Restore Humanity Show – General Mike Flynn Q & A with Deborah Pietsch – What Can You Tell All the People Sitting on Sidelines ‘Trusting The Plan’? Ep. 13 

 May 4, 2021

By  Scott Bartle

We caught up with General Flynn while he was answering some questions from the media…

  1. He was debating with Will Johnson about whether ANYONE would consider voting on a machine anymore. None of the States were supposed to be connected to the internet, any changes to the machines were supposed to be done within a specific amount of time, and they were to be inspected—yet NONE of these things happened. The people of this country should be FURIOUS!
  2. We the people should stand up beginning at the local level and not accept any voting done on these machines! He added that we can’t just sit back and allow it to happen at the Federal level either.
  3. One of the great things that the founding fathers did was to give the states rights. And they gave individuals the Declaration of Independence. We all have a voice and we can go to our school boards, to our city councils and expose those who are not serving the people. Stand up and say we are no longer going to allow unacceptable behavior! You can’t sit back and whine about things you don’t like. Now is the time to organize and have your voices heard—the strength is in the numbers.
  4. He spoke about people totally losing faith in the entire institution of government, because it has completely usurped the authority given to it by the Constitution. “Am I about smaller government? I am,” said Gen. Flynn. “But I’m actually about a federal government that does the things it’s supposed to do.” He added “There’s a reason the founders fought against tyranny.”
  5. He also spoke about how insane the cancel culture is when it comes to people trying to spread truth in the media. The Federal government has become so weak. Why won’t they change the section 230 rule? Because the MSM is pouring money into politics!
  6. Deb got his attention by asking, “So many people have lost hope, what can you share about what’s going on behind the scenes to encourage people. We are about urging people to get off the bench and take action—we are supposed to “trust the plan” but they are unwilling to step forward.” Gen. Flynn answered that hope is about something you want to happen in the future, but Faith is about believing in the here and now. And everyone needs to understand that “we are at a transition right now where if we don’t get it right, we will lose this country.”
    Where do we stand being a republic versus a corporation? He said, we are a constitutional republic for the most part. If anyone watched what happened to me, it was all about political persecution—get Flynn to get Trump. The culture shouldn’t be about getting convictions, it should be about getting to the truth.
  7. Deb commented that so many people are sitting on the sidelines “eating popcorn” waiting for something to happen—thinking someone else will handle it. “No one else is handling it,” said Flynn. He added that the people need to get involved in the life blood of this country. We don’t know what will happen one day to the next. Life is fragile, so live it to the fullest.
  8. Deb got one more question in… Our motto is to Unify, Organize, Strategize & Execute—are you willing to engage with us to help break down communications barriers? He offered that it’s all about maximizing our potential. It’s about making contacts with the right people, networking and connecting to promote one another to provide a voice to the voiceless.

This unique show will go beyond where most have gone in many ways… We are going take a journey together of Co-Creating reality and Up-leveling to be the vibrational match for that intended reality!

– Aligning, Activating and Anchoring the Elements of the Republic
– Bridging with the work JFK started
– De-Activating Gold from the Enslavement Matrix
– Engaging with Silver & Gold as the Precious Elements Intended for Humanity’s – Awakening – Your Heart of Gold
– Going Beyond ‘Seeking Intel’ to Co-Creating The Reality

Are you ready to go beyond the waiting game of “Intel” to Co-Creating the reality that anchors the GESARA and Betterment of Humanity Timeline? This timeline and reality returns Gold and Silver back to We The People as a necessary component of dismantling from the Enslavement Matrix.

Scott Bartle

Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.

Scott Bartle

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