Shift Is Happening | Sarah McAbee, Wife of J6 POW Ronald McAbee Shares HeartWrenching Story With Deborah Pietsch of the Day to Day InJustices They Are Still Experiencing – 2+ Years Still Imprisoned No Trial Take Action Support Their NonProfit | Ep-14 

 June 15, 2023

By  Deborah

The Real J6

It’s a tearjerker no matter what side of the fence you sit on. Guest Sarah McAbee shares the heart-wrenching TRUE story of her husband, Ronald McAbee who, along with 135 other people have not had their due process after 2+ years in prison for J6.

This story is NOT an anomaly… please engage with the intention of shifting this situation to the Highest Divine Alignment with for Justice and Freedom for everyone. If you still don’t know the DEPTH of the atrocities occurring around the illegal holding of people in prison associated (or not) around January 6th, then you will definitely want to watch this show!


Below is a portion of the article posted in the “Tennessean Newspaper” on August 17, 2021. Read the information from this article and then listen or watch this show to hear the real truth. Ronald is a decorated ex-police officer, a devoted husband and a man of peace who RESPECTS and HONORS the oath he took. 

How different are the stories? We are close to 2 years from when this written and most of facts still have not been corrected for the public.

Tennessee man arrested for assaulting police officer in deadly U.S. Capitol riot.

A 17th Tennessean has been arrested in connection to the Jan. 6 riot and storming of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. 

Ronald Colton McAbee, 27, of Unionville, was arrested Tuesday on eight separate federal charges related to the riot, according to the U.S Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia. Some of the charges against McAbee include entering a restricted area with a deadly weapon and engaging in violence on the capitol grounds.

McAbee was arrested along with Logan James Barnhart, 40, of Lansing, Michigan. They're the sixth and seventh person indicted in connection with the assault of multiple D.C. police officers who were stationed at the front of the capitol building during the riot. 

The group is charged with dragging an officer with Metropolitan Police Department to the ground and repeatedly striking him in the head and body. (Hear Ronald's version of the story through Sarah)

Song played during show: Justice For All - available for purchase at various places including Apple Music


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