Restore Humanity Show Lin Wood & Deborah Pietsch Agree Media is “Enemy of the People” Interview at Tulsa Event Ep. 11 

 May 3, 2021

By  Deborah

Deb was able to have “couch time” with Lin Wood and began by telling him what an honor and a privilege it was to meet someone who is embracing freedom like he is…and she thanked him for stepping up and being a true leader for humanity. She gave him a quick run down of her background working in Hollywood in conscious media, and the projects she and Scott are working on now. To which he said, “Good. We need you.”

  1. Deb asked what was his tipping point that got him stepping forward in this movement from being an attorney?  He explained that he thinks he’s been fighting certain    battles for the past two decades that have prepared him for the battles that he’s taking on now. One in particular was representing Richard Jewell in 1996, who was falsely accused of bombing Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. He was attacked, falsely, by both the FBI and the national media—sound familiar?
  2. During this time of representing first amendment law, he said, “I took on the media goliaths… but wait minute…Goliath lost didn’t he?” He went on to say that he’s won cases against CNN, NBC, Tom Brokaw and the Washington Post. And during this time, he recognized that not only does the media lie, but he soon discerned that it was/is intentional…and in the business of propaganda. If you tell a lie a thousand times—it’s still a lie. But if you tell it enough times, people believe it.
  3. He continued that he believes our country has been subjected to propaganda by the mainstream media for decades. We let all the big media channels into our living rooms every night, including Walter Cronkite… and they’ve done an excellent job brainwashing us. Now today, we are challenged with discerning the difference between truth and lies…real and fake. “At the end of the day,” Lin offered, “you have to pray to God to give you discernment…and he will. A lot of people are asleep…they don’t want to know the truth. But they’re about to get a big bucket of ice cold water poured on them soon!”
  4. Deb dove into that comment asking what he could tell us about that! He said he doesn’t know what the President (that means President Trump) has in mind, but he added later that he believes that Trump is doing God’s will for America. He explained that he had said some things after the election because he thought it would be relatively easy to prove the election fraud. After all, every country outside of the USA knows our election was stolen (then he corrected with “attempted” to steal it). So he doesn’t want to share any times or dates and possibly mislead people. What he believes is that God has a plan and he works his will through his people. There are competing forces at work—good and evil—and God has already won. “That’s enough of a plan for me,” he said.
  5. Deb had a final question. What is the possibility of the media being referred to as “the enemy of we the people” and held accountable for crimes against humanity? “Well,” he said “the propaganda media IS the enemy of the people and the enemy of good, because by definition, it’s the enemy of the truth.” Right now our judicial system is so corrupt. We aren’t going to get justice in the court system until we get some honest judges in there. Then we can go after ABC, NBC and the like, in court…if we need to.
  6. Lin ended the interview with this, “There are certain things that I believe we need to accept. If you go out and you engage in child sex trafficking and if you allow little children to be terrorized to increase the level of adrenaline, so that you can then drink adrenochrome and then you can have illegal sex and abuse a child—that is a crime against humanity. I don’t believe that America is going to have any problems learning or knowing that people that engage in that kind of conduct, should face death by firing squad. If we cannot protect our children, then we’ve lost our Humanity.” He added, “I think that what you’ll find out is there is more money to be made selling children and people than there is to be made in the oil business. I heard five years ago the money to be made in child and sex trafficking of other individuals is more lucrative than the illegal drug business. Where are those children? There are hundreds of thousands of children missing and we ought to be looking for them. We ought to be prosecuting the people that took them. When you look at the media, you don’t see any articles about it…crickets. Because they’re complicit by their silence. So I think the media’s time is coming…judgement’s coming.”

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