Leigh Dundas Human Rights Attorney Keeps Taking A Stand For the Underdog In Rockin’ Conversation with Deborah Pietsch of Deb Talks You’re At Choice Point Show 

 January 15, 2022

By  Deborah

Leigh Dundas human rights attorney rocks it! We had a great and fun conversation even as we delved into some dark subjects like her background in fighting sex trafficking in Asia years ago. She shares about all sorts of "wins" for the good guys!

www.FreedomFighterNation.org just launched the day of our interview and she's working on launching a new online shopping portal for patriots.

She's had great success with her legal FAA push and blue collar workers saying no to mandates... "large equipment can be used to make a huge difference and get a point across."

Leigh has the heart and soul necessary right now to engage as a true Warrior of Light!

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