Shift is Happening Newsletter ~ Jan 15 2015 

 January 15, 2015

By  Deborah

Wake Up Shift Is Happening header Deb & ScottHello Beautiful Creator Being of Light! Note From Deb

As you may know, Scott and I have been together since he arrived at my doorstep with Chris H in Mt. Shasta, CA Dec. 2013 and stayed for 3 months (wink, wink)!! What many don’t know — because we’ve been very private about this — is that we very quietly got married at the end of February 2014!!! In the time we’ve been together, along with creating a beautiful and fabulously loving relationship, we’ve mostly been focusing on a very powerful spiritual journey of awakening. And our mutual love of humanity & Mother Earth, as well as a desire to support humanity to release from the “enslavement matrix”. We’ve been doing most of this “behind the scenes”. That part has been very challenging financially, AND it hasn’t allowed us to provide ongoing info, insight, support etc. (We have 100’s of hours of channeled info to start sharing). There are several reasons we got the “Guidance” and agreed to do it this way. Some of these reasons will now begin to be revealed to you… as well as much more…

Kingscliff Beach NSW AustraliaMy Reality: View from the Office window! This is where I am as I write this newsletter! I AM GRATEFUL!! Because of my very clear telepathic communication abilities with our multi-dimensional team (which includes St. Germain and others) and the journey we’ve been engaging in, we’ve been able to ascertain quite a lot of how, why and where we are on the planet as…and OUCH… it’s not pretty…

One of the aspects of this current collective reality that has become quite evident through our work is this… that the Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening has abrogated the FREE WILL of most humans on this planet, and that includes Mother Earth’s Free Will. There’s much more to this, but for this moment, I’m going to leave it there.

We got the guidance about 3 days ago to be silent “no more”. The pledge from Scott and I, along with our multi-dimensional team, is that “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” AND we WILL see this through”… so at the very least, Free Will is restored to God’s Creations & Creators, and that YOUR every day life-should you choose-can be experienced in all ways that YOU choose to create… including love, joy, abundance of all resources, heart’s desires revealed in your reality, up-leveling, access to higher realms and much more…

“With so many aspects of life being revealed as part of the “Deception Matrix”, may you find peace in your soul, love in your heart and the fortitude to share the truth of who you are with the world!” from Deb

You are about to see a very powerful campaign and “media blitz” of Light to end the Abrogation of Free Will and return the vibration of LOVE as the Prime Source energy on the planet… it will begin with the Superbowl in the U.S. There will be many options, ways and opportunities for you to engage!

Embracing you with Love, Light & Gratitude!


Happy New Year !! – Fresh Start 2015

Create Your Reality icon
CYR — Creating Your Reality Retreat!

Happy New Year Gift: CREATING Your Reality Retreat &
3 Bundled Tools
$99 instead of $532
(it’s almost Free)!

Can you stay home for these dates?
January 16th > 19th (U.S.)
January 17th > 20th (Australia)

This is a unique situation of engaging from your home or chosen sacred space with live interaction on 3 of the 4 days with Deb and Scott. The live video webinars are conducted with live interaction with and between participants.

Each of the sessions will include specific teachings, information, insights, tuning-in that are related to the people in the retreat / webinar. **Most people experience us / our energy “around” them and in their dream experiences

  1. Clearing Your Field #1: Morning Engagement & “Mer”KA”Ba Activation
  2. Clearing Your Field #2: Nighttime ~ Preparing Intentions & Keeping your Field Clear through sleep and multi-dimensional experiences
  3. Clearing Your Field #3: Emergency Break Glass – Clearing Your Field after you’ve experienced a toxic person or situation… this is Scott’s special clearing tool!

$99 instead of $532 – Thank you for Awakening!!

Offer valid until Monday, January 12th (U.S) All registration details must be completed by January 12th (U.S) Tools must be engaged with at least 2x a day for 5 days prior to start of retreat

Create Your New Reality Retreat
December Retreat – mini “share” from 1 of the attendees… she didn’t think she could have a transformational experience during a an online retreat…which the 1st one occurred during the Day 1 live webinar…it was physical, powerful & profound…and it didn’t stop there!

This is a unique, new, powerful, intense fast tracking transformational experience. You will need to set aside the specific 3 days of the retreat. And commit that you will not engage in too much external activity, “doingness” or heady / brainy activity. Your opportunity, as you completely immerse yourself for these 3 days & 3 nights – is to completely engage with the teachings and the unique scenario (that has proven to be authentic & work) that Deb & Scott’s **Higher Selves will be working with you and your **Higher Self all 3 days and 3 nights.

Here’s a list of just some of the aspects of shifts that you could experience:

  • Releasing aspects of your current reality that you don’t resonate with or are not serving you in your Highest Good
  • Revealing hidden / masked emotions of anger, resentment, frustration etc. that acts like an anchor of lower vibration – which affects MANY aspects of your ability to CREATE, MANIFEST and live in the higher vibration of LOVE, Heart’s Desires and even with the vibration of LIGHT.
  • Much more to be revealed in the teachings and through your own awareness that will be visible (no longer masked) through the multi-dimensional work & Activations you’ll be engaging in.
  • 3 Days & 3 Nights in your home or sacred space
  • 3 Live 1.5 hour group video sessions with Deb & Scott on Day 1, Day 2 & Day 4 (Day 3 you are on your own engaging with what is revealed Day 1 & Day 2, plus new information for CREATING – )
  • Available dates to engage with this Live Retreat:
    January 16th > January 19th
  • You’ll be engaging with the live sessions through ONE (1) of these methods of technology: Telephone, Computer OR

***Utilize the Promo Code in the shopping cart to reduce your balance to $99

More Details – website link http://shiftishappeningtv.com/creating-your-reality/

Testimonial / short share from December Retreat:

I am doing really well. I have things pulling right into line for me. Right from the first, your material worked for me. I got to your workshop because I was sitting at a health and consciousness expo at the LA Hilton waiting for what I had come there for to begin. I looked through the catalog and noticed your talk. I was late but I came anyway. I immediately agreed with your point of view about how the world is being run and I bought your clearing online. It started working. I did not hear from you and I dropped doing the meditation. When you came back around with another program, I was moved to do it. This time I am sticking with it and I feel very strong. Lots is going right. I am too rushed at the moment to go into more detail, and details are what makes this kind of info good, but I will do so in the future… (NM in Los Angeles)

[two_third_first]Create Your New Reality - Vesica Piscis
$532 value for $99 – Create Your New Earth Reality[/two_third_first][one_third_last]Clearing Your Field tools 1-2-3 - Shift is Happening[/one_third_last]

Remember Our 1, 2, 3’s !!!

  1. We’re In This Together
  2. The Most Important Relationship Is a Loving Relationship with Your Self
  3. We WILL See This Through

Wake Up Shift Is Happening triangle logoWe are GRATEFUL that you’re engaging with your Awakening!

Much Love, Light & Gratitude!
Deb & Scott

Deborah Ariel Pietsch
Scott Bartle


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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