Restore Humanity Show – Ep#3 

 March 25, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

What Are Your Heart’s Desires?

Have you been stuck in the loop of GroundHog Day / Suspended Animation so long you DON’T have heart’s desires?

Engaging in this show is a multi-purpose, multi-tasking of multi-dimensional creating and co-creating with an Activated Unified Field of Light! Creating the reality of the Republic, GESARA and the Betterment of Humanity Timeline…starting with you!

If we want to see a better world that works for everyone, we must be proactive in creating new realities and experiences!

What is your heart’s desire for yourself and for the world we are moving toward?

How can we bring the purpose of our incarnation into fruition?

Caller #1: Laura
simply wants to live in truth, love, honesty, compassion, no judgment…but these aspects have become so distorted…and lost. Deb brought info about our world being “uncategorically out of balance and in need of clarity.” She discussed the movie “Groundhog Day” as being about the “collective spell of SUSPENDED ANIMATION we’ve been living in”…going in circles and not moving forward.

Caller #2: Debra
Vision to have a ranch for abused women and children where they can come interact with horses and heal. Deb took it a step further suggesting making it a reality series, since her background is producing experiential media.

Caller #3: Diane & Kelly
Are currently working in the healthcare industry and wanting to make a change. When Deb asked what are their hearts desires, they realized it was about working with animals and horses as well. Scott shared about creating an executive summary and the importance of taking ideas
and putting pen to paper to stimulate neurons to generate that reality. They’ve got work to do!

Caller #4: Jeannie
She had definite ideas about wanting to be the bank that hands out the Gesara money or an officer for the new Republic! She shared a book title about it.

The common theme for today’s show was about the need to engage and “come back on-line.” with your heart and heart’s desires

This is the web site where the book RE-INHABITED Republic for the United States of America: https://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/ Jean Hallahan with Carl Hallahan


This unique show will go beyond where most have gone in many ways… We are going take a journey together of Co-Creating reality and Up-leveling to be the vibrational match for that intended reality!

– Aligning, Activating and Anchoring the Elements of the Republic
– Bridging with the work JFK started
– De-Activating Gold from the Enslavement Matrix
– Engaging with Silver & Gold as the Precious Elements Intended for Humanity’s – Awakening – Your Heart of Gold
– Going Beyond ‘Seeking Intel’ to Co-Creating The Reality

Are you ready to go beyond the waiting game of “Intel” to Co-Creating the reality that anchors the GESARA and Betterment of Humanity Timeline? This timeline and reality returns Gold and Silver back to We The People as a necessary component of dismantling from the Enslavement Matrix.

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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