Jackson Layhmeyer Endorsed By General Flynn Has Hutspa Integrity And Stands As The New Kind Of Leader Has Powerful Conversation With Deb Pietsch Ep#30 

 July 18, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

Deb is excited to be sitting down again with Jackson Lahmeyer of Oklahoma! Jackson is running for U.S. Senate in Oklahoma as a first time politician. He still speaks his truth as a Pastor every Sunday as well! Deb and Scott both very much resonate with Jackson’s beliefs, convictions and approach to being a Senator. We look forward to further collaboration and cross pollinating in several different directions.

Deb sat down with Jackson Lahmeyer who she also interviewed at the Tulsa event. She began by talking about how powerful that interview was and in fact, when it was over, Scott came from behind the camera and was very emotional. Their conversation was a “breath of fresh air” as he showed his tenacity, integrity, transparency, his passion …and his ignition of life force.

Jackson wears many hats as a husband, father of five, business owner, pastor, and now politician. He said that before 2020, he was just taking care of himself and his family like everyone else. He knew the country was in trouble, but not his problem to solve. Then 2020 hit and he had the realization that everyone needs to get in the fight…and for him that meant running for the Senate. Not everyone will be called in the same way, but we all play a part in this.

“If we don’t fight, we’ve already lost. If we do fight, we cannot lose.”

He likened what’s been happening as always losing ground. The good guys play checkers, the bad guys play chess. We are always playing defense and losing ground—it’s time for us to get on the offensive! We’ve got to start taking some ground in this country.

Deb asked now that he has thrown his hat into the ring to run for Senate, from being a pastor, there obviously is a learning curve, to which he quickly agreed. She asked him to elaborate. He began by saying that the “ring” he threw his hat into “is a boxing ring!” The Deep State is real and much, much worse than anyone thinks it is. In the few months he has been into this, he has been absolutely blown away by the conspiracy “theories,” the wickedness and how much control they have over our country. “I’ve tasted it first hand,” he said, “our nation is controlled by a lot of wicked people. The Bible says that when the wicked rule, the people groan. But when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. And right now the American people are absolutely groaning.” So this is where we have to get engaged and get involved with replacing the overwhelming wickedness with righteousness. Deb added that “wicked is a big word.” He admitted that he used to think church people were crazy, but he owes the church a sincere apology—because noooobody is as crazy as political crazy! This arena is unbelievable. He said that people told him if you want a friend in politics, get a dog—and I found that to be true! On a more positive note, he discovered that there are some people who really love God and their country and they are sacrificing so much. People such as Clay Clark, who’s organized the Reawaken America event, and who before 2020 was just a businessman, but has really stepped into the fight…and courage is contagious! This is why we have to travel around the country to spark character—which is severely lacking in this country. It takes character to create courage which then inspires honesty, integrity, loyalty. But right now, our country is gripped with fear, so it’s all but impossible to be a person of character.

Deb said that she has been referring to what has been transpiring for the past 10 years as the designed assault against humanity. She shared that in 2009-10 she went into isolation and received communications from God every day about the demonic infiltration and teaching her a great deal of information that noooobody wanted to hear about at that time. Jackson jumped in and said, “You were one of the crazy people—but 2020 has vindicated you!” And Deb said that even still, people don’t want to talk about the evil aspect of what’s going on right now. She referred back to what he said at the beginning of the interview about “the wickedness” that is running this country…would it be fair to label them as “the enemy of the people?” “Oh my goodness, yes!” replied Jackson, “What happened in 2020—that’s crimes against humanity.”

He said that there’s been so much happening this past year, but let’s just look at Covid. What it did was destroy the economy, the morale of the people and cause divorce, abuse and suicide numbers to skyrocket…which NEVER should have happened. This is evil. This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. People want to compartmentalize this, but that is NOT the war, that is a distraction from the fact that this is a war between good and evil. He said people ask him if God is on the Democrat or Republican side.

“God is not on any side, it’s about all of us getting on God’s side!”

He went on to say that whenever we are facing true evil, we can’t purr like a kitten, we have to roar like a lion (Deb added “like a warrior”). Unfortunately, our “camp” has been a bunch of kittens running around, and they are losing the battle. So the lions need to step it up—which they are—they are rising, but how late in the game is it?

