Restore Humanity Show – with Guest Reinette Senum – Ep#7 

 April 13, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

What Reinette is not…is a “fruitcake.” Rather she is a remarkable, intelligent human being with so much energy, compassion, heart wisdom…and a true leader.

Deb started by saying that this show is a bit of a teaser about Reinette to lay the foundation of what is to come! She asked her to talk about her adventures as a “pioneer.”

Reinette began by saying that in her early years, she was not into politics. She was adopted at a few months old. At 11, she began to want to know more about her natural parents, but her aunt would not divulge that information to her. So she took it upon herself to write several agencies about it. Because of her young age, she could not get to information and hit dead ends in her search. She finally did find she had a brother, but by the time she found out about her mother, she had already passed away at 55. And as it turned out, her adoptive mother passed at the same age, just one year before she planned to retire and live her life. Reinette took that to heart and vowed never to let that happen to herself.
She has adventure in her blood and has done some amazing things. Like in her twenties, deciding to organize a ski expedition across Antarctica…just one thing…not only had she never organized such an expedition, she didn’t know how to ski! She worked hard at teaching herself, but in the end, the expedition members went without her because of her lack of experience. She went into a dark place, became very depressed. She soon found the strength to move on, so she spun the globe and decided to tackle Alaska.

She began by working on a fishing boat—the one used in Deadliest Catch. The work was grueling and dangerous and she was the only woman on the crew. After that, she went to Homer—she wanted to get away from people! She planned to traverse Alaska by dog sled. A man loaned her two dogs and she developed her skills and endurance only to have the dogs taken away—because he didn’t think she would make it. Her friends said, “Those who say you won’t make it may know Alaska, but they don’t know you!”

She said how she was on the edge of humanity, but from time to time she would run into someone who would share some food or water and maybe teach her some wilderness skill.

She ended up in an Athabascan village for a while because the ice had melted earlier than usual. She wanted to use her time there to learn something, so she decided to build a canoe! She cut her own trees, and planed them down my hand. One day an elder told her, “We call you Wonderwoman, because all the miles you can ski in a day, but you build this canoe, we gonna call you fruitcake.”

Kids would come by and ask what she was doing, she realized she was witnessing the break between the indigenous knowledge and the generation that was losing it. Soon the villagers began offering her supplies that they had for her to use. And this turned out to be her style of leadership ever since—always wanting to build canoes.

“Once you begin a project, people naturally want to add their brilliance to it.”

In the end, she traveled 1500 miles in 4 months and 6 days, and gave the footage to National Geographic. She was the only white woman to ever do this!

Deb asked what were her epiphanies along the way. Where did she find the strength?

Reinette responded by saying that in hindsight, if she’d been asked to do the same adventure knowing all the challenges she would face ahead of time, she never would have done it. That she would rise to meet the challenges as they came at her—and that’s exactly what we have to do now. We are at a crossroads—we just can’t give up—it’s not an option!

Deb agreed that we are at choice point as timelines are splitting. We either have to rise to the occasion or stay on the sidelines and watch.

When she did find her family, she also found out her grandfather— General Funston, a 4 star general with a powerful position in the military, who died 100 years ago at the age of 52. And she realized how decisions he made in his life and career, were still impacting us. She could literally see what leaving a legacy means. Then she needed to figure out what her legacy would be.
She ran for city council in 2008 Nevada City, became vice mayor and then mayor. It was a dream because she was applying her “build a canoe” philosophy,—she started a sustainability team, started the first organic farmers market in the city, she got solar on all the municipality buildings to name a few.

“My whole objective is to build as many “canoes” as possible.”

During her time on the city council she observed a lot of petty politics where a lot of good ideas got squashed because they couldn’t get out of their own way.

Her second four years, a lot of things changed with fires, blackouts and covid. She got elected to a third term, but at her swearing in, she decided to give her resignation instead. It was a hard decision, but she made a promise to invest in the town and its people and could no longer do that. She realized that we are in a relationship crisis with everything around us!
Deb added that yes, she’s been saying that we the people are being assaulted by the dark forces. We have to heal this energy of this abusive relationship and come back to love and compassion.

Reinette went on to say that she took that leap of faith and resigned because she had to remove herself from the abusive relationships. But when that door closed other extraordinary doors began to open as she was able to connect with the most amazing people. As dark as covid is, here is something miraculous, Divine that came from it. She talked about the swarms of starlings you sometimes see when a predator is near. Studies show that they each pay attention to 5 starlings closest to them. This is how we need to be right now. Be connected to your “five starlings”…your tribe…your pod, then expand into your neighborhood, then your town…be that collective.

In this spiritual evolution we have to move into the remembering that we are the creators of our own reality, as a part of our collective consciousness or as Reinette says, “collective genius.” We are not taught any of this. And a lot of people are depressed and fearful right now. Reinette said the best thing to do is get away from the TV and be spontaneous. Do the unexpected to throw off the AI algorithms—a new form of warfare. Scott added, “AI is no match for natural stupidity.” AI is the matrix!

Deb shared how we have to access where we are right now, choose the right timeline, be a pioneer—there’s no going back. We have to put on our big girl/boy pants and forge ahead!

Caller #1: Amanda
She was thankful for the amazing topics and was very touched by Reinette’s story. We all seem to be looking for our extended families in this galaxy. So much confusion around the shot and masks…how it’s affecting our bodies and our freedom.

So many of us are brokenhearted over loved ones getting the shot. And those who realize later and want to know what they can do for themselves, there aren’t really answers right now. But Reinette feels the answer will likely not be in allopathic medicine, but in energy medicine, and spiritual awakening. We are indeed in a pressure cooker right now and we have to be REMARKABLE. We just have to keep the faith that the answer will come, the doorway will open at the right time. And Deb added that we have to be willing to go cross that threshold and go through that doorway when the time comes too.

Reinette’s wisdom for everyone: “Go live a beautiful life!”


This unique show will go beyond where most have gone in many ways… We are going take a journey together of Co-Creating reality and Up-leveling to be the vibrational match for that intended reality!

– Aligning, Activating and Anchoring the Elements of the Republic
– Bridging with the work JFK started
– De-Activating Gold from the Enslavement Matrix
– Engaging with Silver & Gold as the Precious Elements Intended for Humanity’s – Awakening – Your Heart of Gold
– Going Beyond ‘Seeking Intel’ to Co-Creating The Reality

Are you ready to go beyond the waiting game of “Intel” to Co-Creating the reality that anchors the GESARA and Betterment of Humanity Timeline? This timeline and reality returns Gold and Silver back to We The People as a necessary component of dismantling from the Enslavement Matrix.

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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