Shift is Happening Newsletter ~ Jun 24 2014 

 June 24, 2014

By  Deborah

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Hello Beautiful God Being of Light!

Scott in Bali feet up**Note: I’m so sorry it’s taken us until now to get this video posted… Scott was dealing with the memorial for the transition of his grandfather later in the day – after the webinar (so we planned to do it just after arriving in Bali). That plan didn’t work because we were unable to access Vimeo from our 1st hotel in Bali, so… to the rescue… Scott K… has edited and uploaded the file so we could finally get this posted… thank you Scott K!

How this plan is all unfolding has been such a crazy journey for us, for you guys and for the planet…

We are in Bali for several reasons, the first started because my 3 month VISA was up last Wednesday and I needed to leave the country… and as we started to align with this trip as a possibility, it also became our honeymoon AND the absolute R & R needed after an intense 4 months – and I mean INTENSE… I had a lot of details written here but they were “lost” as Scott was trying something and the access to get this newsletter out has taken about (LOL but seriously) about 4 hours!

I’ll post the details I was going to share here, on the most recent POST.

Sending You Love & Love!

Deb & Scott w/ Feet UP in Bali !! And YES, that IS a cocktail in the glass!

The Wisdom to “Take a Break”

Wisdom Road SignOMG… this morning we looked back at everything we’ve done, decided, moved to and from, traveled, transformed, transitioned and changed… which are major, major life things… and NONE of it was part of either of our “plans” 6 months ago!

We are engaging the WISDOM to know when we need to take a few weeks BREAK…and I do mean BREAK… away from all aspects of output. We feel like the adults in a plane when the air mask drops down and are told to put it on before putting it on the children… we need to breath and allow every emotion and motion to SETTLE and GROUND into our Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Bodies, as well as re-calibrate our FIELDS…

So hopefully you understand why we are taking a PAUSE and hiatus from The Academy and all life output… while we R & R into our Fresh Start Program!

“Tuning-In to You & Your Higher Self!

I Am Awakening Academy - Bonus GiftRecording Is Live / Posted!

There are details in the recording of the LIVE webinar session we did with everyone that further explain our Academy Pause and

The tuning-in sessions with everyone was quite powerful, detailed and some of it emotional. Don’t think for 1 second, that if the “tuning-in” wasn’t with you specifically, that you won’t get something from one or more of the mini sessions… there is great insight and wisdom there… from each of YOUR HIGHER SELVES!!

We Have PAUSED The (LIVE) Academy

Bali Beach 2014 - Deb & ScottWe also shared details about why we are “Pausing” the LIVE part of the The Academy, which we stopped all payments as of June 21st… as we take a much, much needed hiatus and break from any output or “transitions”. All 3 of us, Deb, Scott & Liz are on a major Fresh Start Program.

Here are some details regarding the closing of The Academy, which are also discussed in more depth in the recorded webinar:
1. All payments were stopped as of June 21st
2. You still have FULL access to the Academy, even if your payments didn’t go through in May…
3. The SKYPE group will remain LIVE and we encourage you guys to utilize it as a resource for sharing and connecting!
4. We are re-thinking how and when to re-start.
5. There will be a different (less) pricing structure that should make it easier for those of you who were paying full price
6. We’ll be moving towards supporting people with more detailed telepathic communication skills, how to evolve your life purpose / mission AND more channeled messages
7. We’re going to be adding more “Resources” even before we Activate the Fresh Start Program…
8. When we do RESTART though, there will be ZERO members… you will need to re-sign up and choose the option plan that you’ll be working with.

That’s all I can really share at the moment… our intention continues to be from a total place of LOVE, LIGHT & GRATITUDE; supporting you in any way we can to continue to transcend your current experiences with EXPANSION & JOY!!

We have been given quite a bit of insight these past several months and there are some very unique aspects of this journey that we’ll be sharing soon.

Wake Up Shift Is Happening triangle logoBunches of Love!
Magicland team,
Deb, Scott & Liz!!!

Deborah Ariel Pietsch
Scott Bartle


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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