Shift is Happening Newsletter ~ Jul 30 2015 

 July 30, 2015

By  Deborah

Wake Up Shift Is Happening header Deb & ScottHello Beautiful Being of Light!

Yes it’s been a long time since I’ve sent ANYTHING out… and there’s a reason… Humanity’s awakening and release from the “enslavement matrix/deception reality” is the most important aspect of this life to me and also to Scott… period.

EVERYTHING we do and engage with is for this “End Game” and “New Earth Reality” to be so obvious that there’s no wondering.

Sydney Yacht Show - Violet Flame
Hmmm… St. Germain, Violet Flame Portal or something else!?? I took this while Scott and I were on a ferry crossing the Sydney Harbor during the Sydney boat show. I didn’t see it until I looked at the photos…there a few more…pretty darn cool!! I AM LOVE & So Are YOU! xoxo

Until now we have been working ONLY behind the scenes with our Guides – until now. We arrived back in LA 2 weeks ago after almost 6 months in Australia – and with the very strong evidence of being able to support you – as you choose – to “Create your way out of a wet paper bag”!

This newsletter – the first in many months – is “heads up” to watch for the next newsletter as we are in deep development of “coming back out”… which we got the guidance to engage with less than a week ago… woo hoo!!! Lots & lots to share.

Sydney NSW 2015 - Harbour Bridge
Sydney Darling Harbor at dusk. We chose to have a candle lit dinner in our hotel “room with a view” rather than go to a restaurant!

Our first free Live Activation Series – which will be centered around the Global Currency ReSet Reality and transitioning to the New Earth Reality… will kick it off…

We are both intending to bring this together by this coming weekend… with new tools, new info on the website and much more!

Scott and I send you oodles of LOVE and many wishes for grace & ease and love & light to be your daily experience -if you choose this!

Sydney Yacht Show - Deb & Scott
Scott & Deb Yacht shopping at the Sydney Boat Show! One aspect of Creating our “New Reality”!!!

Bunches of Love!
Deb & Scott

Deborah Ariel Pietsch
Scott Bartle
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Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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