Hospital Faced With Legal Action Relented To Demands To Administer Budesonide Saving Patients Life From Dr Bartlett’s Support on the Restore Humanity Show Ep#28 

 July 18, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

Dr Richard Bartlett rejoins Scott Bartle to discuss Budesonide. Also joining them is Michaela Wright, who shares her story about how Dr Bartlett’s information saved her sister’s life.

Scott began by saying that Michaela Wright approached him and Deb about a story which involved Dr. Bartlett, who Scott also interviewed at the Tulsa event. Scott asked Michaela to share how she met Dr. Bartlett and her story.

She began by thanking Deb and Scott for doing their part to get the truth out there. She began by saying that she had seen Dr. Bartlett’s treatment on a video months before my sister got sick with covid. She later received a call from her brother-in-law that her sister was in the hospital with covid and she was very sick. She remembered that video by Dr. Bartlett, she watched it again and wrote down the Budesonide treatment plan that he gave. She called the hospital and asked them if they could give her this treatment and they refused. She decided she needed to talk to him directly. She stopped her story to say thank you to Dr. Bartlett for taking so much time counseling her through this difficult time. He gave her some facts and information to write down to present to the hospital, but she still was met with resistance.

Scott reiterated that her sister was sick in the hospital with covid, you were basically screaming from the rooftop to get the hospital to consider a viable option from a doctor. “Yes,” she answered. So she talked to the doctor at the hospital directly, and they said the only treatment they would give her was Remdesivir and blood plasma. She told them that her sister absolutely did not want Remdesivir, because they didn’t feel there was enough research on it, and also that in her research she saw that it was causing liver and kidney damage. They also asked for Hydroxychloroquin as well as Budesonide as a nebulizer…and they refused all of our requests. By the third day, her sister was getting much worse, and she asked again why couldn’t she have this medication they were asking for? And she was told by the doctor that according to NIH and the hospital administration, the only treatment they were to give covid patients was Remdesivir and blood plasma.

She continued that she was on the phone with her sister the third day who was now very sick and as they were talking, she could hear a nurse in the background telling her sister she needed to breathe—that her stats were crashing! Her sister was very scared and was crying for help! Michaela said she hung up the phone and she prayed for her sister. And then she called the hospital administration and told them that she would bring a lawsuit against them if her sister dies because they refused to give her the treatment they were asking for. They suddenly decided they would give it to her. She said, “ It was just really hard on my sister, and people shouldn’t have to fight that hard to get a medication that is helping people. I mean if you’re telling me I’m going to die, you better give me every medication you’ve got! Since when did the hands of our doctors get tied? How does a hospital administration tell a doctor that they can’t be a doctor?” She went on to say that not every medication works on every patient, but they need to be using whatever works. “We didn’t have to get vaccinations because there have been treatments that were working…and alot of people died.”
Scott then wanted to bring Dr. Bartlett in to talk about the Compassionate Care Act, and talk about how he told her that there is always the potential of push-back from hospitals on certain things. So there are definitely some tips and tricks, one might say, to navigate this. One area of contention is the use of nebulizers and ventilators.

Dr. Bartlett began by saying to Michaela, “Everything you said, needed to be said, so thank you.” He went on to offer several things that people need to know including that if you have a loved one in the hospital, you have the right to ask for an ethics committee consult. And when you do that, all of the sudden, you have the hospital’s attention…and they might start to think reasonably. “Since January 2020, it’s been an atrocity. Patient’s right have been trampled,” he said, “Many doctors and hospitals have walked all over people who are desperate for help for their loved ones.” He’s hearing stories of patients and families not even hearing from their doctor for sometimes a week! This is inexcusable in the United States of America. Before January 2021, those doctors would have been turned into the medical board! And according to the AMA code of ethics, a doctor has the obligation to include both the patient and their family in every treatment decision. He added that when someone is lying in the hospital barely able to breath and fend for themselves, and their families are unable to advocate for them, that is a grave injustice.

Dr. Bartlett said that these are the things to remember if you or someone in your family has covid:
1. Ask for an Ethics Committee Consult
2. Regarding spreading the virus. If you are getting the argument from the hospital that someone can’t use a nebulizer because they could spread the virus, there are a few things to consider. First of all, the virus multiplies over the first 5 to 7 days and then there’s a cytokine storm, so there is no spreading of the virus after 2 weeks. To be able to use a nebulizer for Budesonide treatment, every hospital is required to have a negative pressure isolation unit on each floor that could be used in this case. And let’s remember that Budesonide is a safe, low cost treatment that is readily available, and it’s been used on 2 week old preemies in NICUs for over 25 years.

3. If you or a loved one is a covid patient in the hospital for over 10 days, demand that you are retested. You will get immediate pushback! Why? Because the hospital gets paid much less by the government if the patient is no longer covid positive. This would also nullify the question of spreading the virus. This is not just science we are talking about here, this is ethics.

