Restore Humanity Show – with Guest Scott McKay – Ep#5 

 April 6, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

This channel is about anchoring a genre of experiential and transformational media to help people move from existing in the survival matrix into expansion by co-creating with our vision of a unified field of Light. Scott McKay, known for his Patriot Streetfighter channel, brings into this “field” hundreds of patriot followers. While his channel is mostly about getting the latest intel out to his listeners, he was excited to talk on a spiritual, and quantum level, for a change.

Ask and ye shall receive….but it may literally knock you on your ass!

Scott shared his journey. How he spent many years going to various churches, until he realized he didn’t like the guilt programming and religious fear mechanisms. He decided to release himself from the shackles of religion—he needed more proof, some kind of blueprint. That’s when he discovered the quantum world and went deep into that rabbit hole.

He prayed and prayed for enlightenment, for purpose…and he sure got it! He was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident that wrecked him from head to toe and left him with soul crushing pain. He went from being a professional athlete, bodybuilder, to being a “broken man” in an instant. While no one was expecting him to even walk again, he somehow found power from within and applied the quantum knowledge that he had learned, like not allowing anything or anyone that brought negative energy into in his recovery. Once he had the “knowing” that he would take his broken body and turn it into an asset…that’s when he says he found God. He did indeed make an amazing recovery and is now enlightening and encouraging so many others with his radio show.

Deb added that when we ask and ask for enlightenment, we often get whispers along the way that we miss…so then comes the 2 x 4 to get our attention…and if we miss that, the big ol Mack truck! However, we don’t really have the time now to wait around for signs—we are at choice point! We have to engage in our personal journey and decide which timeline we are choosing. Fear and enslavement or the betterment of humanity. We have to engage with what is our hearts desire! Are we on the right track or is it time to re-evaluate?

Caller #1: Kevin
Asked about as the “plandemic” is unfolding, do you think it will come to a point of forced vaccines on everyone possibly as a scare event?
Scott said he thinks we do need some kind of “ascension event” to wake people up. Trump could drop the hammer, but what good would it do? The cabal’s plan continues to play out until we reach a breaking point. We have free will and a responsibility to protect ourselves from harm. If people refuse to research and choose to believe the untruths—they have no one to blame but themselves.

“God gave us the 10 Commandments and free will, our government gives us endless rules and very little freedom!”

Deb shared that we are holding the field to move away from just being consumers of intel to moving into the thought and heart process of co-creating our reality as beings of Light. Again, we have to figure out what reality we want to create. Do we want to live in a world where Biden is holding the line for this matrix of a downward spiral—where they will be knocking on doors to do vaccinations? Or do we want to be in Trump’s upward spiraling reality of abundance and freedom?

Caller #2: Mattie
As a chiropractor, she found Scott’s story so profound and remarkable and that must be why he is so relatable. She was curious about his upbringing.
Scott shared that his father was tough—his motto was “no excuses!” But he learned physical endurance and how to endure pain which later helped him in his bodybuilding career, and later, his recovery.

Caller #3: Susan
Her question was about whether it is best for when the truth finally is revealed, for it to be FULL disclosure to wake up the sheeple all at once?
Scott feels that full disclosure would be like dumping ice water on someone who is sleeping to wake them up. And that those who have been orchestrating this great awakening have been doing so on a spiritual basis and they have a good handle on how people will react. He also mentioned about the sun burning hotter, brighter (whiter) and that is something else helping to wake people up as well.

Deb added that one of the purposes for the chemtrails is indeed to filter out the sun to keep us from experiencing the alchemy of transformation. People have been waking up slowly over that past 5 years and even more recently to the realization of the dark force energies and satanic forces on the planet. When she was talking about satanic black magic and dark force infiltration 20 years ago—nobody wanted to hear it!

Caller #3: Carol
She shared that she lives in sacred area of Cost Rica and has been on her spiritual journey for 20 years. She asked about quantum consciousness and how will humans interact with quantum computers?

Scott spoke about highly evolved beings “out there” that have intelligence way beyond our comprehension—which of course has been hidden from us. They are able to control craft (ships) using only the consciousness! Unfortunately for us, the cabal plan has left us 300 years behind!

In the end, we have got to unite and focus collectively on exposing the corruption in this world so that we, with our power and our numbers, we can get our nation back!


This unique show will go beyond where most have gone in many ways… We are going take a journey together of Co-Creating reality and Up-leveling to be the vibrational match for that intended reality!

– Aligning, Activating and Anchoring the Elements of the Republic
– Bridging with the work JFK started
– De-Activating Gold from the Enslavement Matrix
– Engaging with Silver & Gold as the Precious Elements Intended for Humanity’s – Awakening – Your Heart of Gold
– Going Beyond ‘Seeking Intel’ to Co-Creating The Reality

Are you ready to go beyond the waiting game of “Intel” to Co-Creating the reality that anchors the GESARA and Betterment of Humanity Timeline? This timeline and reality returns Gold and Silver back to We The People as a necessary component of dismantling from the Enslavement Matrix.

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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