Deb shared that the timing issue is interesting as they have been talking to people like Richard Citizen, who lives in DC and has a Telegram channel, and who has traveled across the country many times. And because of the fallout that he has seen from Covid, he is afraid we may be losing. And this is why we have to draw a line in the sand…if you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. Jackson added that we not only have to stand our ground, we need to start gaining ground! We have reached a point is this country where we are having conversations about whether you are a guy or a girl… about critical race theory…Miss Nevada is transgender. We are living in a time when good is being made to appear evil and evil good. Deb added, “Yes, this is called inversion.” This is part of the trans-gender agenda, which is about the Divine Female and Male energy which are like the positive and negative poles in a battery. When you transmute that out of the equation, you are no longer co-creating with God. She asked Jackson what his thoughts are on that. He answered, it’s simple. In Genesis, chapter one, God creates Adam and Eve in his likeness, and it takes both to comprise the image of God. It is best seen in the sexual union of marriage where a husband and wife come together and create a new life (Deb added this is alchemy) which creates a trinity. As a country, we are attacking this, and this is playing with fire. We are messing with the image of God. We are not only tolerating it, but we are celebrating it and forcing it on people…and this, being a free country, means I don’t have to agree with it.

“Everything in the mainstream media, like Critical Race Theory, has a hidden agenda,” said Deb. And that she is seeing more people waking up now to these things as no longer thinking something is insane—but now it’s pure evil. Jackson added that we are at war within our country and we have to shift gears from “we to thee.” We have to get out of this paradigm that it’s either the Democrats or the Republicans are bad—because they’re ALL bad! This is a war between good or evil and you have to choose a side. No more neutrality or politics as usual.

Deb talked about how she and Scott have been organizing the We The People Task Force which is about unifying, organizing, strategizing and executing a plan of action for the leaders of Light. She said she had asked Gen. Flynn a question about one of her pet peeves, which is how people are sitting on the sidelines, not being engaged while they are “trusting the plan.” She asked how he felt about that.

We are organizing coalitions because we realize that one person is not going to fix this. I love President Trump and I think he did a phenomenal job—and he’s not finished. He was unable to “fix” the problem—which was obvious with the stolen election—but he did a tremendous job of exposing what needed to be fixed. His purpose was to wake people up. Yes, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, but the plan is not about one person—rather it’s about everyone coming together with a common purpose—and that’s to save the USA. He compared what happened in the 1700s where there were those who were working behind the scenes toward a goal, but that if there was no spark to ignite the people, they would have been unable to accomplish it.

So yes there is a plan, and it will take all of us to accomplish it. How do we engage? We have to pray for our country, we have to have a heart for it’s people. And we do this by growing our connection with God, whose heart is broken over what’s happening in this country. God is not going to wave a magic wand, rather he will use his people to accomplish his divine purpose for us.

Deb talked about how she and Scott have been finding it disconcerting how so many Christians are claiming that “Jesus is returning—we’ve already won.” Jackson quickly jumped in, “Well, they quote that, but they haven’t read the book!” It’s HOW have we won. A Lot of Christians have the mentality that Jesus is coming back, the earth is going to hell in a hand basket, so I might as well just sit back and not engage here…I will be saved and it doesn’t matter what happens. That’s like saying, well, I’m eventually going to die, so why do I need to take care of my body? That’s stupid. We need to take care of the temple God has given us. Now, do we know that God has promised us a new heaven and earth—yes! But does that mean we need to destroy this earth in the meantime and speed things up? That is NOT the agenda! He quoted, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…HERE ON EARTH, he repeated.” So we fight to take care of the world we live in. Deb shared she just had a light bulb go off.

Deb moved on to ask him about working closely with Gen. Flynn and to share more about that. He said that people like Gen. Flynn, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne and several others have been working tirelessly for this country. There’s even a Kennedy sharing the stage, with Gen. Flynn, why? Because they love America…and it’s in trouble. We are losing the country to Communism and evil ideology. Though we may have ideological differences between us as a people, at the end of the day, that all needs to fall away and we come together united as a people for the same cause.

Deb wrapped up by asking what he suggests to people who haven’t yet engaged to restore humanity. He said, “There’s a couple things you can do. Not everyone is called to run for office, but you can pray for them, support them on social media. And it’s going to take some money to support those candidates who are working to save our country. At some point you may realize that you can sacrifice some time and run for your local school board—this is where we are really losing ground—offices on the local level.” He quoted Gen. Flynn, “Local involvement has a national impact.” He added that it wasn’t the President that tried to shut down his church this year, it was the local mayor and city council that he had to fight.

Deb asked if they could have further conversations about the We The People Task Force…how it can’t be up to a few leaders…we need thousands! And Jackson added, We need an army rising up! Are we going to have people like Gen. Flynn leading us? Of course, God put him here right now for a purpose. But what can one general do if he doesn’t have an army?

So get involved! One way to do it is to join the We The People Task Force on www.transcendthematrix.com.

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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