Let’s Talk GCR / RV & the Great Shift with Deb & Sean Episode #4 “Everything is about to Change!


Dec 20
GCR : RV Activation Conference Call #4 Dec 20 2015

During this show ~ Let’s Talk GCR / RV & the Great Shift with Deb & Sean Episode #4 “Everything is about to Change!

Much has happened in the Global Currency Reset (GCR) landscape since our show#3 last week. We’ll cover the latest happenings and there have been a lot!

We will also be discussing how important it is during the coming changes with the augmented reality, to be willing to identify, through self-assessment, your vibrational wealth intentions and alignments.

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Our reality is about to change in extra extraordinary ways. Many find themselves living in the experience of lack and consequently have created significant coping mechanisms born of survival-mode and fear.

This “fear, survival, lack reality” has been intentionally created by those who supremely benefit from the current FIAT system – which is now being dismantled with purpose and fortitude.

We believe that there will be a tremendous shift in the way that instruments of value (currency) are monitored with this new reality.

Let’s talk about this… what’s that going to look like and how are you to contribute to this as part of the macrocosm? We look forward to sharing another exciting couple of hours with you~!


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