Live From Mt Shasta – Detox & Dismantle from 2020 & 2021 ~ Live Activation Webinar Jan 11 2022 

 January 4, 2022

By  ScottyB

The challenge with the last couple of years (2020 and 2021 especially) is that we are IN THE TRANSITION of the Great Awakening and the laying of the foundation for the New Earth… EVERYTHING IS UPHEAVAL… it has to be in order to usher in this New Earth Reality that will assist us in Leveling the Playing Field.

The Fresh Start Program / New Beginnings that you’re going to be Activating in this powerful transformative webinar, goes beyond “New Year Resolutions”. We’re going to Activate Fresh Start Neurons to align with the New Earth that’s coming into view for your personal life and for the planet, also known as the Betterment of Humanity Timeline.

You will be in partnership with Deborah Pietsch, Scott Bartle and our Activated Unified Field of Light! We have a powerful Activated Unified Field of Light geographically located at the Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat Center - this “Energetic Birthing Portal” is very supportive for your Intentions, as well as Transmuting and Activating.

Check out the introductory video below or for more details click here.


Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.


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