Ep. 2 Are You Caught in the Ground Hog Loop of the Timeline Manipulation? Blindspots Are Difficult To Recognize Because They ARE BLINDSPOTS Deb’s Daily Insights & Inspirations Oct 3 2022 

 October 3, 2022

By  Deborah

What Value Would It Add to Your Life if You Could Transmute Your Fears?
The Challenge is "Blindspots" is that they ARE Blindspots - it's very difficult to recognize them in your normal day to day life.

Are you caught in the Ground Hog Loop of the timeline manipulation? 

How would you know if you are? 

What evidence is showing up in your life as a confirmation of “where you are”?

We’re in the TRANSITION of the Great Awakening… are you ready for a Fresh start? 

Are you willing to explore your shadows and / or your blind spots? 

Is it possible you are paralized with fear and have gotten so used to that, that you don’t recognize it?

It’s Time… your soul’s incarnation purpose may be waiting on you to engage differently than you already are… ?

Red Pill Remedy - Fear of an Unknown Future


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