Shift Is Happening TV Deborah Pietsch | Solutions To Live By Dr. Bryan Ardis Do You Know Nicotine Is a C19 BioWeapon BLOCKER And It Is NOT The Addictive Substance We’re Taught – Another Matrix Inversion~Part 2 of “Snakes Among Us” Series | Ep-21 

 July 13, 2023

By  Deborah

Part 2: After being forced (and almost losing his sanity) by the hospital to “stand down” while they euthanized his father-in-law (part 1) Dr. Bryan Ardis changed the trajectory of his life… to bring us the truth about Remdesivir, Ivermectin and even Nicotine being a Covid blocker. Didn’t know that? He takes us down the dark rabbit holes of research and the light of healing discoveries and solutions that YOU will want to know about right now!

The reason we are doing a “series” of shows with Dr. Bryan Ardis is because he knows the truth AND the solutions you can implement to protect yourself from the nefarious medical corporation’s genocide agenda. This agenda has been effectively implemented globally. Dr. Bryan has tirelessly researched all of this since being forced to “stand down” while he watched his father-in-law be euthanized in the hospital Feb. 2020. That’s part 1 of the series… if you haven’t engaged with that, you should; you will learn A LOT, and yes, it’s a tough emotional one.

Being empowered sometimes means going down rabbit holes you didn’t expect to. Join us for this part 2 as Dr. Ardis shares more details of how he discovered the truths about the experimental “killing” drug, Remdesivir, which was a pivotal point of his “wake up call” to the genocide agenda. Then the details around Ivermectin AND even nicotine. Did you know nicotine is NOT the addictive substance in tobacco products? And that, that information is part of the “matrix inversion” programs. If this is all new to you, you will most likely have many ah-ha’s throughout this series and for sure make some life altering decisions that will assist in your health and wellbeing!

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