BREAKING~NICOTINE-Is A NUTRIENT Found in Veggies~Not An Addictive Substance AND Get This Nicotine Blocks Snake Venoms Found In VAX++ Dr. Bryan Ardis Unpacks His Research Defining This Inversion of The Matrix With Major Solutions and Protocols For You!| Shift Is Happening TV Host Deborah Pietsch | Winning The Spiritual War | Ep.3.24.24 

 May 3, 2024

By  Deborah

Dr. Bryan Ardis is becoming a globally recognized health professional and researcher supporting humanity to strategize health through the Designed Assault Against Humanity and to Transcend The Matrix! 

His latest latest disclosures of the “Snakes Among Us” and another inversion of the Matrix is about Nicotine being a NUTRIENT that actually supports the body in blocking the snake venoms that seemed to be being perpetrated into / against humanity in so many ways, it’s insane > evil. 

Deb Pietsch and Dr. Bryan Ardis get into a deep dive of unpacking a lot of what Dr. Ardis and his rock star group of Docs known as the Healing For the AGES is doing. As always, we get into SOLUTIONS, PROTOCOLS AND STRATEGIES for YOU to move through this Transition of the Great Awakening! We also do a big reveal at the end of the show having to do with his expanded involvement with the health Advocates at Graith Care!

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