Shift Is Happening | Deborah Pietsch with Constitutional Attorney, Green Beret Ivan Raiklin Reveals New Facts Around Jan 6th Events That Will Unlock The Nefarious Narrative and Agenda| Ep-13 

 June 13, 2023

By  Deborah

Ivan Raiklin, former Green Beret retired Lt Col and constitutional attorney joins Deborah Pietsch for a fast and furious dive down the rabbit hole surrounding the January 6 “insurrection”. He breaks new information he uncovered that raises questions on the official narrative. Regardless of your political perspective, Ivan unravels some serious questions that need to be asked if we are ever to get to the bottom of what happened that day… a pivotal day in our modern history.

Ivan first joined Deborah back in Apr 2021 at the very first Clay Clark ReAwaken America tour in Tulsa OK. Ivan has an impressive background in military intelligence - at total of 25 yrs in the national intelligence ecosystem. His perspective isn’t just as a sideline commentator, Ivan is in a unique position to gather various data points, what’s called structured analytic techniques. 

His search began in 2017 when General Michael Flynn was fired as National Security Advisor. Ivan focused on topics that were little covered by the left, the right or center. The more he’s spoken, the more whistleblowers have come to him, still fearful of going public, but confirming Ivan’s hypothesis.

Most of the subjects Ivan touches upon are highly controversial, such that they are censored or are prohibited in many social media circles.

Consider the ‘Twitter Files’ - which are just a snippet of what actually exists. History is repeating itself… techniques pioneered by the Russians in the 60’s are becoming evident in these times now.

Ivan created a documentary recently titled “We The Patriots” which covers people who were in Washington DC on Jan 6 2021 and what they observed… coupled with research by Ivan.

Deborah shares how the real reason people went to the capital in the first place was completely inverted. They went there to express support for doing the right thing… not certifying the election. Instead what happened was people were made out to be criminals and the mainstream media have continued to push that narrative. As evidence, there’s still 135 people held in custody absent a “speedy trial” guaranteed by the 6th amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


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