Florida.

There are many reasons the state of Florida is getting “cleansed” -which is NOT a word I normally use.. But that’s what was being communicated on Monday & Tuesday before the hurricane hit land on Wednesday afternoon near Fort Meyers & Punta Gorda, FL… 

Normally when I learn about something like a big storm, I’m inclined nowadays to ask and tune in to see if it’s “dark force energies” or weather manipulation… that’s what I did on Monday, September 26th at about 12pm PST when Scott and I learned about the coming storm from a dear friend and business colleague… that’s when I started to Tune In for Guidance, Insight & Wisdom… 

Additional notes not included in the video:

Back in January when Scott and I were tuning in about whether to move to Florida or Texas or another state, the communication came through that Florida would be challenging because it would be experiencing a “deluge” of water. The challenge was going to include all of the wildlife that Florida is home to and massive flooding.

After spending a lot of time looking at areas in both states, online, and then spending the month of May (2022) in Florida, that we really miss the beach and that’s one bottom line… plus we really resonated with Sarasota energetically. So that’s where we set our intentions and trajectory in motion to live since June 1, 2022.

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  • Wonderful to hear you are moving to the area. You’ll love it. Used to live in Srq for years. I’m now on east coast but would come to your new business when ready. Thank you for the updates & the work you do!!!

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