Jackson Lahmeyer Joins Deborah Pietsch at Clay Clark’s Health & Freedom Conference in Tulsa Apr 2021 Ep#18 

 May 8, 2021

By  ScottyB

Deb is excited to be sitting down with Jackson Lahmeyer of Oklahoma! Jackson is running for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma as a first time politician. Endorsed by General Mike Flynn, Jackson is a breath of fresh air to engage with a new politician.

Deb had some time to catch up with Jackson Lahermyer. Here are some highlights…

How did you go from pastor to politics? He said this was his first time running for office, and wasn’t something he was planning on doing. He has been a pastor at a church in Tulsa, but during the pandemic he became aware of the incompetency of the mayor, how radical the city council is and how they weaponized the health department. They shut the churches down, but he refused to close. He explained that he is guided by three principles…Is it biblical? Is it Constitutional? Does it make sense? He quoted a bible verse out being able to gather for worship, and how the first amendment guarantees our right to assemble—and it definitely doesn’t make any sense! He also would not enforce the mask mandate because he sees it as a form of control, not prevention. Nor did they enforce the social distancing rules. They received numerous threats about investigations claiming they were “super spreaders,” and he added that to this day they have had zero people that have died from covid. They went the route of common sense…and it worked.

He saw how corrupt his local government was, and also Sen. James Langford “flip flopping like a fish out of water” on issues. On January 6th, he witnessed him on the podium, caving into the fear, and stabbing President Trump in the back. He also added, “Gen. Flynn actually corrected me…Langford didn’t stab him in the back, he stabbed him right in the chest.” We are at war within this country—we need fighters, not appeasers. So that’s why I got involved.

He said that his number one issue is election integrity. He was embarrassed that his senator failed his state so miserably at such an important moment in history. What this country needs is real leaders that will take the arrows when they come and won’t turn and run in fear.

Deb asked before the pandemic, what was your “knowingness” about political corruption? “I was a supporter of President Trump the moment he came down the escalator,” said Jackson. He recognized there was corruption in both the government as well as the media, but had no idea they could be so deceptive with the public. He was mostly shocked by his local government. The city council became a real “thorn in his side” as a pastor and so now it’s important to get the right people on the city council…because it matters.

Would you say this is a major wake up call for you?

We are in the buckle of the Bible Belt—I never thought my church would come under this kind of attack! Normally it’s political suicide to come after churches, but seems all bets were off during the pandemic. “Government does not give us rights. Government protects the rights that God has already given us,” he said.
What was your tipping point to run for office? He explained it was when Sen. Langford came back to Tulsa and apologized, because he said he was wrong, there was no fraud. When you certify a lie, you become part of that lie. If we don’t have fair and legal elections, we no longer have a free country.

Deb shared, “What we are passionate about is creating humanitarian projects to get people off the bench and in the field. What is your vision…what’s important to you?” He talked about being at war, that evil has mobilized and we got out maneuvered. This isn’t a war between liberals vs. conservatives, this is truly good vs. evil…and Americans have become so passive. Many see the corruption, but they are too comfortable in their lives to do anything about it. He added, “If we don’t get in the fight, we are going to lose this country.”

This is a spiritual and cultural battle that the church better engage in…it can no longer stay within its four walls…this war is invading every arena of life.
How then can you break out of those four walls and speak out about that which has been considered taboo for political/reputation reasons? How out of the box are you willing to go to bring your convictions and beliefs into your run for office? He shared that he’s always been straightforward and very outspoken, and added people don’t always have to agree with him. But if we don’t share the truth, it will harm those who are blinded by the deception. “I’ve learned that when you are facing evil, you cannot purr like little kitten—you’ve got to roar like a lion!” said Lahermyer.

How do you feel about mainstream media? He said without batting an eye, “It’s full of the most dishonest people you’ve ever met in your life.” He added the things they have written about him have been so false—he can see why Trump got so frustrated…and he’s only had a tiny taste of it! We have to get our own messages out there because we will never be fairly represented by the media. You cannot make friends with people who are hell bent to destroy you—that is why we have to push back!

Deb asked if he would consider the media “an enemy of the people?” “Oh it HAS been an enemy of the people. It doesn’t represent the people and most people don’t even watch the stuff.” I turned it off when Fox News called Arizona and haven’t watched it since.

One of our projects is actually to talk with Lin Wood, Gen. Flynn, Sidney Powell and probably Mike Lindell to actually come up with a class action lawsuit that represents that humanity is being inundated by criminals—the enemy of the people. Is this something you might get behind? There has to be actions to follow our words. Faith without action is absolutely dead. We can talk all day long, but if we don’t DO SOMETHING, it’s utterly useless.

Why do you think so many people are “bending?” First the CCP has infiltrated this country from the vast amount of land they own, to our college campuses. They own so many politicians through blackmail. Less nefarious, is pier pressure. If you don’t know where your identity is, you can be easily swayed. We’ve got no time for double minded people right now—we need strong, honest leadership.


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