Shift Is Happening | Deborah Pietsch and Scott Bartle With Jason Sisneros Details Human Trafficking Rescues Plus Bud Light And Target Grooming Tactics 10 Million Missing Annually Save The Children From Evil| Ep-8 

 May 25, 2023

By  ScottyB

What does Bud Light’s failed Dylan Mulvany March Madness TransGender campaign have to do with “sex grooming” and human trafficking? A lot. Guest Jason Sisneros of SERT Ministries+  joins us to expand the challenging subject of sex and human trafficking from the perspective of engaging in rescue missions. We also connect the dots to retailers such as Target, North Face, Jack Daniels + others going along with the nefarious agenda of PUSHING forward the transgender agenda. Target is selling toddlers clothing with tags for “tuck and bind”. It’s all part of the Grooming Agenda to normalize child sexualization and the transgender agenda.

Target just had an emergency meeting 2 days ago to save themselves from a “Bud Light Situation” by having stores pull their “PRIDE & TRANSGENDER” clothes from the front of the stores to the back. Guest, Jason Sisneros has been living a double life so to speak for many years as a successful business owner, consultant, keynote speaker, best selling-author AND engaging in real life human trafficking rescue missions. What do these various topics have in common?

They are all part of the Designed Assault Against Humanity… to normalize pedophilia, transgenderism and the real evil that’s revealing itself now in every sector of our infrastructure. Jason talks about Prevention, Rescue, After-Care and Law Enforcement. As always, we focus on some solutions and urge you, the audience to get involved… to spread your wings as a Warrior of Light and get involved in some way.

We discuss how the current main stream agenda and narrative has crossed a very serious line of “insanity” into pure evil. People, this is just the tip of the iceberg, we need more people to step up and participate in shutting this all down. The level of “grooming” that’s taken “hold” in the mainstream is beyond comprehension.

Jason also shares some heart-warming miracle stories as well. 





Deb's hubby, spiritual & business partner. Professional rabbit hole diver on the Enslavement Matrix bringing simple explanations to the deception and distraction keeping us from ascension. Creator of What The FUQ documentary.


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