From Teacher to Board of Education Trustee Lori Cisneros Unpacks Newsom Suing Council Members For Writing Pro-Parent Policies Making Schools Disclose Children’s TransGender Choices Shift Is Happening TV Host Deborah Pietsch | Winning The Spiritual War 

 April 12, 2024

By  Deborah

Lori Cisneros thought being a teacher was going to be her life long dedication, until Covid, and then like so many people around the world, she began to see new elements of the deceptive matrix. She had an awakening and knew she had to do something… so she did… 

When Lori learned of a Board of Education Trustee seat becoming available in her California County, she knew she had to dive in. With ZERO experience of campaigning but filled with passion, heart and a drive to make a difference, Lori gathered her posse.

 Lori’s family became her grassroots campaign team and she won! Now she’s sharing the truths, challenges and fight she’s in, with people who are too afraid to “do the right thing”, especially as Gavin Newsom is suing council members PERSONALLY for writing pro-parent and other good policies, but going against his nefarious agenda.

Deborah Pietsch and Lori Cisneros get into some deep discussions that includes CA school employees hiding, literally hiding information that includes changing online records, children’s ID, and gender. Right now in CA it’s legal for this to be done.

Lori breaks down the issues she’s dealing with, which includes other members fearing for their personal experiences, since Newsom is suing other City and County members. Lori also shares how YOU CAN make a difference locally and with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

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