Shift Is Happening | Join Deborah Pietsch For Conventional vs. Holistic Dentistry Knowing The Difference Could Save Your Life or Shift Your WholeBody Health Start Deep Dive Of Discovery and Solutions With Dr. Blanche Grube & Anita Vasquez-Tibau | Ep-12 

 June 8, 2023

By  Deborah

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Do you know that each of your teeth are associated with a specific organ in your body?

Why is the FDA still pushing mercury amalgam fillings as safe when much of the world has banned them?

It’s one more avenue that the criminal cartel of planetary controllers have their ill-will to evil agenda playing out in your mouth, your teeth and the connection each of your teeth has to your beautiful whole body?

Get in the know right now to SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM of knowledge and potential healing journey with holistic dentist, Dr. Blanche Gruber and Anita Vasquez-Tibau.

When a pre-dentist goes to dental school here in the U.S., you would think they would be taught cutting-edge information. Would you be shocked to learn that modern dental schooling is almost quackery based on the antiquated education they’re giving dentistry students? We know by now how toxic mercury is. We know how toxic fluoride is.

So why is our government via the FDA and the “accredited” dental schools still being allowed to push these toxic, carcinogenic elements into our bodies and through the water supply? The fact that mercury is STILL being used in fillings is insane or evil. Your health is affected by every ill will agenda playing out. Get in the know, get empowered with knowledge, tools and solutions you can engage with right now.

This is another deep dark rabbit hole that everyone should become educated about… why? Because in order to level the playing field of these nefarious agendas and in order to become the healthy whole body made in the image and likeness of God, we need to know what and how to move through your healing and restoration journey.

Join Deborah Ariel Pietsch with guests, Dr. Blanche Grube and Anita Vasquez Tibau In this “just the tip of the iceberg” show! 

Full Show below:


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