Patriot Horn Man Shaman’s Mother Shares Behind the Scenes Details That Don’t Add Up About Jake Chansley’s Arrest 

 January 15, 2022

By  Deborah

Sentenced to 41 months in jail for a minor offense on January 6th 2021... Jake Chansley's mother, Martha Chansley shares with Deborah Pietsch of "You're At Choice Point TV Show" the details that led up to Jake turning himself in to authorities within a week of the January 6th "inversion" of the Insurrection at the Capitol. The details for many / most or all of the POW detainees and now charged people do not "add up" in the normal scheme of things. Martha shared details about Jake's return home from the DC January 6th rally and what took place as he realized he was a "wanted man". But it seemingly took 3 phone calls to the FBI for them to recognize him as a "wanted man"... it gets weirder and more challenging as the details are shared... as to why Jake and the others have been charged and or still be detained without being charged. 

We intend and we pray that the truth is revealed and the people that are involved in this situation that are wrongfully (beliefs of Deborah) being charged and held, be made FREE by the RIGHT HAND of JUSTICE and that the perpetrators of the wrong doing be held accountable and receive consequences.

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