Restore Humanity Show – with Guest Sean Morgan Ep#4 

 April 1, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

Tonight’s guest is Sean Morgan known for his knowledge on decoding, gold and silver, currency, current events and then some.

WWIII has been happening before our eyes! The groundwork has been being laid for decades by the government and the MSM selling out to the CCP. What can WE do about it?

Deb shared that she and Scott has been playing a role for the past 5 years in the Gesara rollout, and she explained that Gesara was actually supposed to be announced February 15, 2020 after the public ceremony at the Whitehouse with China—but then Covid happened. People began to wake up to the fact that covid is an insidious bioweapon not unlike the 9/11. In order for China to “save face,” and not lose control financially, they turned against the rest of the world. And while economies have been shut down all over the world, they’ve been thriving…manufacturing masks!

We can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to “handle it.” This is a war between good and evil…between faschist authoritarianism and true civil society.

What can we do?

We need to communicate. Censorship and deplatforming is making it difficult, so we find other platforms to have our voices heard. Stop depending on Google and use encrypted email or apps like Signal for texting.

Get engaged locally with the democratic process. The election is NOT over yet. Votes are still being audited, and legal action is still moving forward. And continue to hold space for President Trump to come back to his rightful position!

Empower ourselves in entrepreneurial projects. Break the habit of depending on the MSM and the government for everything—from how we run a business or our everyday lives! By creating and sharing our gifts with others, there will be a natural reciprocity—that is the true American spirit!

Unplug from companies that promote dark force energy. Pop culture is becoming darker and darker, Netfilx sexualizing children, Nike releasing “satanic” shoes, vile, satanic music videos, etc. Familes need to wake up and stop allowing this kind of energy into their homes!

Deb added there is no time like the present to Unify, Organize, Strategize and Execute! It’s time to get off the bench—we the people have the power to steer the direction at the community, state and national level!

We don’t have to fight physically, but we have to fight spiritually!

Caller #1 Lynn
Resonates with everything she is hearing and comes from a place of Love. She can’t seem to convince people anymore about what’s going on. She is trying to figure out how to share her thoughts with the world but is afraid of attacks from people as well as dark force energies.

Deb asked, “What if you are meant to become a masterful, spiritual warrior?”
Sean added that if you put yourself out there, you’ll always have haters—he just doesn’t engage with them—dark force or otherwise. A lot of the negative feedback we get is via AI or robots—not real people anyway!

Caller #2 Stacey
Is trying to get her business off the ground, called Ameliorate, with ranches and healing centers for children to teach them how to live and flourish on the earth—teaching gardening, meditation, etc.

Sean said that people opening their hearts and their homes as healing centers is becoming a popular trend.

Deb spoke about this becoming a project that involves an index of healing centers around the world! Sean added that this wouldn’t be the kind of directory that is already out there for rich people to go and “find themselves”, but rather more of a “red pill” retreat center directory more geared to these times.

Stacey said, “God is leading the way!” She mentioned that she heard Lin Wood talk about opening children’s center and thought she would love to connect with him somehow. And it just so happens, Deb explained that is why they are going to Tulsa—to proactively connect with people that have stepped forward as leaders and share ideas. This is how we open the dialogue and open the network towards manifestation.

Stacey was excited that this feels like the next step that she knew was coming!

Caller #3 Maxine
For 30 years she has been a product developer and when covid hit, she woke up.
Wants to be of service to others and wants to use her skills in her field developing products and manufacturing jobs, but not sure how to go about it.

Sean offered, sometimes you have to create your vision and put it out there like developing a website and reach out to people that seem to be aligned with your project. Amazing what happens when you clarify and create the space for an idea.

Deb shared that they are going to be setting up meetings and a community exchange at their retreat center for activating leaders for collaboration and networking. The more we engage in, for instance calling the new technologies into reality, this is how we consciously co-create and have miracles occur!

Maxine shared that even though she is an introvert, she can feel that this is a way for her to engage and move forward.

Caller #4 Dr. Hines
Said she is very intuitive and senses that different cities carry different energies. Where she lives, she sees people wearing 2 masks and not being their authentic selves living in fear, not wanting to hear the truth. She talked about knowing she has to accept where they are on their journey. She talked about the power of prayers of protection, etc.

Sean said that he and his family pray often during the day…and that they can tell a difference when they don’t. Scott added the analogy of not leaving the back door unlocked for negative energies to enter. Keep the door shut and your territory clearly marked.

Mentioned she posts on LinkedIn a beautiful picture of nature with red-pill drops to tweak their curiosity. She never gets a comment…no awareness.. Sean said it could be the wrong medium, but that you never know how what you say can affect someone. Scott said that platform is more for business purposes. Sean added he really likes the Gab atmosphere, that she could probably find more like-minded people.

Let’s talk about silver…Sean’s curiosity began with the whole Gamestock phenomenon which led him to another asset that was also being shorted—silver. It has a smaller market than gold and has a history of people being able to manipulate it. It has many industrial uses such as computer chips, solar panels, electric cars, batteries, etc., it’s a financial metal, and a jewelry metal. It was figured out that silver was another asset to target. And that if enough “we the people” bought it, then there’s no way the institutions can manipulate the prices anymore. Silver is now in very limited supply, some are sold out and some mines and mints are closing. Oddly enough, with all of this going on, the prices are still going down. Supply and demand not working here, which proves it’s been, and is being, manipulated. But this can’t last forever and soon silver will go to the moon! Also, if the markets were to go down or if we go on some precious metal standard, silver will go up. He’s very bullish on it and silver is “for the people” because it’s affordable!


This unique show will go beyond where most have gone in many ways… We are going take a journey together of Co-Creating reality and Up-leveling to be the vibrational match for that intended reality!

– Aligning, Activating and Anchoring the Elements of the Republic
– Bridging with the work JFK started
– De-Activating Gold from the Enslavement Matrix
– Engaging with Silver & Gold as the Precious Elements Intended for Humanity’s – Awakening – Your Heart of Gold
– Going Beyond ‘Seeking Intel’ to Co-Creating The Reality

Are you ready to go beyond the waiting game of “Intel” to Co-Creating the reality that anchors the GESARA and Betterment of Humanity Timeline? This timeline and reality returns Gold and Silver back to We The People as a necessary component of dismantling from the Enslavement Matrix.

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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