Experiential Tools Are Like Training Wheels~Transformative 

 March 31, 2018

By  Deborah

All of our EXPERIENTIAL TOOLS are designed to be “training wheels” for your spiritual expansion, learning, alchemical transformation via protocols, commands, insights, wisdom and Activations. By engaging with these tools, you will begin the journey of "Being Your Own Guru".  What does this mean?  Do you remember learning how to ride a bike?  How brilliant it is to have training wheels!  You begin to trust the training wheels after the person teaching you how to ride that bike, stops holding on to the bike, then, as you get the "feel for balancing the bike on your own" (experientially), the training wheels become unnecessary... that's what our EXPERIENTIAL TOOLS are... spiritual training wheels to support you in learning, being, knowing and engaging outside of your current box or scope of awareness. Please get the Free Gift offer - it's a powerful and profound EXPERIENTIAL TOOL chocked full of Insights, Wisdom & Activation.

In addition to being powerful tools & Activations that can, and will, dramatically shift your life and daily experiences, they are designed to be teaching tools. Once you “get the hang” of what to say, what to do, how to engage with empowered fortitude, different ways of beingness AND experience visceral and powerful shifts from the inside out, then the intention is that you can stop utilizing the tool, just like training wheels on a bike!

Some of these tools will be a RESET or RECALIBRATION of patterns and programs that aren't serving you, while some (most) of them will be brand new information and teachings and Activations. Some of it will be Activations that you will experience energetically as well as mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Draw backs of pulling away from the experiential tools too early:

  1. The recording of the tools hold the vibration of our Activated Unified Field of Light,
  2. As long as you’re still experiencing the effect of the Activations, you’ll want to utilize the tool to continue to up-level

With that said… the intent is for you to be able to powerfully affect and create your own experience without the tools AND to engage this anywhere, anytime that a situation may warrant it. If this seems confusing, then you will better understand all of this once you begin working with any of the experiential tools, but especially through the Clearing Your Field Series and the Red Pill Remedy Series.

Below is an introductory audio to help you prepare for engaging with our Experiential Tools:


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