“Now let’s talk about Remdesivir,” said Dr. Bartlett, “The WHO put out a report in November 2020 that they had studied 11,000 covid patients from 480 hospitals around the world and found that Remdesivir did NOT change the mortality rate. In plain English—it didn’t save one life! The mortality rate is about saving lives!” He also added a side note that Remdesivir was actually developed for Ebola. Hmmm…could it be that they didn’t make enough money on it? Also Remdesivir is meant to be used in the early onset replication of the virus, but was often being given in the later stages where there is the inflammatory response which greatly reduces it’s effectiveness. Plus remember that hospitals are being paid for the Remdesivir being used for 5 days—you can count on being billed for it!

He reminded us that he did not invent Budesonide, he’s not selling it, and he’s not making any money from promoting it! It offers so many benefits, it’s as though it was made for this pandemic!

Dr. Bartlett shared the story told to him by a man whose wife was in the hospital and had been treated with Remdesivir and was on oxygen, but was going downhill fast after just 4 days. The doctors told him it was time to take her off ventilation…and as a consolation prize, he could put on a hazmat suit and be there when they pull out the tube…and watch his wife die. He had promised her he would do everything, so he refused, to which they said they would get a court order and do it without his approval. So he fought back, got an attorney and demanded that she get treated with nebulized Budesonide. They stopped all other treatment and did what he asked (not expecting her to live). Within an hour, her oxygen levels began to improve and within 2 weeks, she was back home with her family.

We are hearing these stories over and over. The use of Budesonide can be easily proven through science. Oxford University the STOIC trial, which reported that 90% of hospital and urgent care visits for covid could be prevented with early inhaled Budesonide. It also showed that it was equally effective with elderly patients as well. Weren’t we told last year not to over burden the hospitals and to stay home? Doesn’t make sense! Yet, even with these trials and proof of effectiveness, the CDC still will not recommend it as a treatment for covid.

Consider that Dr. Fauci, didn’t offer a randomized controlled trial as evidence when he stated that people didn’t need to wear masks…nor did he when he later stated we needed to wear mask to show that “we’re in this together”…or when he said later that we should all wear masks…or when he said we needed to wear two masks…or when he said covid patients no longer needed to wear masks…or when vaccinated people no longer have to wear a mask…you get the idea. “If one of these things is true, they can’t all be true. And if any of these things is untrue, well I call that a lie,” he said. How about we stop taking advice from someone who hasn’t treated a patient for so much as the sniffles? How about we listen to Sen Rand Paul, a doctor, who has called out Dr. Fauci repeatedly and who has the science behind him. He, himself, had covid and offers that he has recovered and is fine. His immune system has done its job and so he is now immune to covid. He added that Washington University has been drawing blood on people who had mild cases of covid as having high levels of antibodies in their systems even after 12 months. Yet Anthony Fauci is saying you only have antibodies for 3 months—I suspect he pulled that out of thin air! Other people are saying he pulled it out of somewhere else!

Sooner or later, we have to quit believing someone who is giving mixed messages and stick with science and studies. He talked about doing an interview about the success of using Budesonide in a video that went viral. The propaganda against it came out quickly with Matthew McConaughy interviewing Fauci who basically said Budesonide is a placebo…yet offered no evidence of that. And that misinformation and false narrative spread from there.

Scott jumped in saying that Dr. Bartlett had “dropped quite a few good nuggets of information with us.” And now he wanted to go back to Michaela to hear the rest of the story about her sister.

She began by saying, “I can pretty must attest to everything Dr. Bartlett just said!” As soon as I threatened the hospital with a lawsuit, things changed for the better. As soon as her sister received her first treatment of Budesonide, she had an immediate response, and said she could already breathe easier. They also gave her zinc and an antibiotic because viral pneumonia can often turn to bacterial pneumonia, which of course Michaela had to stand her ground once again to get (because NIH also doesn’t approve of giving antibiotics for covid). When they got her hospital bill, she was charged $4500 for every dose of Remdesivir—that’s why they want people to take it! Dr. Bartlett just had to jump in to make the point that he has been seeing a pattern with patients who are in the hospital, fighting to breathe, afraid they are dying (as the case was with Michaela’s sister) and that’s when you are handed a paper to sign (under duress) that there is only one treatment you can be offered—Remdesivir.

Scott said that there have been a couple of important points made here that he wanted to go back to because it ties into something he and Deb have been hearing from other people they have talked to. And that is that people seem to be taking oaths, but then subordinating that oath. We are seeing this happening in the government with those who subordinate their oath of public office. In the military, we are seeing people subordinate their oath to defend the constitution. And what Dr. Bartlett has brought up is that there are potentially people in the medical field who are subordinating their oath as well.

“Bottom line is you don’t even have to have to take an oath to do this. There is peer pressure. There’s a threat that you will lose your license…your reputation…your livelihood. That is real. So it’s become easier not to stand up for your patients and go with the flow,” said Dr. Bartlett.

It’s crucial to be our own advocates for ourselves and for our families—that’s the world we are living in right now. He’s also seen a pattern of more women losing their husbands than husbands losing their wives—so unfortunately, women have to fight even harder. We can’t be afraid to stand up for ourselves and our family, we have legal rights.

They ended the interview with Michaela, sharing that her sister is doing very well. She has no words for the gratitude she has for Dr. Bartlett, and how he has helped her and saved her sister. He sacrifices so much time spreading the word and helping people…and he is someone who IS following his oath. Michaela became very emotional as she said she has made this her mission because people are dying unnecessarily…and it’s got to stop.


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