Shift is Happening Newsletter ~ Feb 21 2015 

 February 21, 2015

By  Deborah

Wake Up Shift Is Happening header Deb & ScottHello Beautiful Being of Light! Utilizing the Power of Social Media to UNIFY our LOVE! Woo Hoo!!

We are Activating an intentional community of Beings of Light Unite! We are utilizing the power of social media and the internet to unify groups and individuals. We are Unifying our Love through our I AM Presence!!

Laugh, Love and Engage with us, as we intentionally create a UNIFIED FIELD with the alternative media, lightworkers, spiritually & consciously awake people and everyone & anyone who is committed to creating a reality that is based in love, free will and the honoring of life…

“Beings of Light Unite” Utilizing the Power of social media to Create a Powerful Unified Field of Love Take Action if this resonates with you! Go LIKE our new community Add an image that represents UNIFICATION to you Share an intention of what you desire to see the world manifest to BE!

Beings of Light uniteIn case links don’t work – copy & paste this into your browser:


Standing Powerfully in my I AM Presence – Loving Humanity,

Remember Our 1, 2, 3’s !!!

Wake Up Shift Is Happening triangle logo

  1. We’re In This Together
  2. The Most Important Relationship Is a Loving Relationship with Your Self
  3. We WILL See This Through

We are GRATEFUL that you’re engaging with your Awakening!

Much Love, Light & Gratitude!
Deb & Scott

Deborah Ariel Pietsch
Scott Bartle


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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