Dr Bartlett Shares The COVID-19 Therapy With A 0% Fatality Rate & Why “Nobody Should Be Afraid Of COVID” Ep#18b 

 May 9, 2021

By  ScottyB

Scott sat down with Dr. Richard Bartlett and began by asking him to talk about his background. Dr. Bartlett said he was a medical expert for a CBS news affiliate for over 20 years. Also, Gov. Rick Perry, of Texas, asked him to be an advisor on healthcare for 2 years, and he ended up staying on for another 7 years. He is well respected by his peers and as he said, “I’ve been doing this a long time.”

A year ago he presented a treatment strategy that was saving 100% of his patients lives from covid by using an inhaled steroid called Budesonide, a treatment more commonly used for asthma. This medicine is readily available, has been used on two pound preemie babies for decades—it’s that safe. It’s also used on the elderly in nursing homes…and it costs $3 a treatment, it’s generic and nobody will make any money off it. It is really saving lives!

He shared a case of one of his patients that had two forms of lymphoma blood cancer, was on chemo, had received radiation a month before, and had been sick for 5 days with covid by the time he saw her. He treated her with Budesonide and within days she had received and was back to teaching. He added he’s had many patients that should have died, but didn’t.

Dr. Bartlett also referred to the STOIC randomized control study that was just completed in a coordinated effort between Oxford University and Queensland Institute in Australia which showed that at least 90% of covid deaths in hospitals, ERs and urgent cares could have been prevented with early treatment of Budesonide alone. We heard all the news about hospitals being overwhelmed with covid patients—think how that could have been different! People weren’t dying at home, they were dying in hospitals. This means 450,000 deaths could have been prevented, according to the numbers this study has proven.

Scott unpacked all of that by saying that there are two pieces to this medicine—prevention and treatment. It’s a strategy that’s been around for over a year with high efficacy, it’s cheap and it’s not being used…why?

It’s been shown in cancer treatment, for example, that early treatment is the most effective treatment. Yet people with mild to moderate covid symptoms were being told to stay home because hospitals, walk-in clinics, etc. were overwhelmed. Once someone had severe enough symptoms to end up in the hospital, they would be put on oxygen, then on a ventilator where 90% of patients died, and later 80%. Even though this is a proven strategy against covid that works, the mainstream media in the US has suppressed it. He added that recently parts of Africa, Germany and the UK have shared the information with the people and their covid numbers are plummeting. “This helps people breathe…and I’m saying covid is on it’s last breath!”

Scott commented regarding the concerted suppression by the MSM not to talk about this treatment. “Case in point,” said Dr. Bartlett,”when I posted a video about it on YouTube, it went viral, so they pulled it, stating it was too dangerous. Then Anthony Fauci, recruited Matthew McConaghy to do an infomercial saying Budesonide was a placebo. Yet it’s now been proven by a top shelf, gold standard of studies to be a very effective solution. “We need to get this info spread far and wide!”

Dr. Bartlett closed by saying, “We’re not hopeless and we’re not helpless! The messaging that’s trying to promote fear towards other agendas has been “unplugged.”

Scott ended with the fact that the validating science is now available which supports this treatment, and to be able to point to the “suppression platforms” once again for keeping this important information from the people.


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