Shift Is Happening | Overstock founder Turned D.C. Insider ~ Reveals Deep Dive Truths Surrounding J6 | Ep-4 

 May 11, 2023

By  Deborah

Patrick Byrne, Overstock founder turned D.C. Insider ~ reveals deep dive truths surrounding J6. December 18th 2020  is the date of the infamous, unscheduled 4+ hour meeting with President Trump in the oval office. Patrick shares details he has only shared in inner circles. He also puts his “money where his mouth is” by challenging the current Justice Department to release the J6 prisoners by putting him on trial instead. You will want to stay until the end of this one!

If you recall back in November and December 2020, there was incredible upheaval. Some very intelligent people started coming together to unpack what was happening before our eyes. Patrick Byrne, along with cohorts, Sydney Powell and General Flynn, orchestrated, an unscheduled meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office; knowing he wasn’t being told the truth about many details of what was going on with the elections.

We The People must stand strong - as empowered and Activated Warriors of Light to uphold our God Given freedoms as we rise like Phoenix’s from the ashes of this Enslavement Matrix. When people like Byrne, Powell and Flynn come together for a common cause, you know that Shift Is Hitting the Fan. You will hear straight from Patrick many details of that meeting that he has rarely shared outside of his inner circles… but because Deb asked him as soon as she saw him, if he’d talk further about that meeting, he was excited… it was the right place and the right time!


Telepathic Communicator, Activator, Spiritual Teacher, iTV & Radio host, Author & Award Winning Producer. Founder of I AM Awakening Academy and Owner of Mt. Shasta Ascension Spiritual Retreat Center, Partner & wife to Scott Bartle and guardian/Mom of two long haired Dachshunds; Bodhi & Princess Sunshine!


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