Note from Deb – Site Launch Sep 2018 

 September 16, 2018

By  Deborah

We The People, the Beings of Light that incarnated here to Resurrect the Glory of God, through us, as us, to usher in the Age of Aquarius, as well as the people referred to as Patriots, Awakened Ones, Red Pillers and so forth, are in uncharted territory. We are in the midst of a new level of contingency plan that has been formulating for our Great Awakening to 'get back on track' and be brought into fruition. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and really, really understand what’s going on, what’s at stake and how strategic everything must be at this point.

And, if you don't already have an active relationship with impeccable Integrity, Free Will, Loving ThySelf and Source (whatever that means to you), then now is the time.

You are at Choice Point                            We are at Choice Point

You must be willing to go down the rabbit holes and understand what’s going on beyond the facades, disinformation, hidden agendas, and the very deliberate & effective “Designed Assault Against Humanity” that has been perpetrated upon humanity from within our governing systems, before you can Thrive, Transcend and Ascend. Why? Because the Great Awakening has been / HAD been hijacked…​

By now it's obvious that something is seriously not right and not just a little bit, but a lot, with our governments, systems of operation including banking and money, religions, justice system and media; from the macrocosm of the big picture of life on the planet, to the microcosm of YOUR daily life. The “SHADOWS” of deception, hypocrisy, facades, double standards, hidden agendas, intended inversions and literally insane way much of the planet is being “controlled and run”.  If you have the eyes to see and ears to hear, you already know this, at least at a 'gut level'. And now, finally, the evidence is being revealed beyond "conspiracy theories" and 'tin foil hat' narratives.  Thank you "Q".

On top of what is going on, on a physical level, then there is the level of interference, dark energetic infiltration and pure evil that you can't see… but certainly may be experiencing in your daily life. And if you know what to look for, you have the evidence in your daily life; such as lack of money, lack of  abundance of most resources (that would bring greater joy to your life), lack of alignment with projects, illogical challenging issues with family members and even close friends. The list goes on and on of illogical situations, right?

This is where, I, Deborah Pietsch, and my husband & spiritual partner, Scott Bartle, come in.… to interrupt the defunct downtrodden experiences you’ve (probably) been having, to be a bridge to the Great Awakening Contingency Plan and your Soul Matrix Destiny.

  • To Provide information beyond what most have access to
  • Experiential tools that teach, support and Activate you to go faaaaaar beyond your current status quo,
  • Activate Initiations for your up-leveling
  • Create and Activate a Unified Field of Light for bridging Creation Codes and New Earth Codes
  • Masterfully Clear and Transmute
  • Identify blindspots and shadows so you can heal and transmute
  • Be models of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred partnership
  • Be models of multi-dimensional living in alignment with our "Highest Good"
  • Represent the warrior fortitude and stamina necessary to Transcend the Matrix reality and Co-Create with Divine Grace
  • And so much more than can be simply explained here in words-since a lot of it is visceral alchemical transformation; transformation that is so cutting-edge that long time "awake" and on the path people express, "I've never experienced anything remotely like this".

Now for a "hard core reality check"...

I'm sorry to say this to all you folks that only want to focus on "love, light and the Savior of the month”, but there's much more to this reality that needs your attention, intention and willingness. Willingness to see the evil AND THEN Activate the fortitude while learning the tools and protocols to  look it in the face, clear it, transmute it and transcend it. That is NOT as easy as it sounds when you are dealing with the kind of forces that are at play on the planet quite effectively at this point and in this timeline.  This is where I tell people, if you're choosing this path, it's not for the faint of heart, it's time to put you're "big girl or boy pants on" and WARRIOR UP!  Nothing is as it seems; the reality that has been projected into most thought patterns is NOT what is going on JUST below the surface...think facades, hidden agendas and a powerful Designed Assault Against Humanity.

After several years of excruciating challenges, as I became more telepathic and multi-dimensional,  in depth teachings and communications from my Guides since 2010, I've been dealing with this subject of infiltration as a pinnacle of my personal spiritual journey, as well as all teachings I've been bringing forth since flipping from a media producer to a spiritual teacher in 2011. Sidenote: I WILL be returning to Hollywood to finish the conscious media projects I tried to get off the ground starting in 1989! As spiritual teachers, as well as producers of mainstream media, we intend to successfully navigate through uncharted territory bridging media to a Higher Dimensional Reality of Light.

Scott and I have been preparing AND being prepared (those are two very different perspectives) for many years now; including before we met each other, to be bridges to assist humanity through the transition of darkness back to the light… the journey from the head to the heart, as well as the journey of awakening, transcending and ascending.

My abilities as an Activator, clairvoyant and telepathic communicator, to have detailed, clear and confirmed back and forth communications, has changed every aspect our life.

We’ve had thousands of hours of teachings, real-time communications, energetic up-levelings, profound details revealed, experienced hell and back that would “blow most people’s socks off” and much more! This has all been necessary as we have moved through high level Initiations defining our multi-dimensional skills, integrity and commitment to what we’ve been guided to be, do, and present to humanity, as well as other things that we hold very confidential.

Through all this we’ve dived down many rabbit holes… identifying aspects and elements of the matrix steeped in darkness. Importantly, we have been guided telepathically on subtle yet crucial nuances not found in typical 'research'. We've become masterful at clearing and dissolving those dark energies, entities for ourselves, for others and teaching how to be and do for yourself, as well as much more.

This is not meant to sound like we’re riding in on a high horse... but we know what we know, we know who we are, we know what we've come here to do and be and we have the evidence and confirmations that we are are spot on.  I segue for a moment to drop a tidbit here that needs more detail via a conversation; mid November 2016, my Guides shared great detail about Trump's election as being a saving point for humanity.  That's all I'll share here, but I was shocked to be hearing this information!

In order to create a level playing field, as well as Transcend This Matrix, we must each have the fortitude to be and do what it takes. Through all of this, has been years and years of confirmations from hundreds of private sessions that I have done with clients and students. Evidence and confirmations are vitally, vitally important when it gets into this type of "woo-woo” / multi-dimensional spirituality. That is where Scott and I stand in our fortitude because we have had years of the necessary confirmations to back up what we're teaching and claiming… and you should too.

You should demand confirmations and evidence with whatever multi-dimensional aspects of life you're involved in. Otherwise, based on our experience, there’s a probability that it’s “woo woo BS”, infiltration, disinformation or all of the above. Many others around us have witnessed the illogical “you can’t make this “s*&t up" type experiences that can’t be easily explained rationally.

Thankfully, there are major players on the planet stepping up in high places to assist humanity from the brink of annihilation. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER and it’s going to take millions of us standing in our LIGHT with the absolute fortitude and power to hold that light in the face of “whatever comes our way”. Now is the time and this is the opportunity… to Transcend the Matrix!!

So if this resonates with you, then read through this site, the blog, the action steps below and engage with hope, passion and excitement. We look forward to your engagement here and more!

We’re In This Together and We WILL See This Through!

Much, Much Love!


